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How to Draw Different Kinds of Hair: Short, Long, Straight, Wavy, and Curly

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Drawing people is both fascinating and challenging. Capturing the likeness of facial features is one thing, but portraying hair can reveal so much about a person’s personality and style. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will explore the art of drawing five different hair types: short, long, straight, wavy, and curly. All you need are a pencil, eraser, pen, and paper. Let’s dive in and unleash your artistic talent!

Learn the Techniques to Draw Various Hair Types

Drawing Short Hair

Step One: Define the Hairline

Begin by creating the hair part. Whether it’s on the left, right, or center, referring to photo references can be helpful.

Step Two: Outline the Hair Shape

Next, draw the basic shapes of the hair. Since it’s short hair, keep the outlines closer to the shape of the head, with a slightly more volume around the skull.

Step Three: Add Texture to the Hair

Now, fill in the hair with texture. Move your pencil along the hair part and draw lines in the direction of hair growth. Vary the length of these lines, maintaining the desired hairstyle.

Step Four: Enhance the Hair Volume

Continue adding more lines to indicate volume, filling in the hair with texture.

Step Five: Finalize with Ink

Once you’ve sufficiently sketched, go over the lines with ink using a technical pen or Sakura Pigma Microns. You can add variation to the hair texture by using different pen types. Erase any remaining pencil marks, and you’re done! Congratulations on drawing short hair!

Drawing Long Hair (With Bangs)

Step One: Define the Hair Part

Start by adding the part to the hairline. For this style, we’ll begin in the center.

Step Two: Sketch the Bangs

Draw large petal-like shapes slightly above the hairline to create the bangs.

Step Three: Construct the Hairstyle

Sketch long, thick locks of hair starting from the top of the head and extending down beyond the shoulders. Remember, the longer the hair, the closer it tends to sit on the head.

Step Four: Bring out the Texture

Fill in the locks of hair with more lines to achieve a dense and realistic appearance.

Step Five: Complete with Ink

Use a fine-tipped pen to go over the pencil lines. Wait for the ink to dry, then erase any visible pencil marks. You’ve successfully drawn long hair with bangs!

Drawing Straight Hair

Step One: Create the Hair Part

Starting at the hairline, add a center or side part.

Step Two: Sketch Locks of Hair

Next, draw several thick, long locks of hair extending from the top of the head to the desired length.

Step Three: Add Texture to the Hair

Fill in the locks of hair with long and short lines, creating texture and depth.

Step Four: Enhance Realism

Continuously add more lines to make the drawing look more realistic.

Step Five: Finalize with Ink

With your favorite pen, go over the drawing in ink. Take your time and consider using different pens to create variations in line thickness and style. Bravo! You’ve mastered drawing straight hair!

Drawing Wavy Hair

Step One: Indicate the Hair Part

Start by sketching a line to indicate the parting of the hair, whether it’s in the center or to the side.

Step Two: Frame the Face

Add two thick locks of hair to frame the face. Begin these shapes at the hair part and create undulating, ribbon-like forms.

Step Three: Fill Out the Hair

Using the same rolling shapes, fill out the rest of the hair until you reach the back of the head.

Step Four: Add Texture and Volume

Fill in the hair shapes with varying lines, providing texture, volume, and depth.

Step Five: Complete the Drawing

Go over your sketch with ink, using a pen of your choice. If you desire line variation, consider using technical pens with different-sized nibs or a brush pen. Fantastic! You’ve accomplished drawing wavy hair!

Drawing Curly Hair

Step One: Establish the Hair Part

Draw a line from the hairline to the back of the head to create the hair part, whether it’s in the center or slightly to the side.

Step Two: Sketch the Hairstyle

Make a rough sketch of the curly hair. Start from the hair part and draw bouncy, cloud-like patterns until just above the shoulders or your desired length.

Step Three: Define the Locks of Hair

Divide the hairstyle into several curly locks by repeatedly drawing the same bouncy line.

Step Four: Add Depth and Detail

Add depth to the hair by incorporating multiple lines into each lock, giving it texture and volume.

Step Five: Perfect with Ink

Finally, go over your drawing with ink. Choose your preferred pen and trace over the pencil marks. For line variation, you can use different pens or brush pens. Well done! You’ve successfully drawn curly hair!

Take Your Drawing Skills Further

Now that you’ve mastered drawing different hair types, why not take it to the next level? Learn how to draw various types of braids and expand your artistic repertoire.

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Remember, with practice and dedication, you can excel in the art of drawing hair. So grab your supplies, find inspiration, and keep exploring your artistic journey!

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