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How To Draw A Cartoon Spaceship – A Step by Step Guide

The infinite possibilities of space have captured our imagination, offering a glimpse into the unknown. While owning a spaceship may remain a dream for most of us, it’s still exciting to envision what our very own spacecraft would look like! In this guide, we’ll learn how to draw a cartoon spaceship, allowing you to unleash your creativity and personalize your design.

Let’s Get Started: Drawing a Cartoon Spaceship

Step 1: Crafting the Main Body

Step 1: Drawing the main body of the spaceship

To begin, let’s focus on the spaceship’s main body. Start by sketching curved lines that converge into a pointed tip. This shape will resemble a football, but with an empty space on the left side, as depicted in the reference image.
Once completed, you are ready to move on to the next step of this guide!

Step 2: Adding Details to the Spaceship

Step 2: Adding details to your cartoon spaceship

Now, let’s add some intricate details to our cartoon spaceship. Begin by drawing a circular window on the side, which we will further embellish later. Next, draw a slightly curved horizontal line across the body of the spaceship. Then, draw two additional curved lines closer to the open end, while leaving a small space between them. With this step complete, we’re ready to move forward!

Step 3: Enhancing the Details

Step 3: Continuing to add details to your cartoon spaceship

In the third step, we’ll add more intricate details to our cartoon spaceship. First, draw large bolts along the line near the rocket’s tip. These bolts can be represented by small circular shapes, each with a slight gap along the line. Next, we’ll utilize the space left between the bolts. Draw an oval-shaped object, similar to a bullet, with a line across its upper portion. Finally, complete this step by sketching the rocket’s base with rounded lines. Once done, proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Drawing the Side Fins

Step 4: Drawing the fins on the side of the rocket

Your spaceship is already looking quite impressive! This step, along with the next, will focus on adding the final touches to perfect our design. Begin by drawing more rounded shapes with pointed tips on the sides of the ship’s base to represent the remaining fins. Then, extend two straight lines from the base to symbolize the propulsion of the spaceship. Leave an empty space at the end of the propulsion, as we will fill it in the next step.

Step 5: Adding Final Touches

Step 5: Adding final details to your cartoon spaceship drawing

Before adding colors, let’s finish off the drawing with some additional details. Surround the empty space at the end of the propulsion with bumpy, rounded lines. Now, it’s time for you to add your unique touches! Consider drawing an imaginative space background with planets, stars, or even a fun alien spaceship to accompany your design. Feel free to experiment and explore various options to make your cartoon spaceship truly exceptional!

Step 6: Adding Colors to Your Drawing

Step 6: Finishing off your drawing with color

In this final step, let’s bring your cartoon spaceship to life with colors! While we’ve provided an example of color choices, feel free to use your preferred colors and mediums. For the body and details of the ship, we suggest using reds and greys. The window can be filled with dark blue, leaving a small white reflection for added effect. Finally, depict the propulsion blast from the base using a combination of oranges, yellows, and white. Don’t hesitate to make this design your own by choosing the colors that best suit your imagination!

Enhancing Your Cartoon Spaceship Drawing

Explore New Additions

Blast off with these awesome tips for your cartoon spaceship drawing

Now that your cartoon spaceship drawing is complete, there are endless possibilities for enhancement! Consider incorporating additional elements such as radars or weaponry to make your design more unique. Let your imagination run wild and think of other creative additions you can incorporate into your drawing.

Create Alternate Spaceships

Why stop at one spaceship? With your newfound drawing skills, you can invent your very own spaceship designs. These can either serve as variations of the current design or entirely new concepts. You can create a scene with multiple spaceships, each with its own distinct shape and features. Explore different possibilities and let your creativity soar!

Introduce Alien Spaceships

Expand your cartoon spaceship sketch by introducing alien ships. This will allow you to explore imaginative and unconventional designs. Imagine these alien ships either engaging in a battle with the spaceship you’ve created or working alongside it. The possibilities are vast, and you can create fun and whimsical designs for these alien spaceships.

Complete the Picture with a Background

To further enhance your artwork, consider adding a background. You have a multitude of options when it comes to creating a space-themed background. Incorporate elements like planets, asteroids, and even black holes to add depth and intrigue to your drawing. By incorporating our earlier suggestions and crafting a captivating background, you can tell a story and showcase various scenarios within your artwork.

Your Cartoon Spaceship Drawing is Ready!

The wonders of space can ignite our imagination in remarkable ways. We hope you had a blast imagining your very own spaceship in this step-by-step guide. This tutorial was designed to be enjoyable and accessible, while also allowing room for your creative ideas. Remember, this is just one of many drawing guides available on our website. We’d love to see your completed cartoon spaceship drawing, so please share it with us on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

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