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How to Draw the Head and Face – Anime-style Guideline Side View Drawing Tutorial

Anime head side profile view drawing tutorial

Drawing heads in anime style can be challenging, especially when it comes to different perspectives. Many artists begin with the front view before moving on to the side or 3/4 views. The side view presents unique challenges and may feel completely different from drawing the front view. However, with the right guidelines, it can actually be quite easy!

If you’re interested in learning how to draw an anime head from the front view, you can find a tutorial on it here.

In this post, I will show you how to set up guidelines for drawing an anime-styled head in the side view. I will also touch on how you can adjust proportions to create a cuter, chibi-style anime head.

Anime Head Side View: Guideline Construction Process

Let’s dive right in! It’s important to note that these guidelines reflect my personal approach to drawing. Different artists may have their own techniques, some even preferring to freehand everything!

  1. Begin by drawing a circle as the foundation.
  2. Next, add a vertical line on either the left or right side of the circle to indicate the direction the head will be facing.
  3. Determine the desired position for the chin. For a mature head, the chin will be longer, while a younger character would have a shorter chin. In this example, I’m drawing a young female character, so the chin is relatively short.
  4. Draw a horizontal line in the middle of the head, between the top of the head and the bottom of the chin. This line will serve as a guide for placing the eyes.
  5. Add another horizontal line between the top of the eyes and the bottom of the chin. This guideline indicates the position for the bottom of the nose.
  6. Draw a horizontal line that slightly cuts into the face from the vertical line. This line should intersect with the guideline for the bottom of the chin and the eyes. Create a slight inward curve where the eye is located. The intersection between the chin guideline and the vertical line will determine the tip of the chin.
  7. At the top of the eyes, draw a slight dip inward towards the head.
  8. Starting from the bottom of the chin, draw an angled line outward, as shown in the image below. Use the guideline to shape the nose, connecting the bottom of the dip to the tip of the nose. Ensure the tip of the nose aligns with the guideline, while the bottom of the nose aligns with the guideline for the bottom of the nose. The shape and angle of the nose can vary depending on factors such as age, gender, and personal preference.
  9. Add another horizontal line between the bottom of the nose and the chin. This guideline indicates where the mouth should be placed. The mouth should be slightly above this line. When drawing the mouth shape, ensure only the tips of the top and bottom lips touch the angled guideline.
  10. Between the mouth and the chin, create a subtle inward curve.
  11. Congratulations! You now have a basic head shape. It’s time to refine and add details.
  12. Draw the eyes, positioning the top of the eye along the guideline we created earlier for the middle of the head.
  13. Add a vertical line down the center of the circle. This will serve as a guideline for placing the ear, which is roughly located between the eyebrows and the bottom of the nose.
  14. Lastly, incorporate the hair and neck to complete the side view of your anime head. Remember that hair has volume, so leave some space between the hair and the head. Also, note that the neck is angled and doesn’t go straight down.

Remember to erase any overlapping lines and make any final adjustments as needed. Feel free to give the chin a slightly stronger angle for added character.

Chibi Style Side View Head Guidelines

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