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How to Draw a Bunny

Beginners can easily learn the art of drawing a bunny with our simple step-by-step photo and video tutorial! People of all ages, from children to adults, can master the adorable kawaii style and create a delightful bunny rabbit drawing in just a matter of minutes.

Basic Steps to Craft an Easy Bunny Drawing

Follow these fundamental steps to create a bunny drawing that celebrates the arrival of spring, Easter, or the Year of the Rabbit. Additionally, we have provided printable outlines of the bunnies if you prefer to trace or color them. (Scroll down to the end of this post for those!)

How to draw a bunny

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Helpful Tips:

  1. Before using markers or pens to draw permanent lines on the bunny, you can lightly sketch guide lines with a pencil.
  2. There’s no need to purchase special art pens! A regular fine tip Sharpie or black marker works perfectly for creating the main bunny outline. You can achieve thicker lines by holding the marker at an angle, or create thinner lines by keeping the marker more vertical.

Bunny drawings surrounded by art supplies

How to Draw a Bunny for Beginners

Take your time, exercise patience, and be kind to yourself! Drawing a bunny is all about having fun and combining simple shapes and lines together. Approach the drawing one line at a time, and it’s perfectly okay to start with a pencil outline and erase any lines that you’re not satisfied with!

Versatile Bunny Designs

Do you have to draw the bunny with a carrot? Absolutely not! You can easily modify the design of your bunny while adhering to the same basic concept. Begin by drawing the head, then let your imagination transform the body as you desire. See below for examples of our Year of the Rabbit Bunny and Easter Egg Bunny:

Three different easy bunny drawings

Ideal Paper for Bunny Drawings

Feel free to use any type of paper for your bunny drawing! We used regular printer paper for our illustrations. Drawing paper or sketch paper is a good option because it allows for easy erasing on its thicker surface. Marker paper is also great as it prevents ink from bleeding through the page!

Recommended Pens and Markers for Drawing

Thicker pens or markers work well for outlining the bunny, providing a distinct shape. While we used specific art marker pens, a Sharpie marker will also do the job! When it comes to coloring the bunnies, we utilized regular Crayola markers, but colored pencils or even crayons can be used as well.

Colored bunny drawings on a grey background

Download the Bunny Outlines:

Would you like to trace our bunny outlines or use the bunny drawings as coloring pages? We have three black and white bunny outlines available for free download and printing! Simply click the pictures or the links below to access the PDF templates. Then, print the bunnies on regular letter-size (8.5 x 11 inch) printer paper or cardstock.

Bunny with Carrot:

Outline drawing of a bunny holding a carrot

Year of the Rabbit Bunny:

Year of the Rabbit Chinese bunny outline drawing

Easter Egg Bunny:

Outline drawing of a bunny in an Easter egg

Have a blast showcasing your creativity while mastering the art of drawing a bunny! This kawaii rabbit drawing is incredibly adorable and perfect for beginners.

How to draw a bunny

Use our detailed tutorial to easily learn and create your own bunny drawing. Follow the instructions precisely, or feel free to experiment with variations in the bunny’s facial expression, ear position, or even add accessories like a bow!

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