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The Beginner’s Guide to Shaping Your Eyebrows for the First Time

Embrace the Art of Brow Shaping

If you find yourself longing for Brooke Shields’ iconic eyebrows but currently stuck with Bert from Sesame Street vibes, you’re not alone. With social distancing in full swing, visiting a professional for your usual brow maintenance is simply not an option. However, fear not! Shaping your eyebrows at home can be easily accomplished with a little know-how. Not only can well-groomed eyebrows enhance your overall appearance by framing your face and balancing your features, but they can also create the illusion of symmetry. Plus, as we age, our brows tend to thin out, making proper maintenance a rejuvenating ritual. So, whether you’re a beginner or just need a refresher, let’s dive into the steps for achieving stunning eyebrows from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies and Find the Perfect Lighting

Before you embark on your eyebrow shaping journey, it’s crucial to assemble the necessary tools. Ensure you have a brow pencil, slanted stainless steel tweezers, a spoolie brush, and small, sharp brow scissors at your disposal. Consider swapping out the brush for a clear brow gel for added convenience. Additionally, it’s essential to work in natural light for accurate results. Surprisingly, your car can serve as an excellent spot to shape your brows, thanks to the abundance of natural light and the presence of a built-in mirror. Opt for natural lighting whenever possible and avoid using magnifying mirrors, as they can lead to over-shaping.

Step 2: Unveil Your Natural Brow Shape with Precision

To achieve the perfect shape, it’s vital to identify three key areas of your eyebrows: the head (closest to your nose), the arch (where your brows reach their highest point), and the tail (nearest to the outer corner of your eye). You can rely on the brow mapping technique, such as Benefit’s method, to pinpoint these areas accurately. Start by using a thin pencil or a closed brow tweezer to line up with your nose. The point where it intersects with your brow is where your brows should naturally begin. Move the pencil outward, stopping at the outer edge of your iris to determine the ideal spot for the high point of your arch. Finally, mark the outer corner of your eye to establish the tail end of your brows. Connect these three markings with straight lines just above and below your eyebrows. This “map” will guide you on what to tweeze and what to leave untouched.

Step 3: Tweezing Tips and Tricks

Tweezing is a delicate process that requires patience and precision. Following your eyebrow map, use two hands to ensure a secure grip while tweezing one hair at a time, always in the direction of hair growth. This gentle approach protects the hair follicle, allowing for proper regrowth. It’s essential to set a timer for fifteen minutes to prevent over-plucking, as it can easily become an addictive habit. Concentrate your tweezing efforts on areas such as the space between the heads of your eyebrows, the forehead area above the temples, and below the arches. However, exercise caution and avoid over-tidying. Remember, this isn’t the time for drastic changes. To soothe any redness or irritation caused by tweezing, indulge in a mini-spa moment by applying cold compresses to the area.

Step 4: Trim Stray Hairs for a Polished Look

After tweezing, it’s time to trim any unruly hairs to refine your eyebrow shape. Comb your brows upward using a spoolie or clear brow gel (once it has fully dried) to make it easier to spot the outliers. Carefully snip one hair at a time with brow scissors at a downward angle, ensuring you have a clear view of your eyebrow. When trimming, focus on the front section of your brow from the head to the arch, and exercise caution when dealing with the tail. Avoid excessive trimming in the tail area to prevent gaps, as the length of these hairs contributes to filling them out naturally.

Step 5: Enhance and Define with a Brow Pencil

Now that you’ve achieved the perfect shape, it’s time to enhance your eyebrows for added definition. Opt for a wax-based eyebrow pencil, such as the one offered by Benefit, for a user-friendly experience. After thoroughly cleaning the area and removing any markings or loose hair snippets, fill in any sparse spots using short, hair-like strokes. Remember to keep the natural shape of your eyebrows in mind, emphasizing thickness at the head and tapering towards the tail. To achieve a natural-looking fill, ensure your pencil is sharp. If the tip has rounded, flatten it against a hard surface to create crisp edges that deposit the right amount of color. Once you’ve filled in your brows, use a spoolie to blend the pencil for a seamless finish.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully mastered the art of shaping your eyebrows at home. Flaunt your beautiful brows with confidence and embrace the newfound sense of empowerment that comes with perfectly groomed eyebrows. For more lifestyle tips and all things Oprah, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!

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