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How to Draw a Cupcake – Step by Step Guide

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, but cupcakes are an exception because they are universally loved. Despite their small size, cupcakes can take your taste buds on an enjoyable and flavorful journey. And if the cupcakes have sprinkles and a cherry on top, then you’re definitely in for a treat. What better way to showcase your artistic skills than by drawing a delicious cupcake?

Luckily, we have curated a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a cupcake, summarized in 9 easy and simple steps. Whether you want to draw a realistic-looking cupcake or an animated one, these steps will guide you through the process. Each step is accompanied by comprehensible illustrations that serve as your visual guide as you follow the instructions.

Let’s get started!


Starting at the upper portion of your drawing space, create the frosting by drawing a tip of a swirl. When drawn correctly, it should resemble a curved droplet of water. You can adjust the size of the frosting according to your preference. Remember to start drawing from the top to the bottom to allow sufficient space for the entire cupcake and its wrapper.

Here’s a useful tip: to ensure that the cupcake will be drawn in the middle, you can draw a horizontal and vertical line across the paper as your reference lines.

STEP 2 – Draw the Topmost Part of the Frosting

Now that you have drawn the tip of the frosting in the previous step, it’s time to complete the topmost layer of the icing. Draw a curved line on either side of the frosting’s tip to create one layer of frosting. Make sure that both ends of the line are close to each other but don’t meet. Remember to work from top to bottom.

STEP 3 – Next, Add a Layer of Frosting

Below the topmost layer of icing, draw an oval shape directly attached to it. This will be the next layer of frosting swirl. The shape of the oval should be fluffy and not too firm. Don’t stress about making it even; uneven swirls will make it look more realistic.

STEP 4 – Draw the Middle of the Frosting

Right underneath the previous layer, draw another oval shape that is slightly larger than the previous one. This will serve as the swirl in the middle of the icing.

STEP 5 – Draw the Last Layer of Frosting

Now, we will work on the final layer of frosting. Add another layer of swirl right below the previous layer by drawing a slightly bigger oval shape. Each layer of frosting from top to bottom should be slightly bigger than the previous one, creating a cascading effect similar to a Christmas tree.

STEP 6 – Now, Draw the Wrapper of the Cupcake

Right underneath the frosting, draw a bucket shape. Keep in mind that the frosting swirls should be slightly bigger than the wrapper. This will make the frosting appear thicker at the top of the cupcake, making it look more appetizing.

STEP 7 – Then, Draw the Folds of the Wrapper

To create the illusion of a folded wrapper, draw parallel and slanted vertical lines across the entire wrapper. This will make the wrapper, as well as the cupcake itself, look more realistic.

STEP 8 – Put Sprinkles on the Frosting

Cupcakes, and any other sweet treats, wouldn’t be complete without a generous amount of sprinkles on top. So, of course, we will be adding sprinkles to this cupcake drawing. Here’s a fun fact: sprinkles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can choose from tiny sugar strands called jimmies, spheres, flat circles, or crystals. Let your imagination decide how your cupcake’s sprinkles will look!

Bonus: Customize The Topping Of Your Cupcake Drawing

In this guide, we have covered a few ways you can customize the topping and extras of your cupcake drawing. Making cupcakes is all about customization and having fun, so there are infinite possibilities. You can create a smoother topping that is more rounded or even theme your cupcake to suit a specific occasion or party.

Let your imagination go wild and see what happens! This is your perfect chance to show off what the ultimate cupcake would look like according to you. We would be interested to see what you create.

STEP 9 – Add Your Topping of Choice

Now, it’s time to wrap up your drawing by adding a topping of your choice. In the illustration, we have added a cherry on top, but feel free to draw any topping you like. It’s your work of art! You can draw a strawberry, a piece of chocolate, or any other creative topping. Place it right above the frosting and ensure it is completely visible.

Here, you can see that the cupcake is nearly finished! The only thing missing is a dash of multiple colors to complete your artwork.

Have fun creating your very own unique and delectable cupcake drawing!

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