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168 Cute Drawings That Even Beginners Can Draw

Get started with these delightful and imaginative drawing references if you’re in search of cute drawing ideas. From adorable kawaii cartoon animals to bubble tea to charming girl characters, we have compiled a list of 168 ideas that beginners can have a great time recreating.

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1. Twelve Charming Facial Expressions

12 Cute Faces
Image source: iStock/Studiogstock

If you’re in the mood for doodling, try sketching these simple and endearing kawaii faces. Choose from twelve delightful facial expressions that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

2. Female Character with a Dreamy Aura

Female Character with Her Head in Space
Image source: Pinterest

This drawing is not only original but also visually captivating. While getting the hair just right may require a bit of practice, this drawing is definitely doable even for beginners.

3. Food Transformed into Cat Shapes

Food in Cat Shapes
Image source: iStock/Imaginasty

For all the cat lovers out there, you’re going to adore recreating these food items cleverly shaped like cute cats. From cat french fries to cat muffins and even cat beverages, let your creativity run wild.

4. Simply Irresistible Dog Drawing

Simple Dog Drawing
Image source: iStock/Rana Raheel Abbas

Dogs always bring joy to people’s lives, so why not draw your very own? This easy pup is composed of just a few simple lines that anyone can effortlessly recreate.

5. Sixteen Adorable Animal Faces

Sixteen Cute Animal Faces
Image source: iStock/Natee127

Let these animal drawings inspire you! This collection features sixteen fun and easy illustrations, including a panda, lion, cat, pig, and many more.

6. A Heartwarming Scene: Sleeping Cat and Dog

Sleeping Cat and Dog
Image source: iStock/Sudowoodo

These two adorable friends are the perfect subjects for a cozy afternoon nap illustration. Drawing this sleeping cat and dog will undoubtedly bring you joy.

7. Bear Indulging in Honey

Bear Eating Honey
Image source: iStock/Siridhata

This illustration of a bear savoring a jar of honey is absolutely delightful. Draw your bear devouring your favorite snack, whether it’s popcorn, ice cream, or something else entirely.

8. The Ecstatic Feline: Happy Cat

Happy Cat
Image source: iStock/Artnivora Studio

Put a smile on your face with this jubilant cat drawing. Creating this cat’s friendly smile will surely be a delightful experience. This little feline would look adorable on any sketchbook page or greeting card.

9. A Meowgical Collection: Nine Cat Drawings

Nine Cat Drawings
Image source: iStock/Sudowoodo

Recreate one or all of these nine cats, and let your imagination run wild as you give each one a personal touch. Experiment with different colors, unique fur patterns, and various facial expressions.

10. The Friendly Canine: Easy Dog Drawing

Friendly Dog Drawing
Image source: iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

Who can resist a friendly pup? This drawing of a lovable dog is perfect for artists of all skill levels. It won’t take long to create, but the end result will be nothing short of incredible.

11. A Ray of Sunshine: Sun and Cloud

Sun and Cloud
Image source: iStock/Worldofvector

Capture the essence of simplicity with this adorable drawing of a sun and cloud. For a personal touch, consider adding a colorful rainbow above the sun.

12. Sip, Sip, Hooray! Bubble Tea Delight

Bubble Tea Drinks
Image source: iStock/Nadezhda Ivanova

If you’re a fan of bubble tea, you’ll fall head over heels for these illustrations. Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is a beloved sweetened tea or milk drink typically served with tapioca pearls.

13. Effortlessly Chic: Easy Female Character Sketch

Easy Female Character Sketch
Image source: Pinterest

Looking to create something simple yet stylish? This female character sketch is the perfect choice. After finishing your drawing, consider adding a touch of color to bring it to life.

14. A Pair of Playful Ducks: Two Simple Ducks

Two Simple Ducks
Image source: iStock/Sudowoodo

These two ducks are delightfully easy to draw. You’ll amaze yourself with the end result. Consider adding a background to give your drawing even more detail.

15. Game On! Kawaii Game Controller

Cute Game Controller Drawing
Image source: iStock/Zoljo

If you’re a gamer, you won’t want to miss drawing your own adorable kawaii game controller. While this controller resembles an Xbox controller, feel free to customize it to resemble a Playstation or Nintendo Switch controller.

16. Movie Night Buddies: Cat and Duck Watching a Movie

Cat and Duck Watching a Movie
Image source: iStock/Saranya Yuenyong

Prepare for cuteness overload with this illustration of a cat and duck cuddled up and enjoying a movie night. Underneath a pink blanket, they’re having a blast while immersed in their favorite films.

17. A Kaleidoscope of Emotions: Twenty Moods

Facial Expression Moods
Image source: iStock/VikiVector

Let your artistic skills flourish by practicing these simple facial expression doodles featuring twenty different moods. From anger to happiness, this collection covers it all.

18. The Joy of Noodles: Cat and Duck Eating Noodles

Cat and Duck Eating Noodles
Image source: iStock/Saranya Yuenyong

Following their movie night, the cat and duck are now indulging in a steaming bowl of scrumptious ramen noodles. Feel free to choose your favorite noodles or any dish you prefer.

19. Thirty Captivating Animal Faces

Thirty Cute Animal Faces
Image source: iStock/Yuliia Bairak

Challenge yourself with this compilation of thirty endearing animal faces. Recreate a lion, bunny rabbit, owl, and many more creatures using this collection as your inspiration.

20. Kawaii Sushi Galore: Thirteen Kawaii Sushi Items

Thirteen Kawaii Sushi Items
Image source: iStock/Frentusha

If you enjoy drawing kawaii food, this collection of sushi illustrations will surely captivate you. From temaki and chopsticks to nigiri and matcha tea, let your creativity flow.

21. Ready to Roll: Skateboarding Unicorn

Skateboarding Unicorn
Image source: iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

This skateboarding unicorn is both cute and fun to draw, making it hard to put your pencil down. Use bold and vibrant colors to make your unicorn truly stand out.

22. Enjoying the Beat: Female Listening to Music

Female Listening to Music
Image source: Pinterest

There are countless ways to customize this sketch reference and make it your own. Experiment with different hairstyles, headphone designs, outfits, and more to create a unique masterpiece.

23. A Tiger’s Delight: Tiger Eating Noodles

Tiger Eating Noodles
Image source: iStock/Svt1992

This tiger is enjoying a mouthwatering bowl of noodles with an adorable expression. If noodles aren’t your thing, feel free to illustrate your tiger enjoying a bowl of cereal or any other favorite food.

24. Curiosity at the Corner: Cat Peeking Around the Corner

Cat Peeking Around the Corner
Image source: iStock/Worldofvector

Embark on a simple yet creative drawing adventure by illustrating a cat or another animal peeking around the corner. This concept offers endless possibilities for creativity.

25. A Splash of Positivity: Rainbow, Cloud, and Stars

Rainbow, Cloud, and Stars
Image source: iStock/Eiflamra

Adding this quote beneath your drawing – “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene – will transform this cute drawing of a rainbow, cloud, and stars into an inspiring handmade gift.

26. Feline Friendliness: Waving Kitten Drawing

Kitten Waving Drawing
Image source: iStock/Chayapoll Tummakorn

This drawing of an adorable waving kitten is guaranteed to melt hearts. Feeling creative? Transform the kitten into a larger cat, such as a tiger or lion, and let your imagination soar.

27. Bunny and Duck Adventures: Four Bunny and Duck Drawings

Four Bunny and Duck Drawings
Image source: iStock/Frentusha

These four drawings showcase a bunny and a duck in various scenarios – cuddled up in a blanket, enjoying bubble tea, watching a video, and even holding pom-poms. Let your creativity shine as you bring these scenes to life.

28. Popcorn Happiness: Happy Popcorn Drawing

Happy Popcorn Drawing
Image source: iStock/Svt1992

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of buttery popcorn while watching their favorite movie? This happy popcorn drawing perfectly captures the joy of this tasty snack. You’ll have a great time bringing it to life on paper.

29. Doodly Bunny: Bunny Rabbit with Doodles

Bunny Rabbit with Doodles
Image source: iStock/Saranya Yuenyong

This bunny rabbit surrounded by doodles adds a whimsical touch to your drawing. Let your creativity shine as you design a charming masterpiece with your own unique twist.

30. Quirky Bath Time: Rubber Duck

Rubber Duck
Image source: iStock/Sudowoodo

Incorporate your favorite word into this drawing of a rubber duck. You can choose fun, cool, sweet, or any other word that resonates with you. Let your imagination run wild!

31. Nature’s Delights: Bunny with Mushrooms

Bunny with Mushrooms
Image source: iStock/Svt1992

If you have an affinity for the woodland aesthetic, you’ll adore drawing your own version of this bunny with a mushroom basket. Take inspiration from the artist who placed a mushroom atop the rabbit’s head.

32. Green Frog Love: Cute Green Frog

Cute Green Frog
Image source: iStock/Zoljo

If you’re searching for an easy drawing idea, look no further. This green frog is incredibly simple to draw, yet undeniably adorable. You can even include a lily pad to enhance the overall composition.

33. The Bear Clan: Cute Bear Totem

Cute Bear Drawings
Image source: iStock/Ajchara Jeamjit

Embrace the magic of bears with this charming totem featuring four easy-to-draw bears. From a panda bear to two brown bears and even a polar bear, these characters offer endless possibilities for creativity.

34. Expressive Cuteness: Twenty Kawaii Facial Expressions

Twenty Kawaii Facial Expressions
Image source: iStock/Yulia Melnyk

Enhance your drawings by mastering these twenty kawaii facial expressions, which are ideal for conveying emotions. With these expressions in your repertoire, your art will truly come to life.

35. Sweet Treat: Ice Cream Cat Drawing

Ice Cream Cat Drawing
Image source: iStock/Giselle Nukhova

Cats are naturally adorable, but when you combine them with sweet food, the cuteness factor multiplies. In this drawing, the ice cream portion takes the form of a delightful cat’s face.

36. A Piece of Cake: Easy Cupcake Drawing

Easy Cupcake Drawing
Image source: iStock/Anastasiia Anufrieva

Cupcakes are a popular subject when it comes to kawaii drawings, and this easy cupcake illustration is perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your artwork.

37. The Charm of the Deep: Cute Octopus Drawing

Cute Octopus Drawing
Image source: iStock/Zoljo

Octopuses make for irresistibly cute characters to draw. Choose your favorite color palette and have a blast bringing this adorable creature to life. Experiment with bold, vibrant colors or soft pastels – the choice is yours.

38. Simply Delightful: Ten Simple Animal Faces

Ten Simple Animal Faces
Image source: iStock/Tatyana Ryabova

For those seeking simplicity, these ten simple animal faces provide the perfect opportunity to create charming illustrations. This collection includes a sloth, rabbit, dog, koala, frog, and much more.

39. Bubble Tea Bliss: Girl Drinking Bubble Tea

Girl Drinking Bubble Tea
Image source: iStock/Saranya Yuenyong

Bubble tea adds a touch of fun to any drawing. Follow along as you recreate this cute girl character sipping her favorite bubble tea. Let your imagination soar as you bring this enchanting scene to life.

Now it’s your turn to have fun creating your own cute drawings. Don’t forget to proudly showcase your artwork to friends and family, and always remember to enjoy the process!

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