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How to Draw a Snowflake – 4 Easy Doodles!

Winter is the perfect time to bring some snowflake doodles into our journal pages and bullet journal spreads. Drawing snowflakes may seem daunting with their intricate shapes, but they are actually quite easy to create! In this article, we will guide you through four different techniques for drawing stunning snowflake designs. So grab your journal and pens, and let’s get started!

Understanding Snowflake Anatomy

Before we dive into the drawing techniques, let’s take a moment to understand the anatomy of a snowflake. While the classic snowflake has a hexagonal shape with six sides, there are various other shapes and types of snowflakes. From triangular to fern-like dendrites, each snowflake is unique, much like human fingerprints. The formation of snowflakes depends on factors like temperature and moisture levels. To learn more about these fascinating ice crystals, visit the website of a snowflake expert, a Caltech physics professor.

Essential Supplies for Drawing Snowflakes

To create beautiful snowflake doodles, you’ll need a few supplies. Here are our recommendations:

  • A great journal for doodling, such as the Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Journal on Amazon.
  • The best pens for drawing, like the Sakura Micron, available on Amazon.
  • A ruler set for bullet journaling, such as the Mr. Pen Steel Rulers set, also available on Amazon.

If you’re looking for more journaling supplies ideas, check out our gift guide for journaling enthusiasts.

Technique 1: Easiest Snowflake Drawing with Straight Lines

Let’s start with the easiest snowflake doodle that only requires straight lines. This technique is perfect for beginners or those who are not confident with their drawing skills.

  1. Begin by drawing an “X” shape using straight lines.
  2. Add small “V” shapes to each of the six points of the snowflake.
  3. Draw larger “V” shapes along the lines, closer to the center of the snowflake.
  4. Voila! You have successfully created a beautiful snowflake with minimal effort.

Technique 2: Snowflake Drawing with Dots and Curves

For some added flare, try this technique that incorporates half-moon curved lines and open dots.

  1. Start by adding circles to all six points of the snowflake.
  2. Along each of the six straight lines, add half-moon shapes or little “U” shaped curves.
  3. At the tips of these curves, add more open dots or small circles.
  4. Your finished drawing will resemble the snowflake ornaments that adorn Christmas trees during the winter season.

Technique 3: Snowflake with a Star Center

Although it may appear complex, drawing a snowflake with a star center is surprisingly easy. This technique is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to winter-themed planner pages and bullet journal spreads.

  1. Begin with the six lines that form the basic snowflake shape.
  2. Draw outward-facing “V” shapes in between each of the lines to create a star-like center.
  3. Add smaller, inward-facing “V” shapes along the lines to achieve the fern-like effect seen in real snowflakes.
  4. Enjoy your beautifully crafted snowflake design!

Technique 4: Stylistic Snowflake Doodle

For a more creative and improvisational approach, give this technique a try. Feel free to add your personal touch with different shapes and dots.

  1. Start with the six sides of the snowflake.
  2. From the center, draw shorter lines between each of the main lines.
  3. At the end of each line, add a “V” shape.
  4. Let your creativity flow by adding dots wherever you like. This will give your snowflake a lacy and delicate appearance.

If you enjoyed these easy snowflake drawing techniques and found the step-by-step guides helpful, let us know in the comments! For more drawing tutorials and other journaling topics, head over to the Silk+Sonder blog.

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