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30 Easy Anime Girl Drawing Ideas

I have developed a passion for drawing anime and manga-inspired characters since my childhood. In light of that, I have curated a compilation of easy anime girl drawings specifically designed to cater to beginner artists.

Drawing people, in general, can be quite challenging. Nonetheless, by taking it one step at a time and practicing specific elements repeatedly, you can significantly enhance your drawing skills. Most importantly, I hope these anime-style drawings will provide you with an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Art has always been an excellent means to divert attention from any stress or concerns you may be facing.

But let me give you a friendly reminder, dear artists: It’s absolutely okay if your drawing doesn’t turn out exactly the way you expect. When I first started drawing anime characters, they appeared somewhat distorted and disproportionate. It took me years of practice to reach the level I’m at now. Believe me, with enough practice, you’ll get there too! Just savor the process and keep on drawing! Every artwork you create today brings you closer to the art you’ll produce in the future.

1. Girl and a Butterfly

Let’s start with a simple drawing of a girl gazing up at a butterfly passing by.

2. Chibi Anime Girl Drawing

Since I find it easier to draw chibi characters, here’s a straightforward chibi anime girl drawing that you can try next. Additionally, feel free to experiment with recreating the charming hairstyle as well.

3. Eye Smile Drawing

Drawing anime eyes can sometimes prove to be a challenge. As an alternative, you can replace them with an eye smile. In this drawing idea, we focus on practicing the face and upper body, setting aside the complexities of drawing eyes.

4. Facing Away

Practice drawing a simple idea of a girl facing away.

5. Side Profile Drawing

Next, let’s practice drawing a girl’s side profile!

6. Full Body Chibi Drawing

Here’s a full-body chibi drawing for you to try. For the eyes, I attempted a more simplified style, but feel free to draw them in any way you prefer.

7. Girl with Short Hair

You’ll find an easy anime drawing idea of a girl with short hair in this section.

8. Female Anime Eye Drawing

Try your hand at drawing anime-style eyes. They can be a bit complicated, so focusing solely on eyes can greatly enhance your skills. If you’re interested in more anime eye drawing ideas, check out my other blog post titled “How to Draw Anime Eyes.”

9. Anime Girl Face Drawing

For beginner artists, it’s beneficial to repeatedly practice drawing specific elements until you feel confident. So, here’s a drawing of just the face for you to practice to your heart’s content.

10. Outfit Drawing

Why not draw your favorite or dream outfit on an anime or chibi character? It’s a fantastic idea to unleash your creativity.

11. Winking Girl

This section features a simple drawing of an anime girl winking for you to try.

12. Girl with Wavy Hair

Let’s draw some beautifully wavy hair on your anime character!

13. Facial Expressions

Being able to bring a character to life through facial expressions is one of the most essential drawing skills, especially when trying to convey a story through your artwork. So, have some fun and draw anime characters with various facial expressions. If you’re seeking more facial expression ideas, be sure to check out my other blog post titled “How to Draw Facial Expressions.”

14. Girl with Straight Hair

Give this easy drawing idea of an anime girl with long, straight hair a try.

15. Pencil Drawing

Most of the anime girl drawings in this blog post were done using pen to showcase clean lines. However, I also enjoy drawing with just a pencil. I find that it creates natural shadows and allows for more detailed, yet soft-looking lines and textures.

16. Girl in a Hoodie

I adore lounging around in a cozy, oversized hoodie. Hence, here’s an anime girl wearing exactly that for you to draw.

17. Girl with Curly Hair

You’ll find a simple drawing of an anime girl with curly hair in this section.

18. Girl with a Scarf

Here’s a cute drawing idea of an anime girl wearing a scarf.

19. Girl in Floral Shirt

Let’s explore another adorable idea: an anime girl flaunting a puff-sleeve floral shirt.

20. Chic Anime Girl Drawing

If you enjoy scrolling through Pinterest and exploring chic fashion ideas, you’ll love this drawing of an anime girl wearing sunglasses and a blazer, radiating that fashionable energy.

21. Girl with Cat Ears

Why not try drawing an anime girl with cat ears? It’s a fun and whimsical idea!

22. Drinking Bubble Tea

Next, we have a delightful drawing idea of a girl savoring a delicious bubble tea.

23. Girl with Pigtails

In this section, you’ll find a drawing of an anime girl with playful pigtails.

24. Crying Girl Drawing

Give this crying anime girl drawing idea a shot as well.

25. Perspectives

It’s extremely beneficial to practice drawing faces from different perspectives. This particular drawing showcases a 3/4 perspective. There are various other perspective drawings within this blog post.

26. Sleeping Girl Drawing

Why not bring some whimsy into your artwork by trying this charming drawing idea of a sleeping anime girl?

27. Girl with Glasses

Here’s an adorable drawing of a girl wearing glasses for you to tackle.

28. Full Body Outfit

This section features a full-body anime girl with a cute outfit drawing idea, deviating slightly from the chibi style.

29. Big Round Female Eyes

I absolutely adore drawing big, round anime eyes. So, here’s a drawing idea to help you practice drawing eyes in this delightful style.

30. Girl wearing a Bucket Hat

And finally, for our last drawing idea, let’s draw a girl wearing a bucket hat and a tank top.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this collection of anime girl drawing ideas, perfect for your sketchbook or doodle page. Wishing you a fantastic day or night, my talented artists and readers. Until next time!

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