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How to Draw an Airplane in 7 Easy Steps (for Kids)

How to Draw an Airplane in 7 Easy Steps (for Kids)

As we reminisce about our childhood, it’s no surprise that airplanes captivated our hearts. The anticipation of hearing the roaring sound as a plane takes off or lands filled us with excitement. Our children are no exception to this enthusiasm. That’s why I’m confident they’ll thoroughly enjoy this step-by-step airplane drawing tutorial.

To begin, gather the following materials:


  • Pencil
  • Paper

Now, let’s dive into the instructions:


Step 1: Sketch the Body

Start by drawing a large oval to represent the body of the airplane. Remember, the shape should be asymmetrical, with one side larger and the other side sharper. This distinction allows you to highlight the airplane’s nose and tail.

Step 2: Outline the Nose

Begin with a basic circle near the eye area. Make sure the eye is positioned where you desire. Next, draw a curved line near the larger side of the oval. Divide that side into three imaginary parts and sketch the curve from the second portion to the bottom. This serves as your guide in completing the nose of the airplane.

Step 3: Add the Tail

Now, it’s time to draw one of the airplane’s tails, known as the vertical stabilizer. Imagine a shape resembling a shark’s fin and draw it on the back part, near the sharper edge of the airplane.

Step 4: Include the Smaller Tail

For this step, draw the other tail, also called the horizontal stabilizer. The process is similar to Step 3, but this time draw it horizontally. Don’t forget to erase any overlapping lines to achieve a clearer shape.

Step 5: Attach the Wings

Let’s add the wings! Draw a surfboard-like shape on top of the larger side of the airplane, angling it at 45 degrees and extending it through the body. To create a more realistic airplane appearance, make the right wing longer than the left.

Step 6: Refine the Wing Details

Now, it’s time to refine the wing and nose details. Remove any excess lines and close one part of the wings by adding a simple line a short distance above the plane’s belly.

Step 7: Draw the Windows

In the final step, draw the windows of your airplane by sketching small circles along the body. Start with smaller circles and gradually increase their size as you approach the cockpit. For the cockpit itself, add an unfinished oval shape on top of the nose.

Once you’ve completed these steps, erase any unnecessary lines to achieve a flawless airplane drawing. Congratulations on creating your very own airplane masterpiece!

Easy steps in drawing an airplane.

While your kids engage in this airplane drawing tutorial, you can also keep them entertained with a delightful collection of coloring books designed just for them.

Remember, with each stroke of the pencil, your child’s creativity and imagination take flight!

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