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How to Draw a Witch – Step by Step Guide

In folklore, witches are human beings who practice witchcraft, possessing a wide range of magical powers through spells, incantations, and rituals. The fascination and mystery surrounding witches have led to a high demand for a free witch drawing tutorial.

Now, you’ve asked for it, and we’re here to deliver. In this step-by-step guide, we have curated a simple and easy process on how to draw a witch, summarized in nine straightforward steps. So, grab a piece of paper, your favorite pencil, and don’t forget your coloring materials. Let’s start drawing a witch together and have fun!

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Drawing the Brim of the Witch’s Hat

Start at the upper portion of your paper and draw a narrow oval shape to form the brim of the witch’s hat. By drawing at the top, you’ll have enough space for the entire head and body of the witch, ensuring that she is centered.

Step 2: Creating an Outline of the Witch’s Hat

Witches typically wear tall, pointed hats, so in this step, draw a triangular shape with a bent top to create the folded crown of the hat, making it look more natural. Remember to make the tip of the crown pointed, as it is one of the most distinct features of a witch’s costume.

Step 3: Adding Details to the Hat

Draw a horizontal line just above the brim of the hat. This line represents the band that surrounds the crown of the hat.

Step 4: Drawing the Witch’s Hairline

Right beneath the hat, draw the front part of the witch’s hair. Use a curvy horizontal shape with pointed edges to form the bangs that cover the witch’s forehead.

Step 5: Drawing the Witch’s Head

Draw a semicircle right below the bangs to form the head of the witch. Then, draw a curved shape with pointed edges to create the rest of the witch’s hair, connecting it to both the bangs and the head. Feel free to create any hairstyle you prefer, whether it’s long and tangled or short and curly.

Step 6: Drawing the Witch’s Iconic Long Robe

Draw a long-sleeved robe below the head of the witch, making sure it looks flowy and loose, as it should be. On the hem of each sleeve, draw rounded shapes to form the hands. Connect a stick directly to the hands to create the handle of the broomstick that the witch rides on. Remember, witches are often depicted wearing oversized robes.

Step 7: Drawing the Broomstick

Draw a stick connected to the lower back of the witch to form the bottom part of the broomstick. Align the handle of the broomstick with its bottom part. Then, draw the left foot dangling underneath the robe.

Step 8: Completing Both Legs of the Witch

Draw the right foot on the opposite side. Since the witch is riding a flying broomstick, both feet should appear to be dangling mid-air.

Step 9: Adding Facial Features to the Witch

In this final step, create the facial features to complete the look of the witch. Start by drawing two standing oval shapes below the forehead to create a pair of eyes. Draw a semicircle below the eyes for the nose, and then draw an upward curved line to form the wide smile on the witch’s face. Add sideways oval shapes on both cheeks to create a dramatic “blushing effect.” Don’t forget to draw the tail twigs at the bottom of the stick, completing the structure of the broomstick.

Now that you’ve successfully drawn a witch, it’s time for the fun part—choosing colors and coloring your drawing! Although witches traditionally wear all-black outfits, feel free to explore a wide range of colors for your witch. The choice is entirely up to you!

Have fun mixing and matching colors, and watch as your witch comes to life!

Three More Tips to Make Your Witch Drawing Easy!

  1. Plan your drawing: Before starting, use your pencil to sketch some basic shapes and outlines. This will make it easier for you to add more distinct details later on. Once you’re happy with the sketch, go over it with a pen and erase the pencil lines. No one will ever know how much planning you had to do, and your drawing will look exactly as you wish.

  2. Make it your own: Don’t hesitate to modify the design of the witch to suit your style and make the drawing easier for yourself. Everyone faces different challenges when drawing, so feel free to adapt and make changes as needed.

  3. Enjoy the process: Remember, drawing is all about having fun and being creative. Embrace your artistic expression and let your imagination run wild. Take your time, experiment with different techniques, and most importantly, enjoy the journey of creating your witch drawing.

witch drawing 9 steps

With these easy-to-follow steps and tips, you can create a captivating witch drawing that showcases your artistic skills. So grab your materials and start drawing today!

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