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How to Draw a Sea Turtle – Step by Step Guide

Sea turtles, also called marine turtles, are giant reptiles that live in warm waters around the world. Drawing a sea turtle can be a fun and exciting challenge, whether you want to create a realistic representation or a more animated version. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you through the process of drawing a sea turtle in nine easy and simple steps.

Tips to Help You Prepare for Drawing a Sea Turtle

Before we start, it’s important to note that this tutorial focuses on drawing a realistic turtle. However, if you prefer a more simplified cartoon style, feel free to adapt the steps to suit your personal style and preferences. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and try something different!

To make the process easier, we recommend closely following the steps in this guide. They are designed to break down the drawing into manageable parts. You can also practice sketching the proportions of the turtle on spare pieces of paper to get a feel for the final image.

Looking up pictures and videos of sea turtles can also be helpful, as it provides a reference for their movements and appearance. This can enhance your understanding of the subject and complement the reference images provided in this tutorial.

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of drawing a sea turtle!

Drawing Sea Turtle in 9 Easy Steps

Each step is accompanied by clear illustrations to guide you visually as you follow the instructions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, we’re confident that you can effortlessly follow these steps. Feel free to add your own style and creative touches along the way. Let your imagination run wild and make your artwork unique. So grab your favorite drawing tool and let’s get started!

Step 1: Draw an Outline of the Sea Turtle’s Shell

Begin by drawing an outline of the sea turtle’s shell in the center of your paper. To ensure the outline is positioned correctly, draw a horizontal and vertical line across the paper, intersecting at the center. The point where the lines meet is where you should draw the outline.

Step 2: Draw an Outline of the Shell

Within the previously drawn outline, create another outline that follows the shape of the shell. The space between the outlines represents the precentral, postcentral, and marginal scutes.

Step 3: Add the Vertebral Scute on the Shell

Structure the vertebral scutes on the shell by drawing irregular and uneven circular shapes in the center of the shell. Don’t worry about making them perfect – imperfections add to the realism.

Step 4: Draw the Costal Scute of the Shell

On the left side of the shell, draw uneven geometric shapes similar to the previous step. Connect all the scutes together, as shown in the illustration.

Step 5: Complete the Scutes of the Shell

Repeat the previous step on the right side of the shell to complete the sea turtle’s scutes.

Step 6: Draw the Head of the Sea Turtle

Create the sea turtle’s head by drawing an elongated narrow curve line from beneath the shell. This should give the impression that the turtle is peeking out from its shell.

Step 7: Draw the Flippers of the Sea Turtle

Construct the flippers by drawing elongated curved lines with serrated horizontal lines at the bottom on each side of the shell. These outlines represent the flippers that allow the turtle to navigate effortlessly through the ocean.

Step 8: Draw the Hind Legs of the Sea Turtle

Now that the flippers are drawn, it’s time to add the hind legs to complete the turtle’s limbs. Draw two straight lines connected by a jagged diagonal line to form each hind leg. Repeat this process on the other side of the shell to create a pair of hind legs.

Step 9: Add Patterns All Over the Sea Turtle

To add the finishing touches, draw circular shapes of various sizes all over the turtle’s skin. These represent the unique spots found on the turtle’s body. Your sea turtle is nearly finished!

Finally, the most exciting part – coloring your amazing drawing! Sea turtles come in various colors, including yellow, olive-green, greenish-brown, reddish-brown, and black. Some species even have distinct patterns on their skin. Feel free to use any colors you like and experiment with different coloring materials such as watercolor and brush pens.

With a dash of creativity, your drawing will come to life!

So, grab your drawing supplies, follow the steps, and have fun creating your own stunning sea turtle artwork. Happy drawing!

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