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How To Draw A Lion Easy Cartoon Drawing

drawing of a lion

Lion Drawing Made Simple for Kids and Beginners

Learning how to draw a lion can be an exciting and creative activity for kids and adults alike. With this easy-to-follow step-by-step lion drawing tutorial, you’ll be able to create a cartoon lion that can be colored in using markers, crayons, or even paint. Let your imagination run wild and bring this majestic animal to life on paper.

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Lion Drawing for Kids: Breaking it Down into Easy Steps

Drawing a lion doesn’t have to be complicated. By breaking it down into simple steps, even young children can easily follow along. To make it even easier, the lion outline drawing lines have been highlighted in red, so children can see exactly what needs to be drawn next. Let’s get started!

How to Make a Lion Outline

To begin with, you can use a pencil or a marker to sketch the lion. And don’t worry if there are any accidental drawing marks or mistakes. Remember, just like in the book Beautiful Oops, a drawing mishap can turn into something special.

drawing a circle for a lion head

Drawing the Lion’s Face

Now, let’s focus on the lion’s face. Start by drawing a round circle as the foundation. You can use a round template like a cup or simply freehand it. Don’t fuss over perfection—this is all about having fun and embracing creativity.

adding the ears and the nose for a lion head

Adding Face Features to the Lion

Next, add the lion’s distinctive features—the nose, eyes, mouth, and tongue. Let your artistic instincts guide you as you bring this regal creature to life on paper.

adding on the eyes and the mouth for the lion

Drawing the Lion’s Mane

It’s time to give the lion its signature majestic mane. Use a wavy line to draw the lion’s thick and fluffy mane, or opt for a more streamlined look with fewer curves. Let your creativity shine through and allow the kids to create their own unique interpretations of the lion’s mane.

drawing on the mane for the lion

Drawing the Lion’s Body

Moving on to the lion’s body, draw two lines beneath the mane in a downward motion. These lines will serve as the foundation for the lion’s front legs.

drawing the body of a lion

Adding the Legs for the Lion

Now, let’s create the lion’s front legs. Use the lines you drew earlier to form the two front legs. And don’t forget to add the lion’s paws under each leg. This helpful trick offers a simple, effective method for drawing paws.

drawing the legs of a lion

Drawing the Back Legs for the Lion

Continuing with the lion’s hind legs, draw two upside-down “C” shapes at the back. Connect the front legs with a line to represent a part of the lion’s body.

how to draw a lion

Starting the Lion’s Tail

Now, let’s move on to the lion’s tail. Finish off the lion’s back feet and start drawing the tail. Encourage the kids to make the tail as long as they like. This is their chance to unleash their creativity.

drawing lion paws and a lion tail

Completing the Lion’s Tail

Draw in the rest of the lion’s tail, and feel free to add a fluffy touch if you’d like. Additionally, include a curved line between the lion’s upper legs to represent another part of its body. You’re almost done!

adding the tip of a lion tail

Coloring in the Lion

Finally, it’s time for the most enjoyable part—coloring in your adorable lion drawing! Use paint, markers, crayons, or any other materials you prefer. Stick to traditional lion colors or let your imagination run wild—make it fun and unique!

how to draw a lion step by step

This lion drawing activity is an incredibly fun and educational experience for kids of all ages. It not only helps them follow directions and learn how to draw, but also fosters their creativity and artistic abilities.

Now, check out our drawing video in our activity guide for a visual demonstration:

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how to draw a lion

So, let your creativity roar and have a roaring good time drawing lions and exploring the amazing world of animal activities with your little ones. Happy drawing!

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