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How to Decorate A Christmas Tree Step by Step!

Are you searching for the perfect guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree? Look no further! After years of requests, I have finally put together a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how I decorate my trees. Whether you prefer simple or extravagant Christmas decor, this guide will help you create a stunning tree that reflects your unique style. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree

When it comes to choosing a Christmas tree, you have two options: fresh or artificial. Both can be decorated using the same steps. If you opt for an artificial tree, I highly recommend investing in a pre-lit one. It saves time and ensures the lights are evenly spaced. Balsam Hill offers beautiful pre-lit trees like the 6.5′ Noble Fir, known for its realistic appearance and easy setup.

This faux Christmas tree is a favorite - SO full and realistic!

Another fantastic option from Balsam Hill is the 7.5′ frosted Fraser Fir. With its flocked branches, it adds a touch of winter magic to any space.

If you're looking for a great faux Christmas tree that's flocked with snow, I love this one!

For those on a budget, Walmart offers a 7.5′ flocked tree that looks stunning once decorated.

A great budget-friendly faux flocked Christmas tree that doesn't look cheap!

Step 2: Setting Up Your Tree Collar

Instead of using a traditional tree skirt, consider using a tree collar. It covers the faux trunk, making your tree look more realistic. There are various options available, such as a white rope tree collar or a hammered silver tree collar.

Love this white Christmas tree collar - looks so much better than a skirt!

My hammered silver Christmas tree collar - so pretty!

Step 3: Fluffing and Assembling Your Tree

If you chose an artificial tree, fluffing the branches is an essential step to make it appear fuller and more natural. Start at the back of each branch and gently fan out the tips, moving them upward or to the side to create a more organic look. Take your time and work your way around the entire tree.

Never knew I had to do this to my Christmas tree to make it look fuller!

Step 4: Adding Beautiful Ribbon

Adding ribbon is an optional but impactful step that can elevate the overall look of your tree. Opt for wire-edged ribbon, as it can easily be shaped into loops that maintain their form. Use a mix of opaque and sheer ribbon in a color scheme of your choice. Start with the widest ribbon and gradually work your way down to narrower ones. Secure the ribbon to the branches, creating loops to cover any sparse areas.

Love the ribbon on this Christmas tree! She shows you exactly how to do it in this post!

Step 5: Decorating with Ornaments

Now it’s time to showcase your cherished ornaments! Begin by placing larger ornaments strategically to fill any remaining gaps. Then, gradually work your way down to the smaller ones. If you have multiples of the same ornament, distribute them evenly throughout the tree for a balanced look.

Loving this tutorial on how to decorate a Christmas tree! Gorgeous ornaments!

Step 6: Adding Personal Touches

Take your tree to the next level by incorporating additional decorations such as floral sprigs, berries, or other unique accents. You can use tree picks, floral sprays, or individual flowers and berries to enhance the overall aesthetic. Get creative and experiment with different arrangements to achieve the desired effect.

Love how she added the flowers and berries to her Christmas tree! Great how-to post!

Step 7: Choosing a Tree Topper

The final step is selecting the perfect tree topper. Whether it’s a shimmering star, a festive bow, or a traditional angel, the choice is yours. Add the finishing touch with a Christmas tree skirt or any other preferred base.

Gorgeous capiz star tree topper!

Step 8: Simplify with a Plug-In Timer or Smart Dimmer

Make your life easier by using a plug-in timer or a smart dimmer to control your tree lights. This eliminates the need to manually turn the lights on and off each night. Simply set a timer or use a smart device to manage the lighting effortlessly.

And that’s it! With these simple steps, you can create a beautifully decorated Christmas tree that will bring joy and cheer to your home throughout the holiday season. Have fun and embrace your creativity while making your tree truly unique!

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I hope you found this guide helpful and discovered a few new tips and tricks for decorating your tree this year. For more Christmas inspiration, check out my Christmas wish list ideas and gift wrapping ideas. Happy decorating and happy holidays!

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