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How to Draw Stairs – Step by Step Guide

Architectural structures are a popular subject in artwork, including drawings. If you’re interested in drawing buildings or houses, it’s essential to start with the key features, such as stairs. To make it easier for you, we have created a tutorial that provides step-by-step instructions on how to draw stairs. This guide consists of nine easy instructions accompanied by simple illustrations to serve as your visual guide. So, let’s have fun and unleash your creativity in drawing stairs!

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

We’ll begin drawing the stairs from the ground up, starting with the lowest tread and gradually progressing to the highest tread. Start by drawing a diagonal parallelogram shape on the lower left side of your paper. This shape will represent the first tread of the stairs. Don’t forget to add lines at the bottom and right side edges of the step to give it a 3D and realistic appearance.

Step 2 – Draw the First Two Treads of the Stairs

Draw another tread slightly to the right and one step higher than the first tread. Remember to avoid aligning it directly above the previous tread. By the end of this step, you should have two treads starting from the ground.

Step 3 – Next, Draw the Third Tread of the Stairs

Repeat the previous step to create the third tread, which should be positioned one step higher than the second tread. At this point, your stairs will consist of three steps. Keep in mind that all treads should have a similar shape and size, varying only in their position.

Step 4 – Then, Add Another Tread on the Stairs

Continue by drawing a diagonal parallelogram shape one step higher from the third tread. This will serve as the fourth tread of the stairs, leaving only one more tread to complete the staircase.

Step 5 – Structure the Fifth and the Last Tread

Repeat the previous step to form the highest tread of the stairs. Now, you should have a total of five treads. Ensure that the steps form an upward diagonal line towards the right side. Remember to add thin lines at the bottom and right edge of each tread to create a three-dimensional effect.

Step 6 – Afterwards, Draw the Stairs’ Stringer

Draw a diagonal shape below the flight of stairs. This shape represents the stringer, which acts as the foundation for the steps. Then, draw vertical lines on the corner edges of each tread to connect all the steps together and emphasize the structure of the stairs.

Step 7 – Create the Central Pole of the Stairs

Draw a pole beside the lowest tread and another one on top of the highest tread. These poles form the central supporting column or the support column. Make sure the central poles are about an inch and a half tall and add lines along their length to create dimension.

Step 8 – Next, Draw the Hand Rail for Support

Draw an upward diagonal shape attached to the top part of both central poles. This will create the handrail, which provides support when walking up and down the stairs. Add a thin line across the length of the handrail near its upper edge to enhance the three-dimensional effect.

Step 9 – Add the Balusters in Between the Newels

Draw three poles between the lower and upper central poles drawn in the previous step. These poles are called balusters and provide additional support for the handrail. Remember to make the balusters thinner than the central poles.

Congratulations! You have successfully drawn stairs. Now, it’s time for the most exciting part – choosing the colors and coloring the stairs! Stairs can be painted in various colors according to the homeowner’s preference. Feel free to use any color you like. We recommend using different colors for the handrails and poles to make the stairs vibrant and colorful.

Three More Tips to Make Your Stairs Drawing Easy!

If you find the stairs drawing challenging, here are a few tips to simplify the process:

  • Simplify the details: While we have added intricate details, you can remove certain elements to make it easier, such as the thin base on each stair. Consider replacing it with a carpet covering.
  • Use preparation lines: To make the drawing process smoother, utilize pencil and ruler to draw a zigzagged line for the side of the stairs. This will aid in creating precise and consistent steps.

Now, go ahead and enjoy drawing your stairs!

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