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How to Draw Cute Easter Bunny Step-by-step

Let’s learn how to draw a cute Easter bunny in a few easy steps. This kawaii bunny design is simple and perfect for various creative projects. Whether you’re making DIY greeting cards or engaging in a fun drawing activity with kids, this tutorial will surely inspire you! Share your bunny drawings and creations with our supportive community on our private Facebook group. We can’t wait to see your artistic endeavors!

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial in Procreate

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Step-by-Step Cute Easter Bunny Drawing Tutorial

Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial to create your own cute Easter bunny drawing. I used a black felt-tip pen for the outline and colored pencils to bring it to life. The colored pencils add a textured effect, making the bunny appear furry and fluffy. Refer to the materials list below for more details. Feel free to save this tutorial by using the “Pin It” button to save it on Pinterest or download the printable PDF provided. Enjoy the process of drawing this charming bunny!

How to draw cute and easy Easter bunny step-by-step

Materials I Used

To create this adorable bunny drawing, I utilized the following materials:

  • Prismacolor Premier colored pencils:
    • Pink PC929
    • 20% Cool Grey PC1060
    • Canary Yellow PC916
    • White PC938 (for blending)
  • Bristol vellum surface paper
  • Copic Multiliner black pen, 0.7mm
  • Pencil and eraser

Full disclosure: I personally own and use all of these materials. If you decide to purchase anything through the provided links, Amazon will pay me a small commission at no additional cost to you. I genuinely appreciate your support. However, if you prefer to shop elsewhere, that’s absolutely fine too.

Printable PDF

Kawaii Easter Bunny

Click here to download a FREE printable PDF of this tutorial

Please feel free to enjoy this drawing and tutorial for personal use only. If you decide to share it with others, kindly give credit and provide a link back to this post.

Drawing Tips

Here are some helpful tips to enhance your bunny drawing experience:

  • Start by sketching the larger shapes such as the head and body. Gradually add smaller details like the ears, hands, and feet. Finally, incorporate decorative elements like flowers and paws.
  • Utilize guide lines to maintain symmetry between the left and right sides of the bunny. Additionally, use a guide line to position the face correctly (refer to Step 3).
  • If you prefer leaving the bunny white (by using a light grey pencil), consider creating a darker background. Alternatively, experiment with white paint on colored paper for a captivating effect.
  • Incorporate your bunny into various craft projects. For instance, create a lovely handmade Easter card, engage in paper crafting, or draw alongside your children. Check out the gallery below for some DIY and craft ideas!

My Inspiration for This Drawing

With Easter approaching, bunnies have become a prevalent symbol. Many of my readers had been requesting a bunny tutorial, so here it is! You can seamlessly incorporate this drawing into your Easter-themed craft projects.

Here’s an interesting fact: I reside in Australia, where bunnies, no matter how cute, are considered pests. Consequently, the symbol for Easter in Australia is a bilby—a local animal resembling a bunny but with larger and more pointed ears. In this bunny drawing, I incorporated elements reminiscent of a bilby. Notice the big pointy ears?

Cute Easter Bilby

You might be surprised to find chocolate Easter bilbies instead of chocolate bunnies at grocery stores in Australia. It’s truly fascinating!

DIY and Craft Ideas

Here are a few easy and enjoyable craft project ideas featuring a bunny design:

[Include craft ideas from the internet]

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