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How To Draw a Christmas Tree: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

Drawing a Christmas tree is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. It’s a fun art project that the whole family can enjoy, bringing joy and creativity into your home. Here, we will guide you through 10 easy drawing projects that will help you master the art of drawing Christmas trees.

Essential Elements for Drawing a Christmas Tree

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary elements to bring your Christmas tree drawings to life:

  • Star or Angel: The Christmas star is a traditional choice, but you can also opt for an angel.
  • Lights: String lights across your tree, replacing traditional candles with a safer alternative.
  • Ornaments: Get creative with classic Christmas balls or explore unique options like gingerbread men or personalized ornaments.
  • Snow Dust: Add a touch of magic to your drawings by incorporating snow dust on the tree.
  • Tree Choice: While evergreen trees are traditional, feel free to experiment with different tree types such as palm trees or cherry blossoms.

10 Easy Drawing Projects to Create Beautiful Christmas Tree Art

1. Effortless Christmas Tree Drawing

How To Draw a Christmas Tree Easy

Follow this simple tutorial to draw a Christmas tree effortlessly. Anyone can master this approach and enjoy the process.

2. Realistic Christmas Tree Drawing Tutorial

A Realistic Christmas Tree Drawing Tutorial

If you’re aiming for impressively lifelike Christmas trees, this tutorial by The Pencil Room Online will guide you step by step.

3. Capturing Christmas Morning: Drawing a Tree with Presents

How To Draw a Christmas Tree With Presents

Depict the joy of Christmas morning by drawing a tree with presents. Brian Proctor’s tutorial will help you create a heartwarming scene.

4. Cartoon Christmas Tree Drawing Tutorial

A Cartoon Christmas Tree Drawing Tutorial

Add a lively and playful touch to your Christmas tree drawings with this fantastic tutorial by Art Land.

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5. Creating a 3D Christmas Tree

A 3D Christmas Tree Drawing Tutorial

Learn the techniques of realistic and three-dimensional art with MiltonCor’s tutorial. Watch your Christmas tree come alive on paper.

6. Drawing a Christmas Tree Star

How To Draw a Christmas Tree Star

Discover various shapes and sizes for Christmas tree stars, including the classic design. Black Board Drawing will guide you in creating your own star.

7. The Iconic Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Drawing Tutorial

Celebrate a symbol of tradition with the iconic Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Follow EasyPicturesToDraw’s tutorial to bring this special tree to life.

8. Drawing Christmas Tree Lights

Drawing Christmas Tree Lights Tutorial

Separate the lights from the tree and master the art of drawing Christmas tree lights with the guidance of Art for Kids Hub.

9. Creating a Cute and Adorable Christmas Tree

How To Draw a Cute Christmas Tree

Lift spirits with a cute and charming Christmas tree. Draw So Cute provides excellent step-by-step instructions for adorable artwork.

10. Surprise Folding Christmas Tree Art

A Folding Christmas Tree Drawing Tutorial

Experience the joy of an interactive art project with a folding Christmas tree. Art for Kids Hub will show you how to create this fun masterpiece.

Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing a Christmas Tree


  • Paper
  • Colored pencils or markers

Step 1: Draw a Triangle

Begin by sketching a triangle for the body of the tree. Add a square underneath to represent the trunk.

Step 2: Add a Star

Get creative with your star design by adding shining lines or opting for a six-pointed star.

Step 3: Shape the Tree

Give your tree depth and texture by layering each tier and adding flocking. Aim for approximately five tiers.

Step 4: Add Ornaments

Let your imagination run wild and decorate your tree with various ornaments. Classic Christmas balls are a popular choice, but feel free to personalize your drawing.

Step 5: Add Lights

Draw lights that have a natural flow. Instead of perfectly straight lines, create a playful effect by making them dip in different directions.

Step 6: Color

Color your drawing to bring it to life. For a traditional Christmas tree, use green for the tree itself, yellow for the star, and red for the ornaments.

Tips for Drawing a Christmas Tree

  • Experiment with Gel Pens: Use festive gel pens to add a touch of vibrancy to your Christmas tree art.
  • Popcorn Decorations: Incorporate old-fashioned popcorn decorations into your drawings for a nostalgic feel.
  • Authentic Tinsel: Make your Christmas tree art pop by gluing on real tinsel.
  • Wrapped Presents: Enhance the Christmas morning atmosphere by drawing beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.
  • Snowy Window: Create a magical ambiance by drawing a snow-filled window behind the tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Christmas tree originate?

The tradition of the Christmas tree began in 16th-century Germany when Christians brought trees into their homes to celebrate the birth of Christ.

What does a Christmas tree symbolize in art?

In art, a Christmas tree symbolizes the essence of the holiday season. Artists decorate trees based on personal interpretations and what Christmas represents to them.


Learning how to draw a Christmas tree opens up endless possibilities. Master the art of drawing tree trunks, pine needles, and much more. Apply the skills and techniques you acquire to future drawings, allowing your creativity to flourish. Spread the joy of the holiday season through your beautiful Christmas tree artwork.

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