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How to Draw A Flower Vase – A Step by Step Guide

How to Draw A Flower Vase

Flowers bring life, color, and sweet scents to any environment. While it’s lovely to see flowers in a garden or in the wild, sometimes you want to bring them indoors. One of the best ways to display flowers is by using a flower vase. Not only does a vase keep flowers together, but it also helps to keep them watered.

Vases can be works of art in themselves, with beautiful structures, patterns, and colors. In this step-by-step guide, we will learn how to draw a flower vase so that you can create your own unique designs. This tutorial will cover the basics, allowing you to experiment and add your own personal touch to your drawings.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Starting with the Top Right-Hand Portion

How to Draw A Flower Vase step 1

Flower vases come in various shapes and designs. For this guide, we will start by creating a standard flower vase. Begin by drawing a curved line that moves inward and then curves out again. This will form the top ridge of the flower vase. Feel free to draw a rough version of the overall shape using a light pencil to guide you.

Step 2: Drawing the Rest of the Right-Hand Side

How to Draw A Flower Vase step 2

Continuing from the previous step, draw the rest of the right-hand side of the flower vase. The line should curve down and inward, following the shape of the vase. Keep in mind that the base of the vase has a slight curve, so ensure that you capture this detail. For now, focus on drawing half of the base.

Step 3: Adding the Rest of the Outline

How to Draw A Flower Vase step 3

In this step, we will replicate the previous two steps, but in reverse. Symmetry is essential, so take your time to ensure that both sides match. Start by drawing the top ridge of the flower vase, curving it slightly inward. Then, draw the body of the vase by curving outward. Finally, complete the lower portion of the base, connecting it to the previous side. Once you’re satisfied with the outline, erase any unnecessary pencil lines.

Step 4: Drawing the Hole of the Flower Vase

How to Draw A Flower Vase step 4

Now that we have the outline, let’s add the detail that makes a flower vase functional – the opening for the flowers. Draw a flat, oval shape at the top of the vase, representing the hole. If you plan to have flowers poking out later, leave out the uppermost lines of the outline. You can also add shading or color to create the illusion of depth in the vase.

Step 5: Adding Final Details

How to Draw A Flower Vase step 5

In this step, we’ll add some final details to enhance the appearance of the flower vase. Consider adding another curved line beneath the top ridge to create a sense of depth. You can also experiment with different patterns or textures to personalize your vase. Additionally, feel free to add a background or other objects to complement the drawing.

Step 6: Bringing Life to Your Artwork with Color

How to Draw A Flower Vase step 6

Coloring is where your artwork truly comes alive. Use different tones and shading techniques to bring depth and realism to your flower vase. Experiment with various art mediums like watercolor or colored pencils to achieve the desired effects. Don’t be afraid to express your creativity and make this artwork truly unique to you.

Your Flower Vase Drawing is Complete!

How to Draw A Flower Vase step by step guide

Congratulations on completing your flower vase drawing! While this tutorial provided a simple design, it’s just the beginning of your artistic journey. Use this foundation to explore different vase shapes, patterns, colors, and background settings. The possibilities are endless, and the choice of colors and art tools is up to your imagination. We’d love to see your finished artwork, so feel free to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. Happy drawing!

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