Call of Dragons Guide – Tips and Tricks for Beginners (2023)

The realm of Dragons beckons with its awe-inspiring real-time strategy, unveiling a cornucopia of captivating content and innovative elements awaiting exploration. Nevertheless, for neophytes venturing into this realm of competition, the presence of formidable adversaries, including seasoned veterans and extravagant benefactors, may pose a daunting challenge. To alleviate such concerns and ensure an auspicious beginning, we have compiled a comprehensive compendium of invaluable counsel and astute strategies within this indispensable Call of Dragons compendium.

Call of Dragons Beginner’s Guide


Unleashing the might of dragons, Call of Dragons emerges as the freshest masterpiece from the innovative minds at Farlight Games. This renowned company, known for their remarkable creation Rise of Kingdoms, has once again captivated the gaming community. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey filled with a fusion of real-time strategy and the art of constructing cities. Immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted realm of fantasy, brimming with untold wonders waiting to be discovered and conquered.

In a realm torn apart, the epic saga unfolds as three indomitable champions clash in a quest for dominance. However, destiny weaves an unexpected tale as they lay down their swords and unite against a colossal, menacing dragon that casts a shadow of peril upon the entire realm. To overcome this ancient behemoth, a cunning blend of strategy and tactics is imperative, for it commands an army of formidable creatures that stand in your path.

Choosing a Faction

Choosing a faction is an important decision in many role-playing games, as it determines the path and alliances the player will follow throughout the game.
Choosing a faction

Choose from one of the three factions – the League of Order, the Springwardens, or the Wilderburg. Each faction brings its own array of distinctive units, architectural styles, special abilities, and heroes. Embark on a journey to construct your city, amass resources, train and deploy formidable troops to engage in riveting battles against fellow players. Forge alliances that will shape the course of your conquest.

If you’re a fresh-faced player seeking a faction to align with, the League of Order presents itself as an enticing choice for a couple of noteworthy motives. Firstly, it offers a gratifying 10% boost to gathering speed, resulting in an abundance of resources at your disposal. Moreover, its design embraces an elegant simplicity that is both visually appealing and user-friendly.

As a devoted player of the Springwardens faction, I deeply lament my decision to align with this faction as many structures appear indistinguishable. However, the thought of incurring the cost associated with switching factions dissuades me from doing so. Consequently, selecting an ill-suited class remains a prevalent blunder made by inexperienced players.

Recruiting heroes

In the realm of warfare, the heroes reign supreme, wielding immense power that can reshape the tides of battle. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to amass formidable heroes, brimming with unparalleled skills and prowess, in your mighty legions. These extraordinary individuals can be enlisted through the revered Altar building, or alternatively earned as glorious rewards for triumphant conquests in campaign missions and exhilarating events.

Enhance the prowess of your heroes by ascending them and adorning them with exceptional relics, thus augmenting their might. As demonstrated in the preceding video, the utilized artifact can effortlessly be employed during combat by tapping on the skill icon situated at the upper-right corner.

The skills of artifacts experience a cooldown period, typically lasting approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds. Occasionally, you may even be able to employ your artifact twice during a combat encounter.

Setting Up Your Account

Changing your name and picking an avatar

When embarking on your gaming journey, a whimsical pseudonym like “Lord581809” shall be bestowed upon you. However, fear not, for this label can be effortlessly altered within the game’s configuration. It is highly recommended to promptly select a moniker that truly reflects your essence, enabling fellow players to etch it into their memories. Furthermore, you possess the ability to handpick an avatar, an emblem of distinction that shall set you apart amidst the sea of competitors.

Changing your name and picking an avatar allows you to create a new online identity and personalize your virtual presence.

In order to modify the name, simply tap on the circular image located at the top-left corner. Then, proceed to tap on the small pen icon and enter the name of your choice. While you’re at it, don’t forget to select an avatar from the 11 captivating options displayed in the gallery by tapping on the circled image as shown in the screenshot above. Alternatively, you have the option to upload your own image. It’s important to note that the initial name change comes at no cost, but any subsequent changes will require a payment of 500 Gems.

On the very page, an array of avatar frames awaits your selection. The initial frame, attainable upon reaching City level 5, boasts a direct connection to your chosen Faction. However, be mindful that altering your allegiance will render this exquisite avatar frame inaccessible.

Linking your game account to Google or Facebook

To safeguard your game progress and seamlessly resume from any device, it is imperative to establish a connection between your game account and Google. By doing so, you can effortlessly save your progress and effortlessly resume your gaming journey from where you last left off.

In addition to the above, it also grants you the opportunity to seamlessly transition between numerous characters (further details will be provided later) if you desire to generate multiple avatars or experiment with distinct servers or factions.

To effortlessly connect your account with Google or Facebook, simply tap on your avatar located at the top-left corner, and navigate to the Settings section. Then, proceed by tapping on the Account icon, and within that page, select either Google or Facebook (Google is highly recommended). Finally, carefully adhere to the on-screen instructions to complete the linking process.

What you should focus on as a new player

As a fresh-faced player, your ultimate aim is to conquer a multitude of campaign missions and engaging side quests, actively participate in thrilling events, amass valuable resources, and relish the spoils of various enthralling activities that come your way. Additionally, it is crucial to set your sights on expeditiously elevating the stature of your Town Hall.

Unlocking new structures and expanding your content allows for greater empowerment. After progressing your Town Hall, it’s crucial to commence training troops and enhancing vital edifices, all while prioritizing the expeditious growth of your city.

Exploring the world of Call of Dragons

Upon observation, the map reveals a vast expanse veiled in mist, yet as you venture forth and survey the surroundings, this enigmatic fog gradually dissipates. This presents an immense advantage as it unveils a realm of uncharted wonders: quaint villages, elevated Resource Points, elusive Dark Creatures, colossal Behemoths, and a myriad of other treasures awaiting your discovery.

As you explore the map, prepare to encounter a myriad of vibrant territories, each proudly claimed by various player alliances. This is your moment to shine! Join forces with an Alliance, embarking on a quest to expand your dominion, while reaping the plentiful benefits and bountiful rewards that await you.

Call of Dragons Tips and Tricks

1. Adjust the graphics settings

Depending on the capabilities of your device, you have the power to fine-tune the visual aesthetics and smoothness of your gaming experience. Enhancing loading times and elevating game responsiveness can be achieved through a simple process. All you need to do is tap on your avatar, navigate to the Settings menu, and locate the General icon. Within this realm, you will find a plethora of options at your disposal. Adjust the graphics quality to your liking, ranging from modest to extravagant, and customize the frame rate, sound, and various other settings to your heart’s content.

Moreover, in the pursuit of maximizing the allure of your gaming experience through high Graphics Quality settings, you need not compromise the longevity of your device’s battery. Instead, you can rely on the prowess of one of the finest portable chargers specifically designed for mobile gaming. By doing so, you can engage in uninterrupted gameplay, free from the nagging concern of your device succumbing to power depletion during a crucial battle.

2. You can change the Faction, but..

Press the update symbol to alter the Faction.
Tap that refresh icon to change the Faction

In the event that you find yourself not delighting in the selected Faction or seeking to determine the finest faction in the realm of Call of Dragons, fret not, for you have the power to alter it upon reaching the esteemed level 8 in your City. Nevertheless, be aware that such a privilege comes with a price and demands three modest prerequisites.

To undergo a Faction alteration, one must be prepared to part with a hefty sum of 10,000 Gems. Additionally, it is imperative to ensure that no troops are currently undergoing training, and all legions, including scouts, must be securely nestled within the confines of your City. This means refraining from participating in rallies, gatherings, or any form of battle engagement.

Fortunately, here’s an exciting revelation! In case you decide to switch, all your well-trained soldiers, along with the upgrades, researched technologies, and items you obtained from your previous Faction, will seamlessly transform to align with the corresponding tier of your newly chosen Faction.

Once the prerequisites are met, you have the power to alter your faction by simply tapping on your avatar. Following this, a small, captivating refresh icon awaits your touch, mirroring the image displayed above. Choose your next desired faction and embrace the journey by settling the price.

3. You can create multiple Characters

As previously stated, once you attain level 8, you have the ability to alter your Faction. However, if you desire to explore alternative Factions and bypass the exorbitantly priced 10k Gem fee, you can effortlessly commence a second or even multiple Characters, all while seamlessly transitioning between them on a single device. The only disadvantage of this approach is that you are restricted to possessing only one Character per server, in contrast to other strategic games where the option to establish numerous farm accounts in support of your primary account/character is available.

The Personality Administration and my 3 Personalities
The Character Management and my 3 Characters

If you are inclined towards forming a second Character, it would be wise to establish a connection between your account and Google, as I mentioned earlier, in order to safeguard your progress from being misplaced. To fashion a second Character, simply touch your avatar, navigate to the Settings section, and select the “Character Management” symbol. Within that realm, select “Create New Character,” choose your preferred Faction, endure the repetitive tutorial, and voila! Your mission is accomplished.

Great news! You no longer have to worry about generating passwords for your Characters or manually saving your progress. The moment your game account is linked to Google, everything is effortlessly saved. To effortlessly transition between various Characters, simply head over to “Characters Management,” select the desired one with a gentle tap, and then finalize your choice by pressing the “Confirm” button.

4. Try the Call of Dragons game on PC

We’ve already delved into a comprehensive tutorial on mastering the art of playing Call of Dragons on your computer, but the crux of the matter is that immersing yourself in this extraordinary game on PC will undoubtedly elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Especially captivating are the visually stunning landscapes of the Elven faction, adorned with lush emerald meadows and shimmering streams, leaving you awestruck.

Feel the freedom of effortlessly utilizing your mouse and keyboard without any concern of your battery succumbing to its demise in the midst of a thrilling battle. Embark on this adventure and experience it for yourself!

5. Take advantage of your Beginner’s City Shield

My City is a place that holds a special charm for beginners, offering a shield of support and guidance as they embark on their journey of exploration and growth.
My City under Beginner’s Shield

As soon as you embark on your gaming journey, be it with your very first character or an additional one, a splendid gift awaits you – the Beginner’s Shield. With this extraordinary shield, your magnificent City shall remain impervious to the malicious intentions of other players, shielding it from attacks and resource plundering for a blissful period of 48 hours.

The Beginner’s Shield is a golden opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. It grants you ample time to empower your heroes and train a sufficient army, enabling you to effortlessly conquer low-level Darklings and amass abundant resources for the growth of your majestic City. However, be cautious, for once the Shield dissipates, your realm becomes susceptible to enemy incursions. Therefore, it is imperative to be well-equipped and ready to defend against any potential threats.

Sure enough, there’s the option to purchase a City Shield afterwards, but for a novice, gathering sufficient Gems to acquire these goods will prove to be quite a challenge. A City Shield lasting for 8 hours demands 500 Gems, while a 24-hour one requires 1,000 Gems, and if you’re looking for a 3-Day City Shield, be prepared to spend 2,500 Gems. All these wondrous items can be conveniently obtained from the Store building.

6. Unlock the second Research Queue

Unlocking a second Research Queue in Call of Dragons becomes a breeze once you achieve the esteemed Honorary Membership Level 8. Don’t be daunted by the challenge, for elevating your level is as simple as accumulating daily Honor points or splurging Gems to acquire more from the Store. This invaluable tip promises to catapult your progress to new heights.

Though it may demand a handful of precious gems, the endeavor will prove its worth, granting you the ability to delve into the depths of two technologies simultaneously. Moreover, you shall reap the rewards of enhanced daily incentives and bask in the advantageous aura of heightened productivity Buffs. For a comprehensive understanding, venture into the realm of Honorary Membership, easily accessible through the middle icon nestled within the majestic Store building.

7. Pick the right units for your heroes

Select the appropriate units for your heroes, taking into consideration their strengths and abilities.

Within this captivating game, every hero is aligned with a distinct unit category, encompassing Infantry, Marksman, Cavalry, or Magic. However, a select few exceptional heroes in Call of Dragons possess the coveted Universal prowess, granting them the ability to command any type of unit. It is imperative to meticulously select the ideal units for each hero to amplify their impact in combat, as well as in endeavors such as resource gathering or launching assaults against the formidable Darkling forces.

Discover the perfect match for each hero within the Hero’s Info window, just by tapping the Helm icon located at the bottom of your screen (in case it’s concealed, simply tap the big eye icon residing in the bottom-right corner). Unveiling this page will showcase the hero’s exceptional prowess in a specific troop type, gracefully positioned below their distinguished name, as the very first label from left to right.

8. Join an Alliance

Enhance your gaming journey with boundless delight by embarking on an Alliance quest. Discover the boundless realm of wisdom and aid offered by seasoned players. Immerse yourself in a realm abundant with golden treasures, precious resources, and coveted items, all attainable through victorious battles against Behemoths, Alliance Territories conquests, and exclusive gala events.

By aligning yourself with fellow warriors, your City gains an impenetrable shield against rival players, ensuring enhanced protection. Furthermore, embarking on this alliance journey rewards you with a gleaming treasure trove of 300 Gems, exclusively for those who venture into the realm of alliances for the very first time.

To become part of an Alliance, simply tap on the Shield icon located at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Then, you have the option to either join an existing alliance by clicking on the “Join” button or unleash your creativity and form your very own alliance by selecting the “Create” button.

9. Upgrade your hero’s first Skill before increasing the Star Rating

It is highly advisable to prioritize enhancing your hero’s initial skill, ideally reaching its maximum level of 5, before progressing to elevate their Star Rating. This strategic move stems from the fact that as you elevate your heroes and enhance their Star Ratings, a multitude of additional skills will become accessible. Consequently, this progression may hinder your ability to advance the level of the crucial first Skill, which holds paramount importance in your heroes’ repertoire.

Imagine having a formidable hero who has ascended to level 20 with a triumphant 3-star rating. This impressive milestone will open up a gateway to unlock two additional skills. However, there’s a catch – whenever you amass at least 10 precious Hero Tokens needed to enhance a skill, selecting the first skill becomes a game of chance, as the skills undergo random upgrades. Hence, it becomes crucial to fully maximize the potential of the first skill before venturing into the realm of increasing the star rating, for the acquisition of Hero Tokens itself is no easy feat.

10. Create your unique City layout

The City Editor button is located at a convenient spot within the application interface, allowing users to easily access and modify city details as needed.
City Editor button location

The City Editor, a captivating feature found in Rise of Cultures, has truly captured my attention. It grants players the freedom to unleash their creativity by effortlessly customizing the appearance of their City. With the ability to effortlessly move and position buildings wherever one desires, the City Editor offers an unparalleled level of artistic expression. Additionally, the best part is that this remarkable feature comes completely free of charge.

To access its functionalities, simply tap the hammer icon situated on the left side when you find yourself within your urban realm. This action will seamlessly transport you to the enchanting Building menu. Within this captivating realm, a miniature hammer icon awaits on the right side of your device’s screen, beckoning you to explore the wonders of the City Editor.

Explore the freedom to effortlessly navigate any structure, or effortlessly relocate them all with a mere tap of the “Move all” button. Handpick each edifice from your urban landscape, granting you the power to position them anywhere your imagination takes you. Alternatively, unleash your creative spirit by erasing the existing blueprint entirely with a single press of the “Remove all” button, paving the way for a fresh and innovative architectural design.

Designing a fresh arrangement using the Urban Planner
Creating a new layout with the City Editor

Don’t fret, the “Remove all” button won’t obliterate your entire collection of buildings; rather, it relocates them from your City area to the left sidebar. From there, you have the freedom to extract any building and utilize it to construct roads or adorn your surroundings.

To ensure the preservation of your layout, kindly return all occupied structures to the City until the left sidebar is devoid of any items. Then, simply press the “Save” button to secure your design. It is essential to bear in mind that failing to save your layout prior to leaving will result in the reversal of all modifications made.

After completing your task, you can capture the essence of your newly designed layout in the game by simply tapping the “Screenshot” button. This magical button will magically erase all the buttons and unnecessary elements, leaving behind only the magnificent view of your city. How awesome is that?

11. Unlock your Deputy

Deputies in Call of Dragons serve as the formidable Second-in-Command, granting you the privilege of bolstering your legions with an additional hero. By enlisting a deputy, you not only enhance the might and troop capacity of your legion, but also unlock this esteemed position once your chosen hero ascends to a 3 Stars level.

Hence, it is possible to enhance your legion by incorporating a secondary champion, but this can only be accomplished by utilizing Commanders (primary heroes) who possess a minimum of 3 Stars. Nevertheless, the chosen deputy’s talents and Artifact Skill will remain exclusive to them, with only their Skills and Legion Capacity being shared among the legion.

12. Use the floating zoom buttons

The floating 4 zoom-level buttons allow users to easily adjust the zoom level of the map, providing a convenient and intuitive way to explore and navigate the surroundings.
The floating 4 zoom-level buttons

Nestled on the screen’s bottom-left corner, the central button serves as a portal to the City, but its allure extends beyond mere entry and exit. Behold, for it conceals four cryptic treasures, granting you the power to effortlessly soar to precise levels of magnification upon the vast canvas of the world map.

To achieve that, you’ll need to press and maintain the button for a mere moment, unveiling the emergence of four splendid features. In a graceful cascade from the summit to the base, the initial duo will transport you instantaneously to the utmost magnification levels of the global map. Following this, the array of choices on the left-hand side will grant you the power to selectively view particular elements, be it the intricate web of roads, the invaluable troves of alliance resources, the remarkable markers, and a multitude of other enthralling details.

The inclusion of this fantastic feature enhances the overall experience by providing a clearer visual representation of the available Resource Points, adversaries, comrades, and various other elements scattered across the map.

13. Create Legion Presets

Save abundant time with Legion Presets, enabling the seamless preparation of diverse armies featuring unique blends of troops and commanders, all conveniently stored for future deployment. Unleash your creativity by fashioning a formidable PvP legion, complete with or without a deputy, and bolstered by top-tier units tailored for the prevailing circumstances. Alternatively, craft a specialized gathering legion, comprising heroes endowed with the gathering talent and accompanied by efficient transport units.

The Legion presets example showcases a range of preconfigured settings that can be used as a starting point for customization, allowing users to easily achieve desired effects or styles in their creative projects.
Legion presets example

To initiate the formation of a legion, simply select an adversary or a Resource Point on the map, then click on “Create Legions”. Customize your legion by handpicking your preferred troop types and a commander. Finally, give the tiny cog wheel icon at the page’s pinnacle a gentle tap.

On the pop-up window, choose an empty slot and click on the Save option. Feel free to repeat this intriguing process to create a whopping 15 presets if you desire. Afterward, whenever you require a formidable force for a particular endeavor, simply tap into those petite numbered slots and watch as the page magically fills with your preselected troops and commanders.

14. Try to reach City level 16 as soon as possible

Reaching level 16 in the city grants a magnificent edge to your armies, opening the gates to the realm of Flying units. These remarkable beings possess an innate upgrade to tier 3, enhancing their prowess on the battlefield. The significance of this cannot be underestimated, as it empowers your armies to inflict greater damage and ensures their resilience. Additionally, the substantial investment of resources and time required to advance any unit to tier 3 further accentuates the value of this achievement.

Within the vast realm of the League of Order Faction, celestial beings soar through the skies, while the Springwardens are accompanied by majestic forest eagles and the Wilderburg Faction commands the powerful wyvern ryders. These formidable flying units possess the ability to inflict significant damage in the heat of battle. Although the journey to City level 16 may be arduous and demanding, the rewards that await make every ounce of effort worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

We have now reached the end of our compilation of the utmost crucial pointers and techniques for mastering the game, Call of Dragons. Embrace consistency and faithfully adhere to these strategies, and in a blink of an eye, you will successfully construct a legendary metropolis.

Final Thoughts

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