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25 Easy Fruit Drawing Ideas – How to Draw Fruit

Are you looking to learn how to draw fruits? These 25 simple fruit drawing ideas will guide you with step-by-step instructions, printable sketches, and coloring pages. Drawing fruits is a great way for kids to start their artistic journey. Whether you want to master the art of drawing your favorite fruits or teach your kids to draw like professionals, these fruit drawing ideas will be your comprehensive guide. You’ll find instructions for drawing popular fruits like bananas, peaches, dragon fruits, custard apples, mangoes, jackfruits, cashew fruits, avocados, plums, and many more. These fruits are part of our everyday lives, and learning to draw them will enhance your artistic skills and creativity.

Each drawing idea is beginner-friendly, ensuring that even the littlest hands can stay busy learning something new. Engaging in these drawing activities will improve kids’ holistic health, strategic thinking, creativity, communication skills, and coordination. Additionally, these drawing exercises will strengthen their hand muscles and improve their focus. From simple fruit sketches to cartoon fruits to realistic fruit illustrations, you will learn how to draw them all. Get ready to impress and inspire with these fruit drawing ideas.

1. Easy Apple Sketching

Simple Apple Drawing

Drawing apples can significantly contribute to a child’s cognitive development. Are you looking for quick and easy drawing ideas to keep the kids busy? Start with drawing apples. This apple drawing project is interesting and suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. While it may seem a bit intimidating for absolute beginners, this tutorial will guide you through the process of drawing a beautiful apple. Visit helloartsy for complete instructions.

2. Banana Sketching for Kids

Banana Drawing Sketch for Kids

When we think of a healthy and easily digestible fruit, bananas always come to mind. They are great energy boosters and can help uplift your mood. This drawing project focuses on drawing bananas in the easiest way possible. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to draw the first banana and the rest of them. This interesting fruit drawing project is perfect for beginner artists and kids. Visit artprojectsforkids to learn more.

3. Drawing a Peach

Drawing Of A Peach

Next on our list of fruit drawing ideas is the peach, a delicious and healthy fruit. This drawing project is perfect for beginner artists and kids. The tutorial provides easy step-by-step instructions to draw a cartoon peach. You’ll learn to outline the peach by drawing a large circle, adding the leaves and stack, and finally coloring it. Visit easydrawingguides for detailed instructions.

4. Step-by-Step Blueberry Drawing

Blueberry Drawing Step By Step

Fruits can be incorporated into various art and craft ideas, and learning to draw them is an essential skill for any artist. This tutorial will guide you in drawing blueberries, one of the juiciest fruits. With quick instructions, you’ll learn to draw a bunch of blueberries with green leaves. The tutorial focuses on drawing quick small circles to outline the berries, and then adding the details and leaves. Visit howtodrawforkids for step-by-step guidance.

5. Easy Plum Fruit Drawing

Easy Plum Fruit Drawing

Similar to peaches, you can also draw beautiful plums. Start by drawing a large circle as the outline for the plum and add the necessary details for a realistic appeal. To complete this fruit drawing, you’ll need a pencil, drawing paper, crayons or colored pencils, and black markers. This quick and easy fruit drawing is suitable for both kids and adults. You can find a free PDF printable for a six-step tutorial at helloartsy.

6. Drawing Cherries Made Easy

Easy How to Draw a Cherry

Drawing cherries is the easiest fruit drawing and suitable for beginner artists. This project involves drawing quick, beautiful berries in bright red color with green tails and leaves. Both kids and adults will find this project easy to complete. Besides being a fun activity, drawing cherries will help you relax and improve your artistic skills. The tutorial provides a quick guideline to easily draw both cherries in proportion and add the leaf and stems. Visit artprojectsforkids for complete instructions.

7. Realistic Strawberry Drawing

Cool Realistic Strawberry Drawing

Strawberries are delicious summer fruits with bright red color and green stems and leaves. This tutorial will guide you in drawing a realistic strawberry. Drawing an irregular triangle is the first step to outline the strawberry, followed by adding the seed, leaves, and stalk. Visit drawingforall for step-by-step instructions on drawing this beautiful fruit.

8. Step-by-Step Guide on Drawing Grapes

How to Draw Grapes Step by Step

For beginners, it’s always great to start with simple fruit drawing ideas. This tutorial provides a free step-by-step guide on drawing grapes. The project also includes four free PDF printables. Kids and beginner artists will find this drawing project interesting and fun to complete. Drawing mini scalloped circles to create beautiful grapes is the key to this project. Start by drawing two circles with a little distance and add more circles to complete the whole drawing. Visit drawingwars for complete instructions.

9. Beautiful Pear Drawing

Beautiful Pear Drawing

Drawing a beautiful pear may seem challenging, but this tutorial will guide you with step-by-step instructions and coloring guides. You’ll need a drawing paper, black marker, and crayons to complete this fruit drawing. Even kids can complete this drawing project in less than 30 minutes. You can find a free PDF download for the full tutorial. Don’t forget to draw the leaf and stem of the pear. Visit artprojectsforkids for detailed instructions.

10. Colorful Avocado Drawing

Color Avocado Drawing

Learn to draw avocados in just 20 minutes or less and boost your creativity and drawing skills. For this avocado drawing, you’ll need a pencil, drawing paper, crayons, and a black marker. Drawing simple irregular shapes to outline the avocado and adding necessary details make it quick and easy. This fruit drawing will be a favorite project for kids to complete during the weekend. Visit helloartsy for step-by-step guidance.

11. Watermelon Drawing Outline

Watermelon Drawing Outline

If you’re looking to draw summer fruits, then drawing a watermelon will be a fun experience. This tutorial provides complete instructions to draw a watermelon in both packed and cut forms. You’ll learn to draw a large circle and a semi-circle to outline the watermelon. Drawing curved lines for the watermelon skin sections and adding seeds to the watermelon slice will complete the drawing. Grey, bright green, and red colors are used to color the final drawing. This fruit drawing project is suitable for both kids and beginner artists. Visit howtodraweasy for detailed instructions.

12. How to Draw a Papaya Fruit

How to Draw a Papaya Fruit

Drawing a papaya can be accomplished by drawing a simple irregular oval. It is an easy and quick fruit drawing project suitable for kids. You can color the final drawing using yellow, white, and peach colors to create a realistic appearance. This will be the easiest and quickest drawing project for kids to get started with. Visit easylinedrawing for step-by-step instructions.

13. Drawing Figs

How to Draw Figs

Figs are delicious fruits with great taste and health benefits. They also have a beautiful shape that you can easily draw. This tutorial provides instructions for drawing figs, including the inner and outer sections. The project is quick to complete and suitable for both kids and beginner artists. Drawing teardrops in the proper size to outline the fig and adding leaves and seeds will complete the drawing. Visit drawinghowtos for step-by-step guidance.

14. Realistic Orange Drawing

Realistic Orange Drawing

Are you ready to take your fruit drawing skills to the next level? Learn how to draw a realistic orange with leaves and inner sections. The project begins with outlining the fruit and then filling in the respective watercolors. Finally, shading and blending using colored pencils will add a realistic touch to the drawing. This drawing project is suitable for little advanced skill levels and can be framed as a beautiful wall art piece. Visit the provided link for detailed instructions.

15. Color Pencil Apricot Drawing

Apricot Drawing In Color Pencil

Apricots are another great summer fruit. If you want to learn how to draw realistic apricots using colored pencils, this tutorial is for you. You’ll learn to draw apricots in both packed and cut forms, including the inner seed. Using white, yellow, light peach, and dark peach color pencils will bring the final drawing to life. This project will make you feel proud, and the final drawing can also be a beautiful gift. Visit the provided link for step-by-step instructions.

16. Easy and Simple Pomegranate Drawing

Easy And Simple Pomegranate Drawing

Drawing pomegranates can be an excellent opportunity to showcase your shading and blending skills. From outlining the pomegranates to filling in details, brush painting, and shading, this tutorial covers all the steps. This realistic fruit drawing project is suitable for both kids and adults. The tutorial provides detailed instructions to help you create stunning artwork. Visit the provided link for step-by-step guidance.

17. Pencil Mango Drawing

Pencil Mango Drawing

The mango, known as the king of fruits, can be quite easy to draw. It’s another great summer fruit renowned for its taste. To draw a mango, start by outlining it with an oval, egg, or rough circle shape, adding a slight curve at the bottom side. You can also use round objects like bangles for a guide. Drawing the mango stem or stalk and a longer leaf will complete the drawing. Coloring the completed mango with yellow, light green, and green adds the finishing touch. Visit the provided link for step-by-step instructions.

18. Small Guava Drawing

Small Guava Drawing

Drawing guavas can be achieved by simply drawing circles. This tutorial offers inspiration for drawing a guava that is easy and suitable for beginners. Start by drawing a big circle, then draw the guava stem and leaves on top. Adding a little flower at the very bottom of the guava completes the drawing. Fill in the necessary colors like brown for the bottom and stem, and green for the guava and leaves. Use black color to highlight the leaf lines and other details. This fruit drawing will be a favorite among kids. Visit the provided link for step-by-step instructions.

19. How to Draw a Cashew Fruit

How To Draw A Cashew Fruit

Do you love cashews, one of the tastiest and healthiest dry fruits? This drawing project allows you to showcase your love for cashews by drawing a complete cashew fruit using watercolors. You’ll get step-by-step instructions, tutorials, and guides for outlining the fruit and filling in the colors. This fruit drawing project is suitable for elementary school students and will enhance their artistic skills. Visit the provided link for detailed instructions.

20. Custard Apple Drawing

Custard Apple Drawing

Take your fruit drawing skills to the next level with this custard apple drawing project. Custard apples come with intricate details that require neat drawing for a realistic look. This drawing project will polish your sketching and illustration skills. The completed drawing can be framed as wall art or used as gift wrap. Completing this drawing will make you feel proud, although it may take some time due to the intricate details. The tutorial offers comprehensive instructions for a unique and interesting fruit drawing. Visit the provided link for step-by-step guidance.

21. How to Draw a Green Coconut

How to Draw Green Coconut

Looking for summer fruit drawing ideas for kids’ summer craft activities? Drawing a green coconut is both fun and easy. This drawing project is suitable for preschoolers and toddlers. To draw a green coconut, start by drawing an irregular circular shape, then draw the upper stem details. Completing this drawing project will be a breeze, even for beginners. It will only take 10-15 minutes to draw and color this green coconut fruit drawing. Visit the provided link for detailed instructions.

22. Dragon Fruit Drawing

Dragon Fruit Drawing

This list covers drawing all the popular fruits that can be part of various art and drawing ideas. Drawing a dragon fruit is a unique and interesting project. The tutorial provides instructions to outline the fruit using quick guidelines. Drawing a teardrop-like shape to outline the fruit and a leaf-like shape for the fruit slice will make it easier to draw the surrounding fruits. Don’t forget to add the details like dragon scales and colors to complete the drawing. Visit the provided link for detailed instructions.

23. How to Draw Jackfruit

How To Draw Jackfruit

It’s always exciting to draw your favorite fruit. If you love jackfruit, follow these quick guides and instructions to draw it in your sketchbook. To outline the fruit, draw a zig-zag pattern, then fill in the fruit color. Drawing a simple egg or oval-like shape will allow you to easily outline the fruit. This fruit drawing project is suitable for beginner kids. Visit the provided link for step-by-step instructions.

24. Cartoon Pineapple Drawing

Cartoon Pineapple Drawing

Bring the kids into the cartoon world with this brilliant cartoon pineapple drawing project. Start by drawing the quick eyes of the cartoon fruit, which will make it easier to outline the entire fruit. After completing the outline and facial features, draw grid lines to create the pineapple texture. Drawing the stem and leaves adds the finishing touch to the cartoon pineapple. This quick and easy fruit drawing project will enhance the kids’ drawing and artistic skills. Visit the provided link for complete instructions.

25. Cute Lemon Drawing

Cute Lemon Drawing

Lemons are beloved summer fruits known for their refreshing citrus taste. Drawing a cute lemon is an easy and quick project, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Start by drawing a big circle and then outline the lemon shape using it. Add the stem and a leaf, and don’t forget to include facial features for a cartoon appeal. Coloring the completed lemon adds the final touch. This fruit drawing project is suitable for beginners. Visit the provided link for step-by-step instructions.


These fruit drawing ideas will make you an expert at sketching different types of fruits. By learning to draw them, you can incorporate fruits into your art and painting ideas. Each tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and tutorials to outline the fruits and apply shading techniques for a realistic appearance. These drawing ideas are excellent for improving a child’s artistic skills and enhancing their summer craft activities. Browse through these drawing ideas to learn more about drawing fruits.

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