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20 Easy Mushroom Drawing Tutorials for Kiddos

Mushrooms are intriguing living beings that can be found all around us. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Keep reading to discover the best mushroom drawing tutorials.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or simply fascinated by mushrooms, these drawing compilations will inspire you to pick up a pencil and start sketching. These tutorials are simple to follow and will have you feeling like a pro in no time.

So, let’s dive in and begin drawing mushrooms!

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7 Cute Mushroom Drawings

1. Little Mushroom Drawing

Little Mushroom Drawing
Photo Credit: Freepik

Drawing this endearing little mushroom from Freepik is a fun and easy way to get started with mushroom art. With just six simple steps, you can have an adorable mushroom on paper. Have a blast at home while playing with homemade playdough.

2. Family of Mushroom Drawing

I couldn’t resist including this adorable group of mushrooms, and I’m sure it will be at the top of your to-draw list as well. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the video tutorial from Draw So Cute to learn how to draw these colorful and charming mushrooms.

3. Adorable Mushroom Drawing

Adorable Mushroom Drawing
Photo Credit: Smiling Colors

To create a fantastic mushroom sketch, simply follow this informative drawing tutorial from Smiling Colors. Kids will absolutely love this mushroom drawing tutorial, so encourage them to give it a try.

4. Mushroom Drawing Using the Number 57

Imagine drawing a mushroom using only the numbers five and seven combined. Learn this cool magic trick from the video guide by Doodle Art Time. Additionally, check out some dragon crafts for kids to enhance their creativity and imagination.

5. Mighty Mushroom Drawing

Mighty Mushroom Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw Easy Net

How to Draw Easy Net will teach you how to instantly draw a brown mushroom for kids. Start by drawing the grass, then move on to the stem and cap. Add some details, and you’ll have an awesome drawing.

6. Winking Mushroom Drawing

An adorable mushroom drawing might be the missing piece in your sketchbook. This sketch from Winnicorn, featuring a winking eye and two little mushrooms, will surely be a hit.

7. Mushrooms with Snail Drawing

Mushrooms with Snail Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

Want to make your mushroom drawings even more fascinating? Draw cute creatures like a snail alongside them. Get ideas and inspiration from Art Projects for Kids’ simple yet helpful guide. Additionally, engage in creative activities with children, such as egg carton crafts.

7 Simple Mushroom Drawings

8. Straightforward Mushroom Drawing

Mushroom Sketch
Photo Credit: Easy Drawings Net

Your child will feel excited, rather than intimidated, to try recreating this simple mushroom drawing from Easy Drawings Net. The steps are easy enough for beginners to follow.

9. Mushroom with Stones Drawing

Mushroom with Stones Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Start by sketching the stem and cap of the mushroom, as shown in this tutorial from How to Draw for Kids. Adding stones on the side will make your mushroom drawing stand out. Check out the guide to get started.

10. Cold Mushroom Drawing

Accessorizing your mushroom drawings is always a great idea. It adds uniqueness and cuteness to your artwork. Follow the tutorial video by Draw So Cute to see how adorable your mushroom drawing can become.

11. Two Mushrooms Drawing

Two Mushrooms Drawing
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Why draw just one mushroom when you can draw two? Hello Artsy has the perfect mushroom duo sketch for kids. Include this on your list, as it will surely bring joy to children during the drawing process.

12. Mushroom with Grass Drawing

Mushroom with Grass Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Line Drawing

Visualize a beautiful red mushroom sprouting from the ground. This activity will not only be enjoyable, but it will also provide an opportunity to talk about mushrooms. Practice drawing mushrooms using the guide from Easy Line Drawing.

13. Mushroom Drawing Using the Letter M

Teach kids a cool trick to draw mushrooms by simply writing the letter “m”. It’s easy enough even for preschoolers and kindergartners. For extra guidance, watch the video by Draw with AKA.

14. Easy Mushroom House Drawing

Easy Mushroom House Drawing
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

This mushroom house from Drawing Tutorials 101 reminds me of fairies in the woods. Let your child’s imagination and creativity blossom by trying out this fun drawing tutorial.

7 How to Draw a Mushroom (Step-by-step Guide)

15. Happy Mushroom Drawing

All these mushroom drawings will bring joy to your child. To make them even happier, introduce them to another drawing tutorial, this time from Dope Drawings. Check out the squishiest and yummiest marshmallow crafts as well.

16. Cool Mushroom Drawing

Cool Mushroom Drawing
Photo Credit: Theme Lower

Mushrooms have a mystical and magical aura surrounding them. This drawing from Theme Lower captures that feeling perfectly. The mysterious swirls and colors in the background make this tutorial a must-try.

17. Brown Mushroom Drawing

Brown Mushroom Drawing
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Mushrooms come in a variety of colors, and one of the most common is brown. Follow the wonderful tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things to learn how to draw a brown mushroom. Also, teach kids to express love through Valentine’s Day crafts.

18. Mushroom Trio Drawing

Mushroom Trio Drawing
Photo Credit: Drawing How Tos

Did you know that a group of mushrooms is called a cluster? Draw a red mushroom cluster with the help of this guide from Drawing How Tos.

19. Nice Mushroom Drawing

What’s great about this mushroom video tutorial from Smart Kids Art is that it includes tips on how to make your drawings more vibrant. Watch the video to learn how to draw and color your mushroom drawings for the best results. Enter the magical land of Equestria through My Little Pony perler beads.

20. Realistic Mushroom Drawings

Realistic Mushroom Drawings
Photo Credit: Biowars

Up for a drawing challenge? Biowars’ sketch will push kids’ drawing abilities to the limit. Save this tutorial for the end to conclude the drawing activity on a high note.

Mushroom Drawings for Everyone!

These mushroom drawing tutorials are a fantastic way to explore the beauty of nature while honing your child’s artistic skills. Whether you’re drawing for fun or seeking to learn more about these fascinating organisms, this post has got you covered. But wait, we’re not done creating art yet. Check out these amazing projects below, perfect for kids:

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