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How to Draw Flames – Step by Step with Pictures

A Beginner’s Tutorial on Drawing Flames

Learning the art of drawing flames is a breeze if you adhere to some fundamental principles. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of creating simple yet eye-catching flame drawings that can add flair to your artwork. Whether you want to spruce up a car, create flaming letters, or depict a cozy campfire, this easy method will have you drawing flames effortlessly.


So, let’s gather the necessary supplies and dive into the exciting world of flame drawing!

Art Supplies You’ll Need

  • Paper or cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black outliner
  • Markers (Bic)

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The Basics of Flame Drawing

To achieve excellent flame drawings, it’s essential to follow some basic techniques. These techniques are the key to creating realistic and captivating flames.

When drawing flames, remember to make the tips narrow and pointed at the top, gradually widening towards the bottom. For a simple flame, resembling a tear drop shape, draw a single flame such as the ones found on candles. However, for more elaborate flame drawings, like the ones we will be creating, add extra curves to the tear drop shape. By repeating and varying this process, you can fashion impressive flame drawings.

Candle Flame

Step-by-Step Flame Drawing Tutorial

Let’s now go through a step-by-step process to create a flame drawing that will leave everyone awestruck.

  1. Begin with a basic flame shape, resembling a tear drop. If needed, draw a tear drop shape as a guide.
    Step 1

  2. Draw two curved shapes adjacent to the first flame, making sure they are narrower and pointed at the top, gradually widening towards the bottom. This pattern can be repeated for a simple flame drawing.
    Step 2

  3. Repeat the process, drawing a slightly smaller flame below the previous one. Remember to maintain the tear drop shape for each individual section and the overall combined shape.
    Step 3

  4. Add more flames to the left of the original flame. Aim for balance and symmetry, but don’t worry about perfection.
    Step 4

  5. To add depth and dynamics, incorporate small, randomly placed leaping flames. These can take various shapes, but remember to keep them pointed at the ends using curved lines.
    Step 5

Outlining the Flames

Once you have created your flame sketch, it’s time to infuse it with color. You have multiple options for coloring, such as markers or colored pencils. In this tutorial, we will explore using Bic markers.

Flame Outline

Coloring Flames with Markers

Follow these steps to bring life to your flame drawing using markers.

  1. Fill the entire flame area with yellow. Alternatively, you can opt to fill only the lower parts, depending on your preference.
    Yellow Flames

  2. Take an orange marker and color the top part of each flame section. Feel free to leave more yellow if desired.
    Orange Flames

  3. Use a red marker to add color around the edges of your flame drawing. Adjust the amount of red to your liking. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors like blue, green, or purple for unique flame drawings.
    Red Flames

  4. To achieve a smooth blend of colors, go back in with lighter shades and gently blend the markers together. For more detailed blending techniques, refer to our marker blending guide.

As you can see, flames can be incorporated into various forms of artwork. Check out this example where flames are added to the bottom of letters in graffiti art.

Graffiti Art

Flame Drawing Ideas

To hone your flame drawing skills, embrace the power of repetition. Consider doing a daily drawing challenge focused on flames. This practice will boost your creativity and help you develop your unique artistic style.

Here are some other ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Incorporate flames into different objects and visuals.
  • Explore drawing flames in various color schemes and shapes.

Flame Drawing Ideas

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Drawing flames should be a fun and relaxing experience. Remember, anyone can become an artist with practice and repetition. Now that you have learned the step-by-step process for creating flame drawings, you have the tools to start your artistic journey.

So, grab your drawing challenge guide and unleash your creativity today!

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