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How to Draw A Cartoon Vulture – A Step by Step Guide

There are numerous bird species in nature, each with its own unique characteristics. From large and colorful birds to small and muted ones, the variety is vast. Among these avian creatures, vultures hold a peculiar place as scavengers, feasting on the remains left behind by predators. But their distinct appearance sets them apart, making learning how to draw a cartoon vulture an enjoyable challenge.

In this tutorial, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide that will demonstrate how easy and fun it can be to draw a cartoon vulture. So let’s dive into the seven simple steps and embark on this artistic adventure!

Step 1: Drawing the Beak

how to draw a cartoon vulture step 1

To begin, let’s focus on the beak of the vulture. Using curved and rounded lines, carefully follow the reference image as it showcases the specific shapes that form different sections of the beak. Additionally, remember to create pointed tips at both the top and bottom of the beak. Lastly, extend curved lines from the top to establish the initial shape of the vulture’s head.

Step 2: Adding the Eye and Neck

how to draw a cartoon vulture step 2

In this second step, we will further develop the vulture’s head, face, and neck. Use additional curved lines to complete the rounded back of the head. Then, draw the vulture’s eye as a round shape with oval details inside. Enhance the eye’s outline by adding small curved eyelashes. Finally, extend longer curved lines downward from the base of the beak to depict the vulture’s slender neck.

Step 3: Building the Neck and Beginning the Body

how to draw a cartoon vulture step 3

In this step, we will focus on the vulture’s neck and the start of its body. Begin by drawing a feathery collar at the base of the vulture’s neck, using smaller rounded lines connected to one another. Next, create wavy lines descending from the collar to outline the beginning of the body. With that, we have completed step 3!

Step 4: Drawing the Wing

how to draw a cartoon vulture step 4

A vulture cannot fly without wings, so in step 4, we will add this vital feature to our cartoon vulture. Using rounded lines, outline the wing and add rows of smaller rounded lines to represent the texture of feathers. Additionally, incorporate more curved lines to depict the rest of the body and the initial structure of the legs. We will complete the legs in the following step.

Step 5: Completing the Legs

how to draw a cartoon vulture step 5

Let’s finish drawing the vulture’s legs in this step. Sketch thin, curved shapes for the toes and add some lines across them to add texture. Extend the thin shapes further to represent tail feathers. With this, we conclude step 5!

Step 6: Adding the Final Touches

how to draw a cartoon vulture step 6

In step 6, we won’t be drawing the bird itself but rather the branch it is perched on. This prepares us for the coloring process in the next step. To draw the branch, use slightly wavy lines to outline its shape and add wavy lines within for a wood-like texture. Once the branch is complete, feel free to incorporate your own creative details. Designing a background can elevate the overall aesthetic of your drawing. Consider various settings that complement this adorable vulture!

Step 7: Coloring your Cartoon Vulture

how to draw a cartoon vulture step 7

Finalize your drawing by adding colors to make your cartoon vulture come to life. While maintaining a cartoonish style, try incorporating realistic colors. Opt for yellows for the beak, pinks for the skin, and various shades of browns for the feathers. These colors serve as a guideline, but you can also experiment with unique color combinations. Unleash your creativity and see where it takes you! Don’t hesitate to explore different art mediums for a truly distinct look.

3 Additional Tips to Simplify Your Cartoon Vulture Drawing

Drawing a cartoon vulture may seem intricate, but here are three tips to make the process easier:

  1. Simplify the art style: Take inspiration from simple cartoon characters and adapt their style to your cartoon vulture. Removing extra details can also simplify the drawing process. What art styles do you find easier to work with?

  2. Distract the eye: If you’re concerned about imperfections, incorporate other elements into the drawing to divert attention. Drawing a background setting can minimize the focus on any areas you struggled with. Choose backgrounds that align with your drawing abilities.

  3. Seek references: While real vultures might not be readily available, online photo references can provide invaluable assistance. Use these references to refine the details and proportions of your cartoon vulture. They can also inspire different poses for future drawings.

Congratulations! You have now completed all seven steps of this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon vulture. This peculiar bird captivates with its unusual appearance, making it a charming subject to draw. We hope this guide has demonstrated that drawing a vulture can be a fun and achievable endeavor when armed with the right techniques.

Feel free to add your own personal touches and get creative. Visit our website frequently for more drawing guides and exciting activities. We would love to see your finished cartoon vulture drawing, so don’t hesitate to share it with us on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

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