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My Hero Academia: One For All sinh ra là để dành riêng cho Deku


In a conversation over a year ago, Deku discovered the traces of One For All (OFA) and the evolution of power that previous OFA users had to face. Izuku’s Quirk is a perfect example of what Quirks represent in the My Hero Academia universe. OFA has been ingrained with such immense power that only those born without it can wield its strength.

Before the Quirk was passed down to Deku, OFA had “broken” its previous users. They were unable to withstand the power and ultimately perished in battle against AFO. The longest-living OFA user known was around 40 years old before their demise.

All Might and Izuku are the only individuals in Quirk history who did not suffer physical strain from its use. This is because both were born without their own powers. Being Quirkless is what made them perfect candidates for OFA. And among them, only Deku had the chance to fully unlock and utilize all the other powers contained within OFA.

Considering that less than 20% of the population possesses a Quirk, the odds of Izuku meeting All Might were incredibly slim. It was fate that brought him face to face with his idol, impressing him by saving a friend without hesitation, despite lacking any abilities. And receiving All Might’s power was the destiny that awaited him. There were too many coincidences surrounding how Deku obtained OFA.

That’s why, in the aforementioned conversation about the traces of OFA, Deku was told that technically, the Quirk had chosen him. Destiny intervened to ensure that only Deku would be granted this power. He not only became one of the top heroes in the story but also one of the few who uses his power solely for saving others.

Unlike most previous users, Izuku wasn’t chosen to become a warrior in the fight against AFO. He was chosen because All Might was certain that this power would make him the greatest hero of all time. It seems fate intervened and turned Izuku into the perfect vessel for OFA even before he was born.

Deku Quirk

Many individuals in My Hero Academia aspire to become heroes for fame, wealth, and glory. But the Hero Association was formed with the belief that, regardless of a hero’s Quirk, what truly matters is the people’s affection. For example, despite being the No. 2 hero, Endeavour is not as famous as All Might due to his attitude.

However, with recent events in the My Hero Academia universe, such as the two battles witnessed by the public, faith in heroes is at an all-time low. The world no longer needs famous heroes; what matters is integrity, a genuine desire to do what’s right, just like Deku.

Deku, with his hero’s spirit ingrained in him from a young age, is the one who will lead the world into a new era of true heroes. Even before graduating, he has inspired his friends and those around him to become the best heroes they can be. While he has always been a genuine hero, OFA simply makes it easier for Izuku to inspire the masses.

His creativity, quick thinking, and unwavering fighting spirit make him the most deserving candidate for OFA. The holder of the ninth power is almost always destined to be by the side of the one who can defeat AFO once and for all. In the “Final War” arc, Deku proves that he is the only one capable of accomplishing this.


Deku has effectively utilized each Quirk bestowed upon him by OFA. He has used them all to help as many people as possible and to overpower AFO on the battlefield. Only his innovative thinking and analytical mind could achieve something of this magnitude. Overall, it seems Deku was always destined to have the Quirk and become the greatest hero in the world.

As mentioned by Banjo in previous chapters, as well as in the yet-to-be-released Chapter 369, Deku is destined to fulfill OFA. This will be seen in the latest chapter, where Deku will use each Quirk to overpower AFO.


It cannot be denied that Deku has worked diligently and sacrificed almost everything to become a suitable vessel for OFA. He has done everything in his power to be deserving of the strength All Might passed down to him. However, despite the necessary training, it seems he was always worthy of the power, even before My Hero Academia began.

His heroic nature, pure heart, personal shortcomings, and encounter with All Might all point to a higher force guiding him to attain this power. With all these factors combined, there is no doubt that Deku has everything he needs to become the greatest hero of all time.

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