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How a ‘hug button’ could help children with their back to school anxiety


Sending your child off to school or childcare for the first time can be a challenging experience, both for the parent and the child. It’s normal to feel a sense of unease, worrying about potential mishaps and the unfamiliarity of being apart for the day. However, one parent has come up with a simple yet effective solution to help ease the transition and provide emotional support.

The Concept of the ‘Hug Button’

Louise Mallet, a mother from Ipswich, devised the concept of a ‘hug button’ to address her son’s anxieties about starting school. She shared her idea on Facebook, where it quickly gained popularity and was widely shared among parents.

To create a ‘hug button,’ all you need to do is draw a heart on your hand and your child’s hand, explaining that pressing the heart functions as a virtual hug. This tangible symbol of love and connection serves as a source of comfort when your child is feeling anxious or separated from you.

How It Works

The ‘hug button’ is ‘charged’ by holding hands on the way to school, infusing it with the warmth and love shared between parent and child. When your child presses the heart during moments of anxiety, they receive a virtual hug, reminding them that you are thinking of them and sending love even when physically apart.

Louise used this technique with her own son and reported its success. She drew hearts on both of their hands and even provided her son with a spare heart on his arm, ensuring that he would always have a ‘hug button’ available. By fostering this connection, Louise helped her son navigate the emotional challenges of starting school with confidence and a sense of security.

The Impact of the ‘Hug Button’

Louise’s idea resonated with many parents facing similar circumstances. The ‘hug button’ has the potential to alleviate anxiety and provide reassurance to children during those initial, nerve-wracking days of separation from their parents.

Since sharing her story, Louise has received overwhelming support and encouragement from others who have successfully implemented the ‘hug button’ technique. The simple act of drawing a heart and imbuing it with emotional significance can make a significant difference in a child’s emotional well-being.

Continuing the Connection

Louise continues to use the ‘hug button’ method, demonstrating its effectiveness in helping her son feel connected even after the first few days of school. This ongoing practice reinforces the bond between parent and child and serves as a reminder of their everlasting love.


By implementing the ‘hug button’ technique, parents can provide emotional support to their children during times of separation and anxiety. The act of drawing a heart on both the parent’s and child’s hands serves as a symbolic connection, offering comfort and reassurance in a simple yet powerful way. Let’s embrace this innovative technique and help our children navigate the challenges of life with love and security.

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