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Easy How to Draw a Tree Tutorial Video and Tree Coloring Page

Discover step-by-step instructions for drawing a realistic tree and enjoy coloring a tree page. This tutorial is designed to help students grasp the art of drawing lifelike branches.

The Art of Tree Drawing

When it comes to teaching elementary art students how to draw a tree, relying on real-life observations is often impractical. Not everyone has the luxury of a solitary, fully-grown tree outside their window to sketch. However, there are common features shared by most trees that, once understood, can empower students to create more realistic tree drawings on their own. Initially, many students start by drawing a rectangle trunk with a cloud-shaped top. This technique is suitable for young children who are just learning to recognize shapes. However, progressing to an understanding of branching systems is pivotal. This tutorial aims to demonstrate that while there is randomness in branches, following a formula can also help create more intricate and accurate drawings. Enhanced detail in drawings always leads to improved skills!

Starting with Drawing Guides

To provide students with a solid foundation for any drawing lesson, it is essential to teach them about using guides as a reference point.

You may have noticed that each tutorial on our website features a dashed line running through the center of each step, both horizontally and vertically. Encouraging students to draw their own centered lines on their paper before starting allows them to have an easy reference throughout the process.

For instance, as shown in Step 1 below, the tree should begin just to the right of the center vertical line. Sketching near the middle helps ensure that the tree ends up centered on the paper. A successful start to a drawing often boosts students’ confidence, making them more likely to feel accomplished by the end.

But does that mean students need to dig out a ruler and draw a prominent line down the center of their paper? Definitely not! That would likely be challenging to erase and distract from the final artwork. Instead, they can simply fold the sheet of paper in half both ways, make a crease, and unfold. The beauty of this method is that the creases will disappear once the drawing is complete and colored in.

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Tree Coloring Page

Materials Required for Tree Drawing

  • Drawing Paper: Use this high-quality bulk paper for an affordable price.
  • Pencils: Opt for a brand that consistently produces dark lines.
  • Black Marker: Utilize a permanent marker for a rich, black color.
  • Crayons: Consider larger packs for a wider selection of vibrant colors.
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Step-by-Step Directions for Drawing a Tree

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