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How to Draw Anime Eyes: Easy Step by Step Tutorial

When I was young, one of my favorite things to draw was anime characters, particularly their expressive eyes. Drawing anime eyes is a delightful and straightforward activity. It allows you to create without the pressure of achieving hyper-realism. In this article, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw captivating anime eyes.

To make this tutorial more accessible, I’ve chosen to demonstrate the steps digitally. However, the techniques I’ll share can be applied both digitally and traditionally.

As you embark on drawing these anime eyes, I suggest using quick, light strokes to achieve the desired shape and form. This approach not only helps you achieve the desired outcome but also lends depth and dimension to your drawings.

Drawing is a fantastic way to quiet your mind and tap into the joy of creation. I hope this tutorial inspires you to draw more frequently. Enjoy experimenting with these anime eye drawings and have a blast throughout the process!

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Step 1: Sketch the Upper Lid

To start, draw the upper lid of the anime eye by creating a gently curved line resembling a hill.

Step 2: Outline the Lower Lid

Next, draw an inverted curve to form the lower lid of your anime eyes.

Step 3: Shape the Iris

Now, sketch an oval shape to represent the iris of your anime eye drawing.

Step 4: Add Light Source Reflections

Include small, uncolored spots in the corners of the eye. These spots represent the areas where light hits the eyes.

Step 5: Draw the Pupil

Draw a dark spot in the center of the eye to depict the pupil of your anime eye drawing.

Step 6: Shade the Iris

Using your pencil or pen, shade in the iris, leaving the bottom portion relatively lighter.

Feel free to experiment with different stylizations and explore various art styles.

Step 7: Enhance with Eyelashes

If you’re drawing a female anime character, you can thicken the top lid and add eyelashes for a more feminine appearance.

Later in this article, I’ll showcase different anime eye styles, including male designs.

Step 8: Add Eyelid Crease and Eyebrows

For added detail, consider adding an eyelid crease or eyebrows to your anime eyes.

And just like that, you’ve completed your stunning anime eye drawing!

More Exquisite Anime Eye Drawings to Explore

Here are additional anime eye drawings to inspire you. Experiment with different genders and styles as desired.

Remember that you can adapt the male and female eye drawings by making slight adjustments to suit the character you envision.

Enjoy your drawing journey!

Here is a collage of the final anime eye drawings, along with other examples to try.

All of these images were created using my 2-in-1 laptop. However, even with a budget of $30, you can purchase a drawing tablet that allows you to create digital artwork.

In the past, I started my digital drawing journey with a Wacom tablet (similar to the one linked above). If you’re an avid artist, I highly recommend trying out digital drawing. It’s a valuable skill to master, whether you’re interested in pursuing art professionally or simply as a delightful hobby or side gig!

As for the software, I previously used Paint Tool Sai, a beginner-friendly and free program. Currently, I use Photoshop to create my digital drawings.

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Thank you for visiting my blog post! I hope you enjoyed these drawings and gained valuable insights to kickstart your own anime eye creations.

The eyes of your characters hold much of their personality, so let your creativity soar as you breathe life into these mesmerizing features!

Wishing you a fantastic day or night, wherever you may be. Until next time!

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