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How to Draw A Beach – A Step by Step Guide

how to draw beach in 7 steps

Who doesn’t adore a visit to the beach? It’s an incredible escape from the daily grind, with the rhythmic crashes of the waves against the rocks, the melodic squawks of seagulls, and the refreshing saltiness in the air. The beach is a tranquil and enjoyable place for everyone, offering something special to each person who sets foot on its sandy shores.

Moreover, the beach is a captivating location that has inspired numerous works of art, including paintings, drawings, films, and more. Sketching a picturesque beach scene can be quite challenging, but fear not! This comprehensive step-by-step guide on beach drawing will help you create stunning beach landscapes in no time.

Let’s Get Started! (Step 1)

beach drawing step 1

To begin, let’s keep it simple. We want to create an image that resembles a painting. Start by drawing a basic rectangle. Feel free to use a ruler or even a set-square to ensure perfection. If you prefer a borderless image, draw the rectangle lightly with a pencil. Once you’ve finished this step, you’re ready for the second phase of your beach drawing.

Draw the Horizon Line (Step 2)

beach drawing step 2

For this step, it’s advisable to use a pencil. With the help of a ruler, carefully draw a horizontal line across the rectangle. If you’re using a pen, leave a small gap about three-quarters of the way across the line. We’ll be adding elements to that space in the next few steps.

Add Some Birds and Erase the Line (Step 3)

beach drawing step 3

If you initially drew the horizontal line with a pencil, it’s time to erase some of it. Erase the line from around the three-quarter mark, referring to the image for guidance. Feel free to refine the remaining portion of the line. Once you’re satisfied with the horizon line, draw three birds using a simple flat ‘M’ shape.

Now, Draw Some Palm Trees (Step 4)

beach drawing step 4

A tropical beach isn’t complete without palm trees. In this step, let’s add these iconic trees to enhance the atmosphere of your beach drawing. Utilize the space you previously erased in the third step and carefully draw two palm trees using curved lines. Although they’ll be floating in mid-air for now, don’t worry, we’ll soon provide them with a solid ground to stand on.

Next, Draw the Sun and Some Land (Step 5)

beach drawing step 5

In this step, we’ll add the shoreline and other essential details to make your beach drawing come to life. Begin by extending the end of the horizon line with a curvy line downwards, representing gentle waves lapping at the shore. Depending on the desired ambiance, you can make the waves wavier or straighter to depict a calm or stormy sea.

On the right-hand side, draw jagged lines to create a grassy outcropping on the beach sand. Then, draw a large, rounded line just above the leftmost side of the horizon to represent the sun. Complete the sun by surrounding it with small, curved lines to depict rays of sunshine.

Let’s Draw the Final Details (Step 6)

beach drawing step 6

Before adding color, let’s incorporate some final details to make your beach drawing truly amazing. Refer to the reference image to add curvy lines near the shoreline, creating more wave detail at the water’s edge. Feel free to include any additional details you desire. Perhaps dolphins leaping or a boat sailing on the water? The choice is yours!

Finish Off Your Beach Drawing with Colors! (Step 7)

beach drawing step 7

Now, it’s time to bring your beach drawing to life with beautiful colors! This step allows you to showcase your creativity and make your artwork unique. While we provide guidance on how we would color the image, feel free to explore your own color choices.

For a vibrant and enchanting day at the beach, consider using bright, luminescent colors. Mediums like acrylic paints or colored pens can add a stunning touch. Alternatively, if you’re aiming for a calm atmosphere, opt for cooler blues and greys. Watercolor paints or colored pencils can help achieve this effect. To enhance the painting, you might consider adding an ornate frame, recreating the feeling of a museum masterpiece. We can’t wait to see your creative interpretation!

4 More Ways to Make Your Beach Drawing Unique

Create a peaceful day at the beach with these 4 exciting tips!

  1. Add Beach Elements: Don’t forget to include various natural and man-made objects commonly found at the beach. Consider adding beach towels, umbrellas, sandcastles, or even people enjoying the shoreline.

  2. Play with Water Details: Have fun adding details to the water. Draw a sailboat peacefully sailing or depict dolphins, whales, or other sea creatures leaping joyfully from the waves.

  3. Experiment with Weather Details: Change the nature of your beach sketch by altering the weather. Add big, dark clouds for a stormy scene or remove clouds to make the day even brighter with a prominent sun.

  4. Get Creative with Colors: Let your imagination run wild when it comes to coloring your beach drawing. Use colors to enhance the desired weather details. Capture the peacefulness of a sunset scene with warm oranges and reds using watercolor paints.

Your Beach Drawing is Complete!

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable time following this step-by-step guide on how to draw a beach. If you initially found the image to be intimidating, we hope this guide has shown you how achievable it really is. Now it’s your turn to add intricate details, additions, and choose colors that express your artistic vision!

This drawing presents an excellent opportunity to explore a new medium that you may not typically use. Remember, there are countless step-by-step drawing guides available on our website, so be sure to check frequently for your next creative endeavor. We would love to see your finished beach drawing, so please share it with us on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

how to draw a beach in 7 easy steps

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