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23 Ways to Teach Kids How To Draw A Chicken

Are you on the lookout for creative ways to teach kids how to draw a chicken? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled 23 engaging and step-by-step guides that will help your little ones explore their artistic skills and push their creative boundaries.

9 Chicken Drawing Guides for Young Kids

Let’s start with these nine chicken drawing guides that are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are taking their first steps as aspiring artists.

1. How to Draw a Chicken in 6 Simple Steps

How to Draw a Chicken in 6 Steps
Photo credit: How To Draw.Pics

Begin with this basic chicken drawing tutorial from How To Draw.Pics. It provides a step-by-step guide on drawing a chicken with a round body. Your little ones will learn how to draw their very first chicken in just six simple steps (or five if you exclude coloring)!

2. Chicken Drawing for Kids

Chicken Drawing for Kids
Photo credit: How To Draw Easy

Introduce your children to simple shapes with this drawing guide from How To Draw Easy. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, even for younger children. Encourage them to get creative with their coloring to make their hen unique!

3. How to Draw a Hen (Video Tutorial)

If your kids prefer video tutorials, check out this chicken drawing tutorial from Sherry Drawings. It’s paced perfectly for little ones to follow along easily.

4. Basic Chicken Drawing from the Letter D

Basic Chicken Drawing from the Letter D
Photo credit: Jemorris Blogspot

Teach your children to draw a chicken using the letter “D” as a starting point. This chicken drawing guide from Jemorris Blogspot features simple lines and curves, making it ideal for young artists. You can also explore more letter D crafts to keep the fun going!

5. Hen Laying on a Nest

Hen Laying on a Nest
Photo credit: Rainbow Printables

Rainbow Printables uses guides to help kids draw a hen laying on a nest. It’s a great way to introduce a slightly more challenging drawing while still keeping it accessible for young artists.

6. Simple Chicken Drawing (Video Tutorial)

Here’s another video tutorial by DrawinGeek. They use a permanent marker to draw this hen, but beginners should stick to pencil to easily correct any mistakes.

7. How to Draw a Chicken from the Number 10

Using numbers as a starting point for drawings can enhance cognitive and memory skills, as well as stimulate creativity. Check out this easy video tutorial from Think Drawing’s channel, where they create a simple chicken from the number 10.

8. Chicken Drawing in 5 Simple Steps

Chicken Drawing in 5 Simple Steps
Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

Want to draw an impressive chicken with just five simple steps? How To Draw For Kids has got you covered with their easy-to-follow guide for drawing a hen. It may not be a complex drawing, but it’s definitely impressive to create something beautiful in just five steps!

9. Chicken Face Drawing

Chicken Face Drawing
Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Drawing Tutorials 101 simplifies things by focusing on the head of a chicken. This drawing tutorial is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are just starting to learn how to draw.

9 Easy and Challenging Chicken Drawings

Now, let’s move on to the next set of chicken drawing tutorials. These are still easy to follow, but they offer more challenges for kids who want to test their artistic skills.

10. How to Draw a Simple Chicken (Video Tutorial)

How to Draw a Simple Chicken
Photo credit: Easy Drawings

Art for Kids Hub presents another fantastic video tutorial on drawing a chicken. Every detail of the chicken is explained, and kids will enjoy drawing alongside the artist. Once they’re done, they can move on to some hands-on activities like chicken crafts.

11. Simple Chicken Drawing

Simple Chicken Drawing
Photo credit: How To Draw It

How To Draw It shares an amazing and almost realistic chicken drawing. Don’t worry about its apparent complexity; they provide easy-to-follow shapes and guidelines for reference. With a steady hand, your little ones can achieve impressive results!

12. Cute Cartoon Chicken Drawing

Cute Cartoon Chicken Drawing
Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Kids are drawn to adorable creatures, and I Heart Crafty Things understands that. In just six steps, kids can create their very own cute cartoon chicken. Once they’ve mastered chickens, they can move on to duck crafts for a new challenge!

13. Silly Chicken Drawing

Silly Chicken Drawing
Photo credit: Drawing How To Draw

Let’s make drawing even more fun with this silly chicken drawing from Drawing How To Draw. Although it may look silly, this chicken drawing requires effort and attention to detail. They go above and beyond to explain each step of the drawing process.

14. 9 Steps to Draw a Rooster

9 Steps to Draw a Rooster
Photo credit: Art Projects for Kids

So far, we haven’t included any backgrounds in the chicken drawings. To change that, Art Projects for Kids shares a design with a rising sun—an ideal setting for your own little rooster who loves to wake up early.

15. No-Fuss Chicken Sketch

No-Fuss Chicken Sketch
Photo credit: Drawing For All

Check out this informative chicken drawing guide by Drawing For All. It involves only five simple steps, and each step is elaborated upon so that children won’t have any difficulty following along.

16. How to Draw a Hen from the Number 5

Here’s another number-inspired chicken drawing. This one is slightly more challenging than the previous one, as it requires more precision and attention to detail. Easy Drawing with Rakesh’s video tutorial is perfect for kids looking to fine-tune their drawing skills.

17. Chicken Drawing for Beginners

Chicken Drawing for Beginners
Photo credit: Drawing How To Draw

Ready to take it to the next level? Drawing How To Draw has the ultimate test for novice artists. But don’t worry, they will guide your little ones every step of the way through this challenging chicken illustration.

5 Step-by-Step Tutorials on “How to Draw a Chicken”

If your young aspiring artists are up for a challenge, these next few chicken drawing tutorials will truly put their skills to the test.

19. Hay Day Chicken Guide

Fans of the game Hay Day won’t want to miss this chicken drawing tutorial. Cartooning Club shares a fantastic video tutorial detailing every aspect of this iconic chicken from the game. Coloring it is simple too, as the chicken only requires red and yellow.

20. Minecraft Chicken

Minecraft Chicken
Photo credit: Drawing Now

While Minecraft art may look pixelated and easy to replicate, drawing a Minecraft chicken requires a steady hand and a good understanding of proportions. Drawing Now provides a great starting point, and a ruler will definitely come in handy for this type of drawing.

21. Detailed Chicken Drawing

Detailed Chicken Drawing
Photo credit: Draw Central

Draw Central teaches us how to draw an impressive and detailed chicken. They provide step-by-step instructions and suggest the ideal pencil type for this drawing.

22. Sophisticated Hen Drawing

How2DrawAnimals is a fantastic resource for animal drawings, and this video tutorial demonstrates that. They make realistic drawings look simple by providing clear instructions. They also have a written tutorial available if needed.

23. Advanced Rooster, Hen, and Chick Drawings

Advanced Rooster, Hen, and Chick Drawings
Photo credit: Envato Tuts+

For a comprehensive guide on drawing a whole family of chickens, Envato Tuts+ has you covered. Each chicken comes with helpful tips, along with interesting facts about them. They even provide guidance on shading to create a realistic effect. Completing even just one of these impressive chicken drawings will give your kids an enormous sense of accomplishment.


Chickens are among the most recognizable farm animals, and it’s no surprise that kids love drawing them. We hope these 23 ways to draw a chicken have been helpful in nurturing your children’s artistic endeavors. For more animal drawing inspiration, be sure to check out our other posts on how to draw a hummingbird, goat, koala, and octopus.

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