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20 Easy Pokémon To Draw: A List For Artists With Step-By-Step Tutorials

Practice makes perfect when it comes to drawing, and what better way to practice than with your favorite characters? If you’re a Pokémon fan, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore the top 20 easiest Pokémon to draw, complete with step-by-step video tutorials and helpful guidance.

Starting with the Basics

When faced with over 800 Pokémon to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin. But fear not, we’ve selected the easiest ones to get you started on your drawing journey.

1. Voltorb & Electrode

Let’s start with something simple: Voltorb and Electrode. These round, colored spheres with cute anime-style eyes are basically Poké Balls with faces. With their basic shapes and minimal coloring, they’re perfect for beginners.

2. Ditto

Next up is the amorphous blob known as Ditto. With a few wavy lines and tiny dot eyes, you’ll quickly master its shape. Plus, since Ditto isn’t too challenging to draw as a volume, you won’t have to worry about perspective.

3. Luvdisc

Luvdisc, the aquatic fish Pokémon, is an excellent subject to practice drawing. Shaped like a heart (or a butt), it features a small face and pouty lips. With just 60-90 minutes of practice, you’ll have this adorable creature down pat.

4. Jigglypuff

Known for its soothing songs, Jigglypuff is not only one of the cutest Pokémon but also a relatively simple one to draw. Pay attention to the small wispy curl at the top and its pointy ears. Don’t be afraid to try drawing its evolutions, Wigglytuff and Igglybuff, for an extra challenge.

5. Pikachu

No list of Pokémon would be complete without Pikachu, the beloved yellow electric rat. While not the absolute easiest to draw, Pikachu’s popularity means you’ll find plenty of resources and tutorials to guide you. Focus on its hands and feet, as they can be a bit trickier to match with the original design.

6. Snorunt

Snorunt, a fun ice triangle monster, made its debut in Generation 2. The static nature of its design makes it relatively easy to draw. Start by mastering the basic shapes of cones, cylinders, and spheres, and you’ll have no trouble bringing Snorunt to life.

7. Gorebyss

Gorebyss, a majestic sea creature, may initially seem challenging to draw. However, once you break it down, you’ll realize it’s not as complicated as it appears. Pay attention to details like the tail tip and the unique seashell bra cups, and practice the overall shape to achieve perfection.

8. Wobbuffet

Wobbuffet, a ghostly candle Pokémon from Generation 5, offers an interesting drawing challenge. While aspects of its design are straightforward, like its simple body and facial features, accurately depicting the candle flame requires some shading and attention to detail.

9. Litwick

Another Generation 5 Pokémon, Litwick, also takes the form of a ghostly candle. Similar to Wobbuffet, this design poses both easy and difficult aspects to tackle. The body is relatively simple, but getting the candle flame just right may require some shading. Nevertheless, it’s still considered one of the easier designs from later games.

10. Spheal

Spheal, a cute, bubble-shaped seal Pokémon, practically begs to be drawn. If you’re comfortable drawing spheres, you’ll have no trouble capturing Spheal’s charm. Its name, a combination of “seal” and “sphere,” perfectly describes its simple form. Just remember, its final evolution, Walrein, is a bit more complex.

11. Munchlax

Choosing between Snorlax and Munchlax wasn’t easy, as both are relatively simple to draw. However, Munchlax gets the nod for being slightly more enjoyable. If you do want to try Snorlax, there are numerous resources available, including step-by-step videos, to guide you through the process.

12. Piplup

Although we wanted to avoid starters on this list, we couldn’t resist including Piplup. With its adorable design and relatively straightforward shapes, Piplup is a joy to draw. Pay close attention to the face, as it requires careful consideration of line segments and proportions.

13. Swalot

Swalot, an unusual-looking Pokémon from Generation 3, offers a unique drawing experience. While it may seem more challenging than some others, drawing Swalot pushes you to improve your skills. If you’re up for a challenge, give Swalot and its pre-evolution Gulpin a try.

14. Chimecho

Chimecho, a delightful psychic Pokémon, stands out with its long tail and small body. Compared to its pre-evolution, Chingling, Chimecho’s design requires you to think about shapes and proportions to bring the entire figure together.

15. Phanpy

Phanpy, one of the cutest baby Pokémon, boasts a relatively easy design. However, several tricky areas, such as the ears, legs, and trunk, call for extra attention. Despite its complexity, successfully capturing Phanpy’s essence on paper is incredibly rewarding.

16. Seedot

What could be simpler than drawing a basic acorn-shaped nut? Seedot’s design falls into the category of easy, making it a great choice for beginners. Watch out for the eyes, though, as the size of the pupils can be a bit tricky to get right. For an additional challenge, try drawing Seedot’s entire evolutionary line, including Nuzleaf.

17. Togepi

Togepi, the egg Pokémon, may have annoyed players as it hogged a slot in their party. However, drawing Togepi itself is a breeze. With its simple egg shape, Togepi offers a great opportunity to practice those geometric patterns. Remember, practice makes perfect!

18. Magnemite

Magnemite, with its oblong body shape, may seem straightforward at first glance. However, once you start drawing, you’ll discover slight complexities. Pay special attention to the perspective of the side magnets and the screw on top. With practice, this floating magnet will become a breeze to draw.

19. Goomy

Among the newer Generation 7 Pokémon, Goomy stands out as a simple and charming creature to draw. While the body shape may pose a challenge, it follows the same basic principles as Ditto. If you’ve mastered the art of drawing the pink copycat goo, you’ll have no trouble with Goomy.

20. Mew

Finally, we come to Mew, a legendary Pokémon and a symbol of old-school Pokémon nostalgia. Drawing Mew is like catching a rare Pokémon right at home; all you need is a sheet of paper or a drawing tablet. Countless video tutorials exist to guide you through the process, so try your hand at this majestic pink creature.

Remember, consistency and focused effort are key when it comes to drawing. These easy-to-draw Pokémon, along with their accompanying tutorials, provide an excellent starting point for aspiring artists. Whether you tackle your favorite Pokémon or challenge yourself to draw the entire 800+ lineup, embrace the joy of expressing your creativity through these beloved characters.

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