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How to Draw Charizard – Step by Step Guide

In the Pokémon universe created by Nintendo and Game Freak, Charizard stands out as one of the most iconic creatures. As the final evolution of Charmander and Charmeleon, Charizard possesses the captivating ability to unleash scorching fire that can melt even the sturdiest boulders. With its dual Fire and Flying types, Charizard is undeniably a force to be reckoned with.

drawing charizard in 9 steps

Given the tremendous popularity of Charizard among Pokémon enthusiasts, there is a growing demand for a comprehensive and accessible Charizard drawing tutorial. Well, your wish has been fulfilled! We have crafted a step-by-step guide consisting of 9 easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by helpful illustrations.

All you need is a pen and paper to embark on this creative journey. So, let’s dive in and bring Charizard to life!

How to Draw Charizard – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

charizard drawing step 1

To begin, start at the upper left corner of your paper and sketch an irregular circle shape, forming the outline of Charizard’s head. The width of the shape should exceed its length, as depicted in the illustration.

Step 2 – Create an Outline of Charizard’s Head

charizard drawing step 2

Next, continue outlining by drawing two triangular shapes on either side of Charizard’s head. Additionally, complete the head shape by adding a sideways oval at the bottom of the previously drawn circle. This oval represents Charizard’s snout and should be wider than the head shape. Refer to the illustration for guidance.

While sketching, remember to apply gentle strokes and avoid pressing down too hard with your pencil. This way, any unnecessary lines can be effortlessly erased later on.

Step 3 – Polish Up the Shape of Charizard’s Head

charizard drawing step 3

Using an eraser, eliminate any overlapping lines within the head shapes from the previous steps. This action will refine the outline of Charizard’s head, providing a cleaner and more defined appearance.

Step 4 – Afterwards, Draw Charizard’s Body

charizard drawing step 4

Moving on to the body, draw an elongated curved shape directly beneath Charizard’s head. This shape will serve as both the neck and torso. Emphasize the belly area, giving it a rounded look.

Step 5 – Then, Add Charizard’s Pair of Legs

charizard drawing step 5

Create Charizard’s legs by drawing a curved line on each side at the bottom of the torso. These lines outline the legs. Next, draw another curved line connected to the previous lines to form the feet. By completing this step, you will have successfully drawn Charizard’s pair of legs.

Step 6 – Next, Draw Charizard’s Pair of Arms

charizard drawing step 6

On either side of Charizard’s body, sketch elongated curved shapes near its chest. These shapes represent Charizard’s arms. Additionally, draw a curved line descending across Charizard’s chest, forming the underside of its body.

Step 7 – Draw Charizard’s Tail With a Flame

charizard drawing step 7

Construct the tail by drawing an elongated triangular shape attached to the lower back of Charizard. Within the tail, add a thin line to outline its underside. The triangular shape should curve upwards, as demonstrated in the illustration. To capture Charizard’s essence, don’t forget to include the iconic flame at the tip of its tail.

Step 8 – Afterwards, Draw Charizard’s Wings

charizard drawing step 8

Render Charizard’s wings by sketching the bone structure in an upside-down “V” shape. Then, connect curved lines at the bottom, forming a triangular wing shape. When executed correctly, Charizard’s wings will resemble those of a bat. Keep in mind that only the right wing is visible since Charizard is facing sideways.

Step 9 – Now, Add Charizard’s Facial Features

charizard drawing step 9

To give Charizard a cheerful expression, sketch two oval shapes to outline its eyes. Inside each eye, create small circles to depict the iris. Enhance the eyes’ impact by shading the entire eye area, excluding the small circles. This technique will produce a captivating “gleaming eyes” effect. Lastly, draw two small shaded circles side by side to form Charizard’s nose.

And voila! Your Charizard drawing has finally come to life! The only thing left to do is add a splash of colors to make Charizard vibrant and visually captivating.

Whether you choose to stick with Charizard’s original color palette of orange, cream underside, and teal wings, or you opt for a unique color scheme, the choice is yours. Feel free to experiment and customize your artwork according to your preferences. After all, it’s your artistic creation!

By following these simple steps, you now possess the knowledge and skills to draw an impressive Charizard that will awe Pokémon enthusiasts and art lovers alike. So grab your pen, let your creativity flow, and enjoy the process of bringing Charizard into existence!

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