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How to Draw a Frog Easy Step By Step

Have Fun Creating a Simple Frog Drawing with this Step-by-Step Tutorial

Frog Drawing

This tutorial will teach kids how to draw a frog in a fun and easy way. Whether you’re looking to turn a cute frog into an amazing drawing or just have some drawing fun, this step-by-step tutorial is perfect for you.

Frogs are fascinating amphibians found all over the world, and drawing them can be a delightful endeavor. Although this tutorial focuses on a cartoon-style frog, it’s suitable for kids of all ages who are sure to enjoy it.

Fun Facts About Frogs for Kids

Did you know that there are over 5000 different species of frogs? Kids find these creatures with webbed feet incredibly intriguing. Learning interesting facts about frogs, such as their transformation from jelly-like eggs into bulging-eyed creatures with hind legs almost twice the length of their front legs, is both educational and exciting.

Frogs come in various colors, sizes, and habitats. Regardless of the specific type of frog you think of, we simply adore everything about them. That’s why we’ve featured frogs in some of our crafts and activities, including frog crafts, frog coloring pages, and fun facts about frogs.

Why Learn How to Draw a Frog?

Learning to draw a frog is not only useful for science or art projects but also beneficial for kids in many ways. Drawing helps enhance their drawing skills, improve their pencil grip (which aids in writing), and develop hand-eye coordination. Additionally, drawing helps kids focus, concentrate better, and improves their fine motor skills. It’s a fantastic activity for boosting visual analysis and attention to detail.

So, why not dive into the world of drawing frogs by following this easy tutorial?

Types of Frogs

Easy Frog Drawing

Drawing certain characters and animals is always a lot of fun, regardless of your age. We love simplifying drawings into easy steps so that kids can follow along and create their own wonderful frog drawings.

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a printable drawing guide that complements this tutorial. It’s a helpful resource to bring your frog drawing to life.

If you enjoy drawing tutorials as much as we do, be sure not to miss our other fun step-by-step tutorials for kids, such as rainbow, dinosaur, spider, dragon, unicorn, and ladybug drawings.

Before you get started, make sure you have the right tools. We recommend using drawing paper and drawing pencils for the best results.

How to Draw a Frog Step By Step

To begin, identify the orientation of your paper. If the long edge of the paper is vertical, your paper is positioned correctly for drawing a frog. This will determine the size and shape of your frog’s body and legs.

Frog’s Head

Start by drawing the frog’s head. Create a wide “M” shape with two curved lines at the top of the head. Then, draw a half-oval shape connecting the sides of the “M” to form the frog’s head.

Frog’s Legs and Feet

Next, draw a curved line down from the bottom of the frog’s head. This line will lead to the frog’s feet. If it’s easier for you, you can draw three small circles to represent the webbed feet. Then, add toes to each circle. Also, draw a small curved line between the toes and the inner line of the front leg, extending it towards the head but not all the way to the top.

Draw the other front leg next to the first one, positioning the front feet close together.

Frog’s Back Legs

Moving on to the back legs, draw an arch halfway down the side of the frog’s body. Angle the arch slightly and then curve it back out for the foot. Repeat this step to draw the second back leg.

Frog’s Belly

Draw a small curved line at the top and bottom of the front legs to represent the frog’s belly.

Frog’s Face

Now, it’s time to draw the frog’s face. Create large oval shapes under each curve of the frog’s face to represent the eyes. Then, add smaller circles inside the ovals.

With all the finishing touches complete, you now have your own adorable frog drawing. You can trace over the pencil lines with a pen or black marker to make them more defined.

Finally, color in your frog to make it even cuter and to add your unique touch. You can also use tempera paints to bring your drawing to life.

Different types of frogs have distinct characteristics. For example:

  • Common Frog: Typically brown in color.
  • Tree Frogs: Often green, and the Red-eyed Tree Frog is particularly striking, with a bright green body, blue and yellow stripes, red and orange feet, and, as the name suggests, red eyes.
  • Bullfrog: A large frog found in or near freshwaters like swamps, ponds, and lakes. They are usually greenish-brown with a white-cream and yellow underbelly.
  • Poisonous Frog: Also known as dart frogs, they are among the most poisonous species on Earth. These frogs come in vibrant colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. They have tongues used to capture prey.

Feel free to choose the type of frog and colors that inspire you for your easy cartoon frog.

How to Draw a Frog Easy

Download the Free Easy Frog Drawing Tutorial

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Please note that these guides are for personal use only. Alternatively, you can purchase the full animal drawing bundle.

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Easy Frog Drawings

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How to Draw a Frog Easy

How to Draw a Frog

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How to Draw a Frog

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