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70 Wonderful Butterfly Drawing Ideas

Butterflies are undeniably breathtaking creatures, which is why they serve as excellent subjects for drawing. If you’re seeking inspiration for your butterfly sketches, this article provides a collection of 70 wonderful ideas that can help enhance your drawing skills. Whether you prefer intricate monarch drawings or simplistic butterfly outlines, you’ll find a variety of options suitable for all levels of expertise.

1. Whimsical Ornamental Butterfly Sketch

Ornamental Butterfly Sketch
Image Source: iStock/Oesia_Agudova

Drawing inspiration from nature, an ornamental butterfly sketch adds a touch of whimsy and charm to your artwork.

2. Four Butterfly Poses

Four Butterfly Poses
Image Source: iStock/Dezein

Practice drawing butterflies from different angles with these sketches showcasing four different poses.

3. Butterfly with Impressive Shading

Butterfly with Good Shading
Image Source: iStock/Natalypaint

This butterfly drawing serves as an excellent reference to enhance your shading skills. The artist has done a fantastic job with the shading technique in this piece.

4. Simple Butterfly Outline

Simple Butterfly Outline
Image Source: iStock/Julia_Khimich

For those seeking simplicity and fun, this butterfly outline is easy to draw and looks terrific.

5. Continuous Line Butterfly

Continuous Line Butterfly
Image Source: iStock/Thirteen-Fifty

Challenge yourself with this continuous line butterfly drawing. The artist has managed to create the entire image without lifting their pencil from the paper.

6. Elaborate Butterfly Sketch

Detailed Butterfly Sketch
Image Source: iStock/Retrofutur

Artists looking for a challenge can work on adding intricate details to their drawings. This butterfly sketch features a complex pattern and requires skillful shading.

7. Butterfly Pencil Drawing

Butterfly Pencil Drawing
Image Source: iStock/Juan Francisco

Skilled artists will enjoy recreating this swallowtail butterfly. Use a pencil or even charcoal to achieve similar results in your own artwork.

8. Six Unique Butterfly Drawings

Six Butterfly Drawings
Image Source: iStock/Alevanda

Find inspiration from this collection of six different butterfly drawings, each with its own distinctive hand-sketched pattern.

9. Easy Pastel Butterflies

Easy Pastel Butterflies
Image Source: iStock/Ivan Vlasov

Add a pop of color to your butterfly outlines with these easy-to-draw pastel butterflies. Vibrant colors can make your artwork shine.

10. Twelve Elegant Butterfly Sketches

Twelve Elegant Butterfly Drawings
Image Source: iStock/Yuliya Soklakova

Admire the graceful beauty of these twelve elegant butterfly drawings. Capture these simple yet captivating designs in your sketchbook.

11. Hand-Drawn Butterfly

Hand Drawn Butterfly
Image Source: iStock/Artrise

Drawing a butterfly is easier than you might think. Grab a piece of paper, a pencil, and let your creative inspiration flow as you craft your own unique butterfly wing patterns.

12. Old World Swallowtail

Old World Swallowtail Drawing
Image Source: iStock/Hein Nouwens

The old world swallowtail butterfly can be found across North America. Consider using colored pencils to give your butterfly drawing a distinguished appearance.

13. Six Monarch Butterfly Sketches

Six Monarch Butterfly Drawings
Image Source: iStock/Vera Orlova

Discover the art of sketching one of the most beautiful butterflies, the monarch butterfly. Known for their striking orange and black patterns, these butterflies offer an excellent drawing challenge.

14. Six Butterfly Silhouettes

Six Butterfly Silhouettes
Image Source: iStock/Cotuvokne

Silhouette drawings can extend beyond human portraits. Explore the world of butterfly silhouettes as a unique drawing opportunity.

15. Beginner’s Butterfly Outline

Beginner's Butterfly Outline
Image Source: iStock/Marharyta Areshnikava

Beginners will find joy in sketching this simple butterfly outline. The pattern includes a few details that can be colored in to bring the butterfly to life.

16. Flying Butterfly

Butterfly Flying Drawing
Image Source: iStock/Vitalii Barida

This continuous line art captures a butterfly in flight. Appreciate the simplicity and ease of this drawing technique.

17. Colorable Butterfly Drawing

Butterfly That You Can Color
Image Source: iStock/Luliia Lakupova

If you’re searching for easy-to-color pattern drawing ideas, this butterfly drawing offers ample space for adding your favorite colors.

18. Rice Paper Butterfly Drawing

Rice Paper Butterfly Drawing
Image Source: iStock/Natspace

The rice paper butterfly (Idea leuconoe) is a gorgeous butterfly native to Southeast Asia. Its wings feature an intricate black-and-white pattern, making it a must-see for butterfly enthusiasts.

With over 70 butterfly drawing references at your disposal, you now have the perfect resource to help you achieve your goal of creating stunning butterfly sketches.

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