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How to Draw Shopkins – A Step by Step Guide

how to draw Shopkins in 6 steps

Every week, families all around the world embark on the somewhat mundane task of grocery shopping. While it may seem monotonous, imagine how much more exciting it would be if the grocery items were transformed into cute little characters. That’s exactly what the Shopkins line of toys aims to do – showcasing the inherent cuteness of everyday grocery products.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to bring your own unique variation of Shopkins to life through drawing. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to create these adorable characters yourself.

Let’s Get Started – Drawing Shopkins

Step 1 – Sketching the Body of the Shopkin

how to draw Shopkins step 1

For our Shopkins drawing, let’s start by depicting a delightful cupcake character. Although we’ll be focusing on this specific design, you can use the techniques you learn here to create various other Shopkins characters of your own.

Begin by drawing the cupcake’s “body” using a curved line with sharp edges that form a rounded square shape. On top of this shape, draw wavy lines to represent the icing. Leave the top part of the icing blank for now – we’ll fill it in soon. Finally, add thin rounded shapes on the sides to create the little arms of the Shopkin.

Step 2 – Adding the Face and Details

how to draw Shopkins step 2

To continue our Shopkins drawing, it’s time to give our cupcake character a face and other defining details. Draw two relatively large circles inside the body of the cupcake to serve as the eyes. Within these eye outlines, add smaller circle shapes and some eyelashes around the edges. Then, use simple lines to depict the nose, eyebrows, and mouth.

For the cupcake’s body, draw small, stubby legs with bows attached. Additionally, give our Shopkin a small staff with an apple at the end. Lastly, add curvy lines inside the icing and a triangular, rounded shape poking out alongside another bow for extra flair.

Step 3 – Filling in the Icing

how to draw Shopkins step 3

In this next step, we’ll add more icing to our adorable Shopkin character. Draw curved lines that gradually move inward to create the side of the icing. As you draw higher, make the pile of icing thinner. To add texture, incorporate wavy lines across the interior of the icing.

Step 4 – Polishing the Icing Tip

how to draw Shopkins step 4

Now, let’s focus on perfecting the outline of the icing on top of our cupcake. Use curved lines for the sides, gradually tapering them to create a slightly pointed yet rounded tip. Draw wavy texture lines across the final area of the icing to add depth.

Step 5 – Adding Final Details

how to draw Shopkins step 5

Before we reach the final step, let’s add some finishing touches. Enhance your Shopkins drawing with fun sprinkle shapes all around the icing. Feel free to experiment with different shapes such as small circles or rectangles. You can even use additional art mediums like beads or stickers to create texture and shine. Let your creativity shine through!

Step 6 – Bringing Your Shopkins Drawing to Life with Color

how to draw Shopkins step 6

In this final step, let’s add color to your creation. We’ve chosen a combination of yellow for the cupcake body, blue for the icing, and pink for the sprinkles and accessories. However, feel free to use your favorite colors to make your Shopkins truly unique. You can even incorporate crafts such as beads and small stickers for added visual impact. Let your imagination run wild!

Take Your Shopkins Drawing to the Next Level

Make your adorable Shopkins sketch even more extraordinary with these fun ideas:

  • Experiment with different color schemes that reflect your personal taste.
  • Use creative art and craft tools like beads, stickers, or glitter to enhance the texture and visual appeal.
  • Explore various Shopkins characters and incorporate your favorites into your drawing.
  • Consider adding a background to complete your Shopkins masterpiece. Let your creativity flow by choosing a setting that complements the theme or surprises viewers.

Your Shopkins Drawing is Complete!

The Shopkins line of toys brings a touch of magic to the ordinary routine of grocery shopping. We hope you had fun capturing that magic in your drawing. Now, unleash your creativity by adding your own details and elements. You can even take this opportunity to design a brand new Shopkins character. The possibilities are endless!

What product would you love to see transformed into a Shopkins character? We can’t wait to see how you’ll bring your drawing to life! Share your amazing Shopkins creations on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

how to draw Shopkins in 6 steps

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