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12 Beautiful Mermaid Drawings for Kids

Mermaids have captivated the imaginations of countless children throughout history. Although myths and stories about these enchanting half-human, half-fish creatures abound, there is no concrete evidence of their existence. Nonetheless, children continue to be fascinated by the allure of mermaids. To offer young ones a glimpse into this fantastical world, I have curated a collection of 12 stunning mermaid drawings and designs.

3 Simple Step-by-Step Mermaid Drawings

For beginners, I recommend starting with these three mermaid designs, as they feature simple yet delightful illustrations accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. Additionally, if you’re seeking engaging projects suitable for younger children, consider exploring some mermaid-themed crafts!

1. Effortless Mermaid Drawing

Simple Mermaid Drawing
Photo credit: The Drawbot

Let’s begin with a straightforward mermaid design that will keep your children occupied. This step-by-step guide by The Drawbot allows kids to draw a mermaid from scratch and even add their own colors. It’s a perfect starting point for budding artists.

2. Cartoon Mermaid Drawing: “How to Draw a Mermaid”

“How to Draw a Mermaid” Cartoon Drawing
Photo credit: How To Draw Funny Cartoons

Mermaids are beloved characters in children’s TV shows and cartoons due to their renowned singing abilities. Get in touch with your child’s inner siren and sing along while following this cartoon mermaid drawing tutorial from How To Draw Funny Cartoons. If the written steps aren’t sufficient, don’t fret—there’s also a detailed video tutorial available on their website. Encourage your kids to explore their passion for music by creating homemade instruments!

3. Mermaid Princess Drawing for Kids: “How to Draw a Mermaid Princess”

To truly immerse your children into the underwater world, encourage them to draw a mermaid princess surrounded by other sea creatures like dolphins, turtles, and crabs. This mermaid drawing by Colorful Creative Kids serves as a perfect reference. As your kids draw, let their imagination flourish by adding elements like rocks, algae, other marine life, or even sunken ships laden with treasure! If your children enjoy crafts and activities inspired by sea creatures, be sure not to miss our posts on jellyfish crafts and ocean crafts.

6 Adorable and Easy-to-Create Mermaid Drawings

Your children will be enchanted by the following four mermaid drawings, as each one possesses a cute and approachable design.

4. Pretty and Charming Mermaid Drawing

Pretty Mermaid Drawing
Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Mermaids are renowned for their radiant beauty and are even revered as deities or spiritual beings in certain cultures. I Heart Crafty Things showcases this aspect through their lovely mermaid drawing. The tutorial begins with drawing the mermaid’s beautiful face and flowing hair, followed by the body and tail. Their website includes detailed instructions and helpful tips, from initial sketches to the finishing touches.

5. Chibi Cartoon Mermaid Drawing

Chibi Cartoon Mermaid Drawing

This video tutorial from Draw So Cute’s channel demonstrates how to create a chibi-style mermaid drawing. Chibi refers to a drawing style often seen in Japanese manga that exaggerates the proportions of a character’s body to enhance cuteness. These chibi-style drawings are perfect for beginners, as they are simple to create and forgiving of mistakes. In fact, any errors your children make will only enhance the charm of their mermaids! Speaking of easy designs, check out our collection of easy animals to draw for kids.

6. Beginner-Friendly Mermaid Drawing

Mermaid Drawing: Easy for Older Kids
Photo credit: Felt Magnet

Mermaids come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. Encourage your children to unleash their creativity by designing mermaids that are as diverse and colorful as they desire. This particular mermaid, brought to you by Felt Magnet, exudes a sweet and amiable appearance. The artist has given her frizzy hair and a heart-shaped waist, and even added scribbled lines to create the scales on her tail. Let your children’s imagination run wild!

7. Easy and Endearing Mermaid Drawing

Easy & Cute Mermaid Drawing
Photo credit: Art Project For Kids

Have you ever wondered about the difference between mermaids and sirens? While physically similar, mermaids and sirens possess different attitudes towards humans. Sirens are dangerous creatures known for luring ships and sailors to their doom with their enchanting voices. On the other hand, mermaids are the epitome of goodness. This mermaid design from Art Project For Kids depicts a friendly mermaid that your children can easily draw. Enjoy the process!

8. Master the Art of Mermaid Tails

Mermaid Tail Drawing
Photo credit: Markcrilley

If you’re eager to improve your sketching skills, Markcrilley’s video tutorial is an excellent starting point. With a comprehensive guide, the tutorial delves into the intricacies of drawing mermaid tails, offering depth and ratio explanations. Follow along to sharpen your artistic abilities!

9. Unlock Your Creativity: Mermaid Drawing from the Word “Mermaid”

Mermaid Drawing From the Word “Mermaid”
Photo credit: Let’s Draw

Prepare to be amazed by this clever and imaginative tutorial from Let’s Draw. Discover how a beautiful mermaid design can be created from the word “mermaid.” The transformation is astonishing! Never underestimate the wonders you can achieve with your artistic prowess. For more surprising art projects, learn how to tie-dye a shirt and experiment with exciting patterns.

3 Mermaid Drawings Unveiled: Step-by-Step Guides

For those seeking meticulous guidance, here are three mermaid drawings accompanied by step-by-step tutorials.

10. Kawaii Ariel: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Kawaii Ariel: Step-By-Step Tutorial
Photo credit: Tatyana Deniz

Disney’s timeless classic, “The Little Mermaid,” continues to captivate children, even today. Tatyana Deniz provides invaluable tips for drawing Ariel, the beloved mermaid princess. Learn to visualize body parts in terms of geometric shapes to bring your drawings to life. If your children are fans of Disney, particularly the Star Wars series, they’ll be delighted to explore our list of Baby Yoda crafts.

11. Master the Art of Mermaid Tails: “How to Draw a Mermaid Tail” Tutorial

“How to Draw a Mermaid Tail” Tutorial
Photo credit: Step By Step Painting

Given that mermaids are mythical beings, we can only imagine what they truly look like. This mermaid design by Step By Step Painting allows you to focus on the intricate details of the mermaid’s hair and tail. While her face remains unseen, feel free to let your creativity flow and imagine her unique features.

12. Effortless Mermaid Drawing: “How to Draw a Mermaid” Easy Tutorial

“How to Draw a Mermaid” Easy Tutorial
Photo credit: Let’s Draw That

Challenge your artistic abilities by recreating this mermaid drawing from Let’s Draw That. Their website provides an awesome, detailed step-by-step guide that will leave you feeling like a talented artist once completed. Unleash your creative potential and embark on this delightful drawing journey.

Discover the Mesmerizing World of Mermaid Drawings

These 12 magnificent mermaid drawings serve as both captivating artwork and an opportunity to develop your children’s drawing skills. Which of these mermaid designs charmed you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And for more fun crafts featuring enchanting creatures, explore our compilation of owl crafts and cat crafts.

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