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Hello, fellow merfolk! We hope you’re swimmingly fantastic today! Are you interested in bringing your inner mermaid to life on paper? Whether you want to imagine yourself with a majestic tail or unleash your creativity, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive mermaid drawing guides.

Easy Mermaid Drawing: Master the Basics

If you’re just starting out and looking to hone your drawing skills, tracing can be a helpful technique. Many silicone mermaid tail creators provide tail outlines that you can fill in and customize with your desired colors. It’s an ideal template for practicing tracing and coloring. Take a look at these examples from Aquamermaid tails designs:

Aquamermaid silicone tail design outline drawing outline canva

Aquamermaid silicone tail design outline drawing outline canvas mermaid top

Aquamermaid silicone tail design outline drawing outline canvas detailed fairy dragon

Another option is to print out a picture of a mermaid that inspires you, be it real or fictional. The iconic Disney Mermaid Princess Ariel, for example, has a beautifully simple design that’s easy to trace. You can find a variety of stencils with a quick Google search, like this one:

Mermaid stencil one line design easy drawing

Once you’ve become comfortable with tracing, the next step is sketching. Sketching entails using loose, gentle lines to create a form. It’s an intentionally messy style of drawing that allows for experimentation and discovery. Check out this captivating mermaid sketch by KanyMon on DeviantArt:

Kanyon Moon Mermaid Sketch

During the sketching phase, embrace imperfection and let your creativity flow. Try experimenting with different tail designs, hairstyles, body proportions, and more. If you need a reference, take a look at Mertailor’s incredible fluke designs. Remember, references are used for guidance without directly tracing. Simply use your eyes to follow the lines, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes.

To enhance your mermaid drawing journey, we recommend following some talented artists who share their expertise through tutorials. Here are a few artists you should definitely check out:

Bringing Mermaids to Life: Realistic Mermaid Drawing

When aiming for a realistic mermaid drawing, it’s helpful to establish an outline using circles and lines. While the anatomy of a mermaid may be subject to debate, it’s easiest to envision at least a spine leading into the tail. Depending on your desired pose, you can bend the line in any way you like. For beginners, start with a simple, small bend. Take inspiration from this guide by artist Stepan Ayvazyan:

Steven's Step-by-Step Mermaid Drawing

Once you have these guidelines in place, you can use them to give your mermaid proportional features. Keep in mind your initial sketch and don’t hesitate to use multiple lines to achieve the perfect shape.

Remember, drawing mermaids is a skill that takes time and practice. Don’t give up! With perseverance, you’ll find yourself effortlessly doodling mermaids wherever you go. For added inspiration, explore the works of talented artists on Youtube:

  • Digitally painting a Mermaid! – Time Lapse Illustration: Watch Here
  • Speed Drawing Mermaid Barbie: Watch Here
  • How to Draw Barbie Mermaid Chibi: Watch Here

Let Your Creativity Swim Free

Remember, fellow mers, the most important aspect of mermaid drawing is to have fun and express yourself. You may discover a passion for coloring or even start selling your art. At the end of the day, enjoy the process and let your imagination soar.

For a complete list of mermaid drawing styles and tutorials, refer to the links below:

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