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The Ultimate Frozen Face Painting Guide

Transforming into an Ice Princess

Disney’s enchanting movie Frozen took the world by storm, and now with the release of Frozen 2, little kids everywhere want to dress up as their favorite princesses, Anna and Elsa. And what better way to add magic to their costumes than with beautiful frozen face paint designs? In this post, we’ll show you how to create stunning ice princess transformations that will delight any Frozen fan. Whether you’re planning a Frozen themed birthday party or a movie viewing party, this guide is perfect for you!

Easy Crowns for Beginners and Pros

1-Stroke Ice Princess Crowns

If you’re new to frozen-themed face painting, these simple crown designs are a great place to start. They’re also perfect if you need to paint a lot of frozen designs quickly. Choose a 1-stroke face painting cake with a mix of blues and teals for that icy look. You can also add silver, white, pink, or purple to add more color to your designs. Fusion Snow Queen and Frozen Queen are popular choices with a dark edge that eliminates the need for outlining. Alternatively, you can use a rainbow cake with softer colors and outline your strokes with teardrops and swirls in white or dark blue.

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To paint the 1-stroke crown, use a flat brush like the Jest Paint Bolt Brush 1″ Stroke. Load up a small rainbow cake with paint and create petal-like strokes around the forehead. Then, use a round brush to add details like swirls, twirls, teardrops, icicles, snowflakes, and flowers. Stencils can be a helpful tool too! Here are some step-by-step guides and final designs submitted by talented face painters.

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Large Rainbow Cakes for Ice Princess Designs

For more intricate designs, we have a wide selection of large rainbow cakes perfect for frozen-inspired face paint. These beautiful gradients can be sponged across the forehead and over the eyes to create an icy base. Use a slightly damp Splash Face Painting Sponge to load the colors onto the sponge and pat it onto the skin to achieve your desired gradient look. Once the base is set, you can use a round paint brush to add details. Professional face painters from around the world have submitted these stunning frozen princess designs for inspiration.

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Super Speedy Princess Face Art

If you’re short on time or your little princess prefers a smaller design, you can create a single-eye design that they’ll love. Remember, a little face paint goes a long way! Use a 1-stroke cake or a large rainbow cake to add shimmery blues and white, and then add details and stenciling. For swirls and curls, start at the outer corner of the eye and let them flow onto the cheekbone and up over the eyebrow.

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Frozen Butterflies, Unicorns, Kitties, and More!

The frozen face painting theme doesn’t have to be limited to royalty. You can also create frozen-style unicorns, snow kittens, icy dragons, snow monsters, fairies, butterflies, and more! Use your frozen-colored cakes to bring these magical creatures to life. These cakes are also perfect for painting mermaids and peacock eye masks by incorporating some green.

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Bling Them Up!

Adding glitter, Liquid Bling, and sparkly gems can take your frozen princess and ice queen designs to the next level. Glue on a pre-made bling cluster or a single gem to the center of your crown for added impact. Here are some of our favorite Jest Jewelz for frozen-themed designs. Always use skin-safe glue, and we recommend medical-grade body glue that won’t irritate the skin.

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Extra Frozen Makeup Inspiration

Cosplay artists, makeup enthusiasts, and parents can all catch the frozen fever. If you want to go beyond snowflakes and icicles, draw inspiration from the princesses’ dresses. Anna and Elsa have stunning dresses adorned with flowers and vibrant colors like purple, berry wine, bright spring green, super dark blue, and pink. In Frozen 2, Anna wears a dress with a bright dragonfly embroidery, which could be a unique centerpiece for a crown. Incorporate snowflake stencils and bling to add extra flair. Here are some beautiful designs submitted by artists from around the world.

Frozen Face Paint Image 7

Looking for More Frozen Makeup Products?

For a wide selection of frozen-themed face painting products, visit our special frozen face painting page at Jest Paint. We have solid colors, pearly powders, rainbow cakes, gems, and more that are perfect for turning any little girl into a snowflake covered princess. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]. We hope these ideas inspire you to create magical frozen designs. Happy Frozen season everyone!

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