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20 Easy Heart Drawing Ideas

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, and I hope you’ve been doing well. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to dedicate a blog post solely to heart drawing ideas! Hearts are always a fun subject to draw, no matter the time of year, so feel free to try these doodles any day. I’ve made sure to keep most of these drawings simple so that even beginner artists can give them a go. Now, let’s get to drawing!

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1. Flower Blooming From a Heart

One of my favorite heart drawings is this flower blooming from a heart. It was featured in a previous blog post, and I just had to include it here. Let’s get started on drawing a flower growing from a heart!

2. Heart Doodles

Here are some examples of different ways to draw hearts. You’re sure to find a heart drawing that you’d like to try out!

3. Heart-shaped Sunglasses

Let’s draw a pair of sunglasses in the shape of hearts. This cute and trendy doodle is perfect for adding some style to your drawings.

4. 3D Heart

Next up, we have a simple doodle of a 3D heart shape. Give it a try and add depth to your heart drawings.

5. Heart Planet

For those who love space-themed doodles, here’s a heart-shaped planet drawing to try out. You can also explore another version of this heart planet drawing idea.

6. Hands Making a Heart Sign

Let’s make a drawing of two hands forming a heart sign. Drawing hands can be challenging, so I’ve simplified them as much as possible.

7. Heart Pierced by Cupid’s Arrow

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, let’s draw a heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow. This classic symbol of love is sure to make a romantic addition to your doodles.

8. Bear Holding a Heart

Here’s another cute drawing idea from one of my previous blog posts. Try drawing a bear holding a heart and add some adorable charm to your artwork.

9. Butterfly in Heart Shape

Let’s draw a butterfly flying in a heart-shaped pattern. Notice how the wings also resemble hearts. If you’d like more butterfly drawing ideas, check out my blog post dedicated to them.

10. Heart with Bandaid

Even hearts can get hurt sometimes, so let’s draw a heart with a bandaid on it. This drawing idea adds a touch of whimsy and is perfect for expressing love and care.

11. Rose Drawing From a Heart Shape

In this step-by-step drawing idea, we’ll create a rose from a heart shape. If you’re interested in learning more about drawing roses, check out my blog post dedicated to rose drawing ideas.

12. Heart with Wings

Let’s create a cute little doodle of a heart with wings. This simple yet delightful drawing will surely bring a smile to your face.

13. Heart-shaped Box of Chocolates

Here’s a cute drawing idea of a heart-shaped box of chocolates. It’s a sweet and charming concept that captures the essence of Valentine’s Day.

14. Heart Lock and Key

Next, let’s draw a heart-shaped lock with a key beside it. This drawing idea symbolizes love as a precious and protected treasure.

15. Strawberry Heart

Try drawing a strawberry shape from a heart. To enhance the Valentine’s Day vibes, let’s add some melted chocolate. It’s a deliciously cute doodle idea!

16. “Home is Where the Heart Is”

I wanted to create a simple doodle of the phrase “Home is where the heart is.” Here’s how it turned out. Simple yet meaningful!

17. Heart with Sunglasses

I absolutely love drawing objects or animals wearing sunglasses. So, here’s our cool little heart doodle rocking a pair too.

18. Heart-shaped Lightbulb

Let’s draw a heart-shaped lightbulb. This creative doodle will surely brighten up your drawings.

19. Girl with Heart Eyes

In this drawing idea, let’s draw a girl with heart eyes. It’s super easy yet undeniably cute.

20. Shooting Heart

Okay, this heart drawing is a bit of a mystery. I initially intended it to be a shooting heart, reminiscent of a shooting star. However, it ended up looking like it’s flying instead. Well, whatever it is, I hope you enjoy this little doodle. It’s definitely a fun drawing to create. Feel free to add some color to your heart as well.

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Thank you for visiting this blog post! I hope you enjoyed this collection of easy heart doodles. If you’re interested in more drawing ideas, feel free to explore the rest of this blog. There are plenty more ideas waiting for you. Have a wonderful day or night, and keep drawing! Share the love!

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