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How to Draw A Cartoon Deer – A Step by Step Guide

The animal kingdom is brimming with a diverse array of incredible creatures, each deserving of our admiration and appreciation. While some animals, like lions and tigers, exude both danger and beauty, others possess a more peaceful demeanor. Deer, in particular, belong to this second category, known for their serene nature.

Their inherent beauty and tranquil disposition make them a popular subject in various forms of artwork. If you’re eager to try your hand at drawing a cartoon deer, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, enabling you to create your very own charming rendition.

So, let’s dive in and discover just how enjoyable and effortless it can be to draw a cartoon deer in just eight simple steps.

How to Draw a Cartoon Deer – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Focus on the Antlers

how to draw a cartoon deer step 1 - antlers

One of the most distinctive features of a deer is its antlers. Hence, it is fitting to begin this guide by drawing them. Start by sketching curved lines with rounded branches extending from them. Since antlers can be challenging to draw, take your time and refer closely to the image provided. Add rounded lines for the top of the head, a small tuft of fur, and you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Bring Out the Eyes

how to draw a cartoon deer step 2 - eyes

In this second step, we’ll focus on the eyes and facial features. Draw small black circles for the eyes, adding white glints to create a lively effect. Then, outline each eye with a curvy oval shape and delicate eyelashes. Complete the eyes with rounded shapes and curved eyebrows.

Step 3: Complete the Head and Face

how to draw a cartoon deer step 3 - head

Now, let’s finalize the head and face of your cartoon deer drawing. Begin by drawing a rounded triangle for the nose, followed by curved lines for the smiling mouth. Add rounded shapes to represent the cheeks. The ears, noticeably large, should be placed on the sides of the head, each with a rounded tip. Don’t forget to include the inner ear shape for a realistic touch.

Step 4: Shape the Chest and Front Leg

how to draw a cartoon deer step 4 - chest and leg

Moving down, we’ll now focus on the neck, chest, and front legs. Start by sketching curved lines from the base of the head to create the neck and chest. Proceed to draw the first front leg, which should be short and thin, ending with a hoof shape that has two small tips.

Step 5: Draw the Second Front Leg

how to draw a cartoon deer step 5 - second front leg

Now, it’s time to draw the second front leg, mirroring the first one. The only difference is the addition of rounded lines at the top. Before moving on to the next step, add a rounded line to represent the belly.

Step 6: Outline the Back Legs

how to draw a cartoon deer step 6 - back legs

In this step, we’ll draw the back legs beneath the belly. Similar in appearance to the front legs, the back legs should bend inwards at the top. Once you’ve achieved the desired look, proceed to add some final details in the following step.

Step 7: Add Final Elements

how to draw a cartoon deer step 7 - final elements

Before reaching the final step, we need to complete the outline of the deer. Begin by drawing a curved, rounded line for the back, then add horizontal oval shapes to incorporate pattern detail. Finally, craft the fluffy tail using a combination of rounded and pointy lines. With these finishing touches, you can choose to add a background or additional details to enhance your artwork. The possibilities are endless!

Step 8: Infuse Vibrant Colors

how to draw a cartoon deer step 8 - coloring

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at the final step of this guide. Now, let’s indulge in the relaxing activity of coloring. In our reference image, we’ve presented one color scheme option, featuring muted and realistic tones like various shades of brown and tan. However, feel free to explore different color combinations and infuse your personal style into the composition. Unleash your creativity and make this cartoon deer drawing truly your own!

4 More Ways to Enhance Your Cartoon Deer Drawing

Discover exciting ideas to elevate your cartoon deer sketch even further!

  1. Expand the Animal Kingdom: Consider adding more deer or other animals to your artwork. You can create an entire deer party with different poses and directions. Let your imagination run wild!

  2. Create a Festive Atmosphere: Since deer and reindeer are often associated with Christmas, why not incorporate a festive twist? Add multiple deer, a sleigh, and even Santa himself to convey a delightful holiday vibe.

  3. Background Beautification: Complete your cartoon deer drawing by adding a suitable background. Whether it’s a serene forest scene with trees and plants or Santa’s workshop with a hint of magical whimsy, choose a backdrop that enhances the overall composition.

  4. Share Your Masterpiece: We would love to see how your cartoon deer drawing turned out! Feel free to share it with us on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. Your creativity deserves recognition!

Final Thoughts

Deer captivate us with their tranquil presence and breathtaking beauty. Drawing a cartoon deer allows you to capture their essence and recreate their charm on paper. We hope this step-by-step tutorial has not only made the process easier but also more enjoyable for you. Don’t shy away from adding your personal touch and experimenting with different backgrounds and details.

If you relished this endeavor, rest assured that our website offers many more exciting drawing tutorials. We look forward to welcoming you back soon, as we continue to upload new and inspiring content.

Now, go ahead and proudly share your completed cartoon deer drawing with us. Happy drawing!

how to draw a cartoon deer in 8 easy steps

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