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Learn How to Draw a Flavorful Coffee Cup

Direct your energized caffeinated enthusiasm towards learning how to sketch a delightful coffee cup! Whether you appreciate fancy latte art or view coffee as a means to deliver caffeine, one thing is certain—these sketches will satisfy your artistic cravings. Throughout this guide, you will discover how to sketch simple black coffee, create latte art, depict realistic mugs, and even draw coffee beans.

Essential Materials for Coffee Cup Sketches

  • Pencil kit
  • Sketch pad

Six Fundamental Coffee Sketches

Perhaps you haven’t had your morning coffee yet and need to awaken your half-asleep mind. These basic coffee sketches will help you warm up.

1. Do You Take Sugar or Cream?

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

Do you prefer your coffee with sugar and cream? I admire those who enjoy their coffee unadulterated. Just like omitting milk and sweetener allows us to savor the aromatic notes more accurately, Hello Artsy’s coffee sketch maintains simplicity by excluding unnecessary details.

2. Latte Art

Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

We eat with our eyes as much as we eat with our mouths. Just as crispy golden skin on fried chicken makes a vegan salivate, latte art evokes anticipation—the complex and diverse aroma of the coffee beans with which your espresso-based drink is brewed. Let’s appreciate the skill of our local barista with Drawing Howtos’ sketch.

3. Red Mug

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

There are various mugs and cups that serve different purposes, but everyone has a favorite mug from which they enjoy their coffee. My personal favorite is a stainless steel mug that keeps my beverage hot or cold for extended periods. To sketch a simple mug, follow Art Projects For Kids’ drawing of a red mug on a red saucer and add your own colors.

4. Simple Cup of Coffee

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

For me, the perfect cup of coffee is hot enough to scald my mouth when I take a sip but not too hot to prevent me from enjoying multiple slurps. That’s how I envision How To Draw For Kids’ steamy cup of coffee.

5. I <3 Coffee

You don’t need to tell me that you love coffee—your efforts to learn how to sketch a coffee cup speak for themselves. However, if you want to express your adoration for this beverage, follow the drawing tutorial by drawstuffrealeasy, where you’ll find a coffee mug with the message, “I <3 Coffee.”

6. Coffee To Go

Some coffee enthusiasts believe that paper cups detract from the flavor of their coffee, while others bring their own mug to reduce waste. For drawing purposes, the vessel doesn’t really matter, as long as we can practice our skills. So far, we’ve featured coffee in ceramic mugs, but santhoshi fine art’s channel provides a sketch of coffee in a paper cup.

Seven Realistic Cups of Coffee for Aspiring Artists

Now that you’ve practiced with the basic cup sketches (and most likely had your caffeine fix), it’s time to move on to more complex drawings.

7. Know Your Beans

Drawing with a permanent marker from the start can be quite challenging. Mistakes are difficult to erase. That’s why Articco Drawing begins their cup of coffee with a pencil sketch. The artist also adds some coffee beans on the saucer to indicate freshness.

8. Coffee in a Tea Cup

Coffee lovers, especially those who obsess over precision, know that exact measurements matter—whether it’s the grind size of the beans or the grams of coffee grounds per cup. For those who appreciate precise dimensions in their art, 1 Medias Drawing’s channel offers a video tutorial of a tea cup, using a ruler for accuracy.

9. More Black (and White) Coffee

While precision is crucial in many artistic styles, sketching freehand without measuring tools can enhance skills. This is precisely what US Arts & Edits’ channel provides—simple freehand sketches that enhance shading skills.

10. Cup of Coffee on a Saucer

As a beginner, it’s not necessary to worry about different types of pencils like soft, black, hard black, firm, etc. While those can certainly elevate your artistry at higher levels, focusing on practicing your skills is more important than having an array of pencils. Circle Line Art School can teach you the technique you’ve been looking for.

11. Draw a Cup of Joe with Charcoal

Some video tutorials only provide a visual representation of what needs to be drawn. However, Leila Ataya – Artist’s video tutorial goes beyond that. It includes detailed commentary and raises essential questions about proportions, depth, and shading.

12. Coffee and Two Cubes of Sugar

When coffee brews, it starts bubbling, and the more bubbles, the fresher the roast. PKB ART’s sketch clearly depicts this bubbling effect, which is the most challenging aspect of this drawing. The artist also includes a couple of sugar cubes on the side.

13. Starbucks Cup

Introduce me to someone who hasn’t heard of Starbucks Coffee, and I’ll introduce them to this skillfully rendered sketch by UltimateArtistT. I might even treat them to a cup from the ubiquitous coffee shop! The challenge in this sketch lies in drawing the logo.

Three Drawings of Arabica and Robusta Beans

Ask me to distinguish between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, and I might struggle. Thankfully, there are experts for that. Additionally, we don’t have to look far for coffee bean drawings.

14. Light Roast Coffee Beans

Photo credit: Drawing For All

Control the color of your roast by referring to this tutorial by Drawing For All. With minimal shading, you can determine how light or dark you want your coffee beans to appear.

15. Coffee Beans with Colored Pencils

Coffee beans are green before they are roasted, and this fact is considered in CanDo’s drawing tutorial. Using different shades of brown and even a hint of green, the sketch captures the essence of pre-roasted beans.

16. Dark Roast Coffee Beans

SNA Arts’ coffee bean drawing looks incredibly lifelike, as if you could reach out and put it in a coffee grinder. The level of detail in this sketch is remarkable, offering valuable lessons in lighting, depth, and perspective.

Three Charming Cappuccinos

17. Happy Cup

People who enjoy adding a cute factor to their doodles will appreciate this sketch by Learn step by step’s channel. For more adorable drawings, check out our collection of cute food sketches.

18. Moka-waii Coffee in a Paper Cup

Photo credit: Learn To Draw

Creating a kawaii (cute) drawing is easy—just add a face and blush to any object or food, and it becomes kawaii! Learn To Draw provides a template for a kawaii coffee cup in their tutorial. For more kawaii content, explore our collection of kawaii Perler bead patterns.

19. Coffee Cup with a Mustache

Draw So Cute’s channel excels in drawing kawaii things. Their content ranges from animals to food to inanimate objects, all drawn in a unique style. In this tutorial, they present a white mug with a mustache, filled with our favorite beverage.

I hope these coffee sketches have awakened your creativity and enhanced your drawing skills. Keep practicing by exploring other drawing lists:

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