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How to draw a female face (side view)

Struggling with drawing female faces from the profile view? This step-by-step tutorial will help you improve your proportions and gain confidence in creating quick sketches.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • HB Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Sakura Electronic Eraser
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Canson Recycled Sketch Paper

Note: Remember to use an HB pencil with light pressure for easy erasing after completing the drawing.

Step 1: Draw an Oval

Start by drawing an oval shape and a line at the bottom. The line should be positioned slightly more than halfway down the vertical diameter of the oval.

Step 2: Face Outline

Connect the oval to the horizontal line to complete the shape of the head. Then, draw a straight line down the middle of the oval. Don’t worry about shaping the jaw or chin at this stage, as these are just rough guidelines.

Step 3: Make a Ruler

Use the length of the head to create a ruler on the side of your drawing, keeping in mind that you need space for the nose. Divide the ruler into 8 equal spaces and draw lines from each tick through the head. Keep the lines light.

Step 4: Brow, Forehead, and Top of the Head

Now, move on to drawing the top portion of the head. At the point where the center line meets the face, draw a subtle curve to create a soft and gentle brow area. Use the oval as a guide to draw the forehead and the rest of the upper head.

Step 5: Nose

Draw the nose, taking into consideration your personal preference and the angle of the face you are drawing. Keep the nose at a medium length, with the tip below Line 1 and at an angle of around 50 degrees.

Step 6: Mouth

Starting from the base of the nose, form a natural curve that dips down through Line 2 and wraps back towards the face, creating a full top lip. The corner of the mouth should not extend too far past the nostril. Draw the bottom lip above Line 3. Adjust the lips to ensure enough space for the chin.

Step 7: Chin and Jawline

Extend the jawline beyond the vertical line that goes down the center of the face. For a more feminine look, give the jawline a soft and rounded appearance.

Step 8: Neck

Draw the front and back of the neck, avoiding vertical and straight lines for a natural appearance.

Step 9: Eye and Eyebrow

To position the eye, draw a vertical line from the corner of the lip to the center line. Place the eye where these lines intersect. Follow the general shape of the eye to draw the eyebrow, keeping it below Line C for a relaxed look.

Step 10: Ear

From the jawline, draw the outline of the ear, anywhere between the center line and Line 2.

Step 11: Hair

Start the forehead’s hairline between Line A and B. When drawing the hair near the sideburns, use light lines as females tend to have sparse sideburns. Add volume to the hair to give it a realistic appearance.

Once you are happy with your drawing, erase the guidelines using an electric eraser followed by a kneaded eraser for precise erasing.

Experiment by Drawing Many Unique Faces

Once you feel comfortable, challenge yourself by drawing faces without using the ruler as a guide. Start with small sketches and fill an entire page in your sketchbook. Don’t worry about perfection; this exercise will help you develop your own unique style.

If you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be able to draw realistic and distinctive female faces effortlessly.

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