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How to Draw Avatar Aang

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Greetings, aspiring artists! In this drawing tutorial, we will delve into the process of drawing Avatar Aang, the beloved character from the renowned cartoon series. Released in 2005, this captivating anime follows the adventures of Aang, a boy with the ability to control air through magical powers. Although the story spanned just three seasons, it left indelible and vibrant memories. Drawing Avatar Aang is no more challenging than any other anime-inspired tutorial found on our website. So, let’s embark on this creative journey and discover the step-by-step guide on how to draw Avatar Aang.

Step 1: Laying the Foundation

The initial step bears similarities to the foundational stages of non-anime drawing tutorials. As you may know, we commence by drawing a stick figure. Since we are creating an anime character, the head will be slightly larger than that of an average person. Apart from that, we follow the same procedure—a head shaped like an oval and simple lines to construct the “skeleton” of the body.

how to draw aang

Step 2: Outlining the Features

During this phase, we mark the vertical and horizontal lines of the face. The horizontal lines, from top to bottom, represent:

  • The eye line (approximately located in the center)
  • The nose line
  • The mouth line

Beneath the head, we sketch the neck—a long cylinder. Then we proceed to outline the torso, paying attention to the lines from the previous step. For the shoulders, we draw two circles. The arms take the shape of elongated cylinders, extending down to the hands. The lower body is depicted as an inverted triangle. The legs follow the same structure as the arms—elongated cylinders. Lastly, we draw the feet and outline the stick held by Aang.

how to draw aang step by step

Step 3: Adding Essential Details

In this brief step, we initiate the process of adding details to Avatar Aang. As always, we begin from the top and progress downwards. Focusing on the facial lines from the previous step, we draw the distinct facial features and, of course, emphasize the arrow on the forehead.

how to draw avatar aang

Step 4: Refining the Facial Features

Now, we finalize the facial details. Erase the guidelines from the face and proceed to draw the eyes. Aim for an outcome resembling our example:

cartoon drawing

Step 5: Outlining the Cape and Pants

We now move on to delineating Avatar Aang’s cape. The collar should not hug the neck closely, as there should be a noticeable gap between the two. The cape itself should hang loosely. Employ light, flowing lines to capture the essence of the cape.

In this step, we also draw the pants, which should possess a loose-fitting appearance, mirroring the upper part of Aang’s outfit.

how to draw avatar aang step by step

Step 6: Strengthening the Upper Body

This step involves illustrating Avatar Aang’s hands, tightly gripping the rod (for insights on drawing hands, refer to our specific tutorial on the subject). Then, with confident and precise lines, trace the entire upper torso, erasing any unnecessary guidelines along the way. Don’t forget to incorporate folds in the fabric.

avatar aang drawing

Step 7: Defining the Lower Body

Extend the same actions to the lower part of Aang’s torso and legs. Erase the guidelines from the previous steps, refining the drawing by eliminating any unnecessary lines. Study our example to achieve an outcome similar to the one provided.

avatar aang drawing step by step

Step 8: Mastering the Shadows

Continuing our artistic journey, we concentrate on adding shadows to Avatar Aang. In this step, the shadows are relatively simple, represented by single-layer hatching with moderate intensity. Observe the areas of shadow on the neck, beneath the collar, to our right on the sleeve, and other regions. It is recommended to first outline the shadowed areas and then proceed with shading, or rather, hatching in a single layer.

how to draw avatar aang

Drawing tutorial on how to create an awe-inspiring portrayal of Avatar Aang from “The Last Airbender” series has come to an end.

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