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How to Draw Anime Heads & Faces in Different Styles

This guide will teach you how to draw different types of anime and manga heads and faces, starting from the more conventional styles to the more stylized ones, including the popular “Chibi” style.

Different anime head and face styles
Different anime head and face styles

Let’s begin with some basic examples of the same character drawn in different styles. We’ll also delve into what sets each style apart from the others.

Standard Anime Heads & Faces

Anime faces common style
Anime faces in a common style

The above styles are typical in anime and manga. They usually depict body proportions that closely resemble those of real people. Remember, style isn’t the sole factor that determines the shape and size of anime heads. The character’s age also plays a crucial role. Children tend to have rounder faces and larger heads compared to their body size.

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Stylized Anime Heads & Faces

Anime faces more stylized
More stylized anime faces

Stylized anime characters often feature bigger eyes and rounder chins. In addition, their heads tend to be proportionally larger compared to real people.

Chibi Anime Heads & Faces

Anime faces very stylized "Chibi"
Very stylized “Chibi” anime faces

Chibi characters are highly stylized and exhibit distinctive features. They usually have wide faces, rounded chins, and enormous eyes. In many cases, the nose is not drawn at all. Chibi characters also often have oversized heads in relation to their bodies.

Comparison of Different Styles of Anime Heads

Different types of anime heads
Examples showcasing various anime head styles

The above example highlights the differences between different styles of anime heads. As mentioned earlier, more stylized faces are generally wider and have rounder chins.

Comparison of Different Styles of Anime Facial Features

Anime head and face types
Anime head and face types

The illustration above demonstrates how anime facial features change based on different styles. When drawing the facial features for the first three examples, you can refer to the following guidelines. However, for highly stylized characters like the last three examples, these guidelines may not always apply. When drawing “Chibi” characters, you may need to place the mouth and nose lower than the provided example because these characters can be incredibly stylized.

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Placing Anime Facial Features for More Realistic Styles

Anime facial features

  1. Draw the head.
  2. Draw a vertical line through the middle of the head to ensure symmetry in placing the facial features.
  3. Draw a horizontal line through the middle of the head and position the eyes below that line.
  4. Draw the nose halfway between the middle of the face and the chin.
  5. Draw the mouth slightly above the midpoint between the nose and the chin.

Drawing Anime Facial Features to Match the Style

Anime eye comparison
In more serious styles of anime, you can draw eyes that resemble real eyes, albeit larger in size.

For “Chibi” faces, draw the eyes larger and taller. Additionally, avoid drawing the bottom eyelashes.

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Anime eyebrow comparison
To give less stylized anime and manga characters a natural look, you can draw the eyebrows covered by the hair (if the hair comes down that far). In contrast, for highly stylized characters, draw the eyebrows directly above the hairline.

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In extremely stylized “Chibi” faces, you can choose to omit drawing the nose altogether. Regarding the mouth, it remains relatively consistent across most styles, usually represented by a single line. However, in some very realistic anime styles or when the character is wearing lipstick, slight variations might occur.

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This tutorial covered the basics of drawing different styles of anime faces. Keep in mind that there are numerous styles and variations to explore. Feel free to experiment and combine different aspects from various styles to create your unique creations.

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