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How to Draw a Female Face Step by Step Tutorial

Female face drawing step by step

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to draw a realistic female face, then you’re in the right place. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will break down the process, providing detailed explanations and illustrated examples for each step. Whether you prefer using pencil and paper or any other drawing medium, these techniques can be applied across the board.

Defining Features of a Female Face

When it comes to drawing a female face, there are distinct features that set it apart from a male face. While facial features can vary from person to person, females generally have smoother, less pronounced features, rounder faces, and smaller chins.

Face Proportions

Before diving into the specifics of drawing a face, it’s essential to understand the general proportions. Take a look at the image below to get an idea of the positioning of different facial features. Keep in mind that these are just guidelines, and actual facial features may vary.

Female face drawing proportions

Using these guidelines can help you avoid significant mistakes when proportioning a face.

How to Draw a Face

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

  1. Start by drawing the entire shape of the head.
  2. Create a rough sketch of all the facial features, making sure they are correctly placed before adding smaller details.
  3. Keep different parts of your drawing at the same level of completion.

Step 1 – Drawing the Female Head

To ensure symmetry and proper spacing of facial features, begin by drawing a vertical line through the middle of your drawing area. Then, draw a circle for the top part of the head. From there, project two lines that go to the jaw area and curve inwards, forming the chin.

For this tutorial, we’ll make the chin fairly small and narrow to emphasize the feminine look.

Female head drawing

Step 2 – Refine the Shape of the Head

In this step, you can adjust the top shape of the head and add a hint of the cheekbones. Once done, erase the circle guideline, but leave the middle line intact.

Female head shape drawing

Step 3 – Proportioning the Face

To create guidelines for the facial features, divide the face into four parts using horizontal lines. These lines should start from the hairline area down towards the chin, resulting in three evenly spaced sections and a smaller hairline portion.

Female face proportions drawing

Step 4 – Placing the Eyebrows

Sketch the eyebrows directly below the second line from the top of the head, right after the hairline line.

Female face drawing eyebrow placement

Step 5 – Placing the Nose

Start drawing the nose near the inner tips of the eyebrows. Simplify the nose into flat planes for the front, sides, and bottom in the initial sketch. Note that the nose should narrow towards the bridge and widen towards the bottom of the face.

Female face drawing nose placement

Please keep in mind that noses can differ greatly from person to person. The average nose depicted in this tutorial generally extends slightly past the middle portion of the three divisions. Longer noses may go farther down.

Step 6 – Placing the Ears

Draw the outline of the ears inside the middle portion of the three evenly spaced divisions, touching the second and third lines from the top.

Female face drawing ear placement

Step 7 – Placing the Eyes

Draw another horizontal line through the middle of the head, crossing out the previous horizontal lines. On this line, sketch the shape of the eyes, leaving enough space in between for another eye. The width of the eyes should be slightly less than the space on the sides.

Female face drawing eye placement

Step 8 – Placing the Mouth

Position the mouth by drawing a horizontal line between the bottom of the nose and the chin. This line represents the bottom of the bottom lip. Then, draw a horizontal line for the mouth and another one above it for the top lip. Remember that the bottom lip tends to be larger than the top lip.

Female face drawing mouth placement

Step 9 – Drawing the Facial Features

Now it’s time to add details to the facial features. Let’s break it down:

Drawing Female Eyes

Inside the shape of the eyes sketched in previous steps, draw the circles of the irises. Make sure the top part is slightly covered by the eyelids, with the bottom touching the bottom eyelid. Keep in mind that bigger, wider eyes can create a more youthful and feminine look.

Drawing a Female Nose

Drawing a female nose can be tricky, as defining its shape too much could make it appear less feminine. Based on the earlier proportions, sketch some lines to indicate the nostrils and sides of the nose. Add a hint of the tip and the bridge.

Drawing Female Lips

For the top lip, draw a flattened “M” shape. The bottom lip consists of two evenly split curves that join at the bottom of the mouth, forming one larger curve.

Drawing Female Ears

Since the ears will be covered by hair in this tutorial, we won’t go into drawing their inner shape. You can refer to additional resources for drawing ears.

Drawing Eyebrows

For this tutorial, we’ll simply create an outline of the eyebrows. To achieve a more feminine look, make the eyebrows relatively thin.

Step 10 – Drawing the Outline of the Hair

The way you draw the hair will depend on the desired hairstyle. In this example, the hair is divided into two major shapes stemming from the parting line. The left side has more hair, resulting in a larger shape compared to the right side.

Male face drawing hair outline

Step 11 – Drawing the Hair Details

To add texture and detail to the hair, draw lines flowing from the parting line down along the shape of the hair. Vary the length and spacing of these lines to create a natural look.

Male face drawing hair

Step 12 – Drawing the Eyelashes

If desired, you can add realistic eyelashes to your drawing. Draw individual hairs with slightly different distances between them, maintaining an overall even distribution. Remember that eyelashes tend to grow more towards the outer half of the eyes, following the curved shape of the eyelids.

Female face line drawing


Drawing a female face can be challenging, especially with its subtler features. However, with practice and following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can improve your skills as an artist.

For further guidance on drawing different types of faces, check out these resources:

Remember, practice makes perfect, and don’t be discouraged if it takes time to master the art of drawing faces!

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