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How to draw boss baby Step by step


In this article, we will guide you on how to draw Boss Baby in three different versions. Boss Baby, the main character, is a little kid who uncovers a sinister conspiracy by Puppy Co. to replace the world’s love for babies with dogs. Drawing this adorable boss baby is easier than you think, just follow our recommendations!

Understanding Baby

A baby is a human being during their childhood. The definition of childhood may vary across different cultures, life cycle theories, and legal systems. In general, a child is considered to be a person from birth until the end of puberty. The concept of Boss Baby brings a unique twist to the world of business, making it very interesting!

Version 1: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

How to draw boss baby easy

  1. Start by creating a picture template as shown in step 1.
  2. Outline the child’s head in red, as depicted in step 2.
  3. Draw the eyes of the child, as shown in step 3.
  4. Add a nose and lips, as illustrated in step 4.
  5. Draw the right hand, as demonstrated in step 5.
  6. Continue by drawing the left hand, as depicted in step 6.
  7. Draw the lower part of the suit, as shown in step 7.
  8. Move on to drawing the top of the suit, as illustrated in step 8.
  9. Draw the right leg, as demonstrated in step 9.
  10. Complete the drawing by adding the left leg, as shown in step 10.
  11. Finally, color your boss baby to bring it to life, as depicted in step 11.

Version 2: Simple Step-by-Step Guide

How to draw boss baby

  1. Start by drawing the head, as shown in the image.
  2. Next, draw small ears, frowning eyebrows, eye shape, nose, and hairline.
  3. Draw the pupils and highlights, along with a grinning mouth.
  4. Proceed to draw the body of the boss baby.
  5. Add the details of the costume.
  6. Draw the fingers, outline the figure, and remove any extra lines.
  7. Shade the drawing with a simple pencil.
  8. Include a child seat and a table in the drawing.
  9. The drawing of Boss Baby is nearly complete.
  10. Finish by coloring your baby boss.

Version 3: Step-by-Step Guide

How to draw boss baby easy

  1. Start by drawing an irregular square-shaped head with rounded corners.
  2. Draw the torso in the form of a small jacket, giving the boss baby a professional look.
  3. Draw the hands, which are laid behind the back and not visible from the front.
  4. Create a level and strict blazer by dividing the torso and arms with vertical lines.
  5. Draw neat and ironed pants, considering that the baby’s legs are short.
  6. Add a collar and a tie, similar to those worn by grown men.
  7. Draw short and sparse hair, keeping in mind the Boss’s hairstyle.
  8. Create the face, with large yet narrowed eyes, a nose, and a sly smile.
  9. Color the drawing, with a pink head, light hair, green eyes, and a dark jacket.
  10. Your boss baby drawing is complete!

We hope you enjoyed following these step-by-step instructions to draw the adorable boss baby. Feel free to leave your feedback and comments at the bottom of the site!

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