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10 Quick and easy chalk art projects to try today!

Life of Colour Chalk Markers, available in a delightful range of 12 vibrant classic colors, offer a safe and creative outlet for children. These markers are non-toxic, water-based, and dust-free. With a 6mm round tip and a 6mm chisel tip, they allow for various lettering and drawing styles.

The versatility of these markers extends to different surfaces. They are fully washable on non-porous surfaces like blackboards (wet erase) and glass (dry erase), and permanent on porous surfaces such as paper and wood.

Here, we have curated a list of 10 quick and easy ideas to inspire you in using your chalk markers as soon as you get your hands on them!

1- Tile Art

Transform a plain-colored tile into the perfect canvas for your artistic expression. The only limit is your imagination! Before starting your project, consider sketching out your ideas for guidance. Remember to clean the surface with alcohol or hot soapy water to remove any grease or oil residue before decorating.

Terracotta pot with red orchids
Terracotta pot with red orchids

Funky rainbow mosaic
Funky rainbow mosaic

2- Mini Display Signs

For small businesses looking to save money, creating signs and displays on your own can be a great solution. Not only does it eliminate the need to hire someone, but with Life of Colour Chalk paint pens, you can easily update the signage later.

Mirror Sticker Display Signs
Mirror Sticker Display Signs

3- Mirror Messages

Make your hallway mirror more than just a reflective surface. Use it as a canvas to display uplifting messages for your family members and guests. From welcome messages to funny one-liners or reminders, let your creativity shine through.

Just bee yourself message
Just bee yourself message

4- Window Art Coloring for Kids

Engage your children in a fun coloring activity by creating a masterpiece on your window using white chalk markers. With Life of Colour chalk paint pens, you can avoid the mess associated with traditional chalks. Let the whole family enjoy the art together!

Window Boho birdy coloring in
Window Boho birdy coloring in
Neon chalk art

5- Fridge Menu

Family meals bring everyone together and foster stronger relationships. Creating menus together not only saves the stress of deciding what to cook later, but it also allows everyone to get involved. Use Life of Colour chalk pens on your fridge surface to display menus, recipes, and even shopping lists. Clear them off each week to make room for new ones.

Fridge Menu

6- Microwave Notes

Leave a reminder note on your microwave to start your day on the right note. Being constantly on the go requires preparation, and a simple note on your microwave can ensure that you have a delicious meal waiting for you. Just a small touch to connect with the heart of your kitchen.

Microwave Notes

7- Pet Care Schedule

When leaving your pets in someone else’s care, use Life of Colour Chalk pens to leave clear instructions, notes, and a schedule. These markers provide an easy and effective way to communicate important details without the worry of lost or misplaced notes.

Pet Care Schedule

8- Picture Frame Scribble

Explore the versatility of chalk paint pens on various surfaces. Grab a picture frame with a glass front (plastic or Perspex would work too) and let your creativity flow by leaving a love note scribbled on it. Creating a love note picture frame is an enjoyable and inexpensive project, perfect for expressing your affection.

Picture Frame Scribble

9- Unicorn Blackboard Sign

If you’re looking to decorate your children’s room with their favorite theme, consider purchasing a poster-sized blackboard. With a set of Life of Colour chalk paint pens, you can create a customized poster to match their interests. And when their tastes change, simply update the blackboard accordingly!

Step by step Unicorn chalkboard art with liquid chalk pens
Unicorn Blackboard Sign

10- Signs for Your Shop

Chalkboard price lists with elegant cursive script never go out of style. Life of Colour chalk pens provide the perfect tool for artists of all ages and skill levels to create for hours. Explore the possibilities and bring your shop to life with vibrant and eye-catching signs.

Coffee Shop

Choose from a wide range of classic colors, including gold, silver, black, brown, orange, green, yellow, white, pink, red, blue, and purple, to let your creativity shine.

Ready to Create?

For more inspiration and tips on how to use your liquid chalk pens, visit our blog!

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