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How to Draw An Owl

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Art projects present a wonderful opportunity to bond with your family while exploring new creative avenues. If you’re looking to improve your drawing skills and gain confidence, following simple step-by-step tutorials can be immensely helpful. This guide will teach you how to draw an owl, allowing you to create a realistic rendition with ease.

Finished owl drawing with details

With a little practice, you’ll master the art of drawing owls in no time. This particular project is perfect for beginners since no formal drawing lessons are required.

Materials Needed to Draw an Owl

To complete an easy owl drawing, you will only need a few simple materials:

  • Graphite pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Black pen for outlining
  • Coloring materials of your choice
  • Flat drawing surface

Don’t forget to bring your creativity along!

Getting Ready to Draw Your Owl

Prepare yourself for the drawing process by doing some research on owls. Discovering various owl species and learning about their natural habitats can be both educational and enjoyable. From arctic owls to barn owls, these fascinating creatures offer plenty of inspiration.

Drawing cute owls can be done in numerous ways using just a handful of simple steps. Now, let’s move on to the exciting part!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw an Owl

Take a look at our owl drawing guide below and follow the step-by-step instructions to create your first owl masterpiece.

How to draw an owl

Step 1: Draw the Outline of Your Owl’s Face

Begin by drawing the outline of your owl’s face. This shape resembles a short apple with two curved lines on top and a rounded bottom.

Owl face outline

Step 2: Add the Owl’s Feather-Eyebrows

Next, add the signature feathers that appear as eyebrows above the owl’s eyes. Draw curved lines on both sides of the owl’s face, extending upwards with pointed ends. At this stage, your drawing should resemble an apple with leaves on top.


Step 3: Give the Owl Eyes and a Beak

This step brings your owl to life. Draw two large circles below each curved line you previously drew. These circles will serve as the owl’s eyes. Color them in using a black marker, crayon, or colored pencil, leaving two smaller circles inside the larger ones towards the upper right side.

Next, add an upside-down triangular shape between the owl’s eyes, forming its beak. Keep the base of the triangular shape slightly rounded.

Owl face with details

Step 4: Draw the Owl’s Body and Feet

It’s time to work with different shapes to create the owl’s body, belly, and wings. Each wing should resemble a small oval with a slightly pointed end. Once the wings are drawn, connect them at the bottom of the body using a curved line to form the owl’s belly. Lastly, add two small feet, completing this step.

Owl body outline

Step 5: Add a Perching Stick for Your Owl

While the previous step completed the owl itself, adding a perching stick enhances your simple owl drawing. You can achieve this by drawing curved lines for the perching stick, although a straight line can also be used if desired.

Finished owl outline on perching stick

Step 6: Finish Your Owl with Coloring and Other Details

Now comes the most enjoyable part—adding colors and unique details to your owl drawing. Use different shades and hues to bring your owl to life. Adding dots to the body and wings can create contrast and depth. Ensure that the small circles inside the owl’s eyes shine through, giving your drawing the wisdom that owls are renowned for.

Finished owl with detail


Drawing should always be an enjoyable experience! Once you’ve completed your first cute owl drawing, you may find yourself creating more in different sizes and colors. Remember, practice is key to improvement!

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