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How to Draw a Ribbon – Step by Step Guide

drawing ribbon in 9 steps

The ribbon, a narrow strip of fabric commonly used for decoration or tying objects, has countless purposes. Learning how to draw a ribbon can be incredibly useful when sketching various items such as headbands, blouses, or even gift wraps!

To simplify your experience, we have developed a comprehensive tutorial that will guide you through the process of drawing a ribbon. This step-by-step guide consists of nine easy instructions accompanied by simple illustrations, serving as your visual aid.

The exciting part about this tutorial is that it allows you to customize your ribbon by adding unique fabric patterns and colors. So let your creativity flow and enjoy creating your own artistic ribbon!

How to Draw a Ribbon – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

ribbon drawing step 1

Begin by drawing the central part or the knot of the ribbon. Create a square-shaped form, forming the base of the knot.

Step 2 – Draw the Left Part of the Ribbon

ribbon drawing step 2

Now, it’s time to sketch the left side of the ribbon. Draw a triangular shape, resembling the illustration.

Step 3 – Draw the Right Side of the Ribbon

ribbon drawing step 3

Similar to Step 2, draw a triangle-like shape. This time, focus on the right side of the ribbon.

Step 4 – Draw the Left Lace of the Ribbon

ribbon drawing step 4

This step will define the end of the ribbon’s tie section. Draw another triangle-like shape, almost vertically, unlike the horizontal shapes from Steps 2 and 3.

Step 5 – Complete the Form of the Ribbon

ribbon drawing step 5

Just as you did in Step 4 for the left side, draw the outline of the right side of the ribbon’s tie. By now, you have successfully created the main structure of the ribbon.

Step 6 – Draw the Dimensions on the Left Side

ribbon drawing step 6

To add a touch of realism to your ribbon, you will create a fold on the top left. Draw a curved line connecting the top left of the shape from Step 2 to the top-left part of the shape from Step 1.

Step 7 – Draw the Dimensions on the Right Side

ribbon drawing step 7

Repeat the process from Step 6, but this time, focus on the right part (from Step 3).

Step 8 – Add Some Patterns on the Bow of the Ribbon

ribbon drawing step 8

To add a realistic “tight knot” effect, draw short curved lines in two directions: horizontally along the outer edge of the square (from Step 1) and vertically within the same square.

Step 9 – Add Some Patterns on the Laces of the Ribbon

ribbon drawing step 9

Repeat the process from Step 8, but this time, add longer curved and diagonal lines inside the shapes created in Steps 4 and 5, as illustrated.

ribbon drawing 9 steps

Now, it’s time to make your ribbon more colorful! Add shades of red or pink to all sections of the ribbon.

3 More Tips to Make Your Ribbon Drawing Easy!

Drawing an intricate object like a ribbon can be challenging, especially when dealing with fabric-like materials. Here are three useful tips to make your drawing process easier:

  1. Use a Physical Ribbon as a Reference: Consider having an actual ribbon in front of you while drawing. This will help you create a more realistic shape and flow. If you can find a ribbon similar to our example, that’s perfect! Alternatively, you can purchase a ribbon and tie it in a similar style to our tutorial.

  2. Simplify the Details: While adding creases and intricate details can enhance your drawing, they are not essential. If you find it difficult, feel free to omit some of the smaller details. Remember, even with simplified features, your ribbon will still look amazing in its unique way. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

  3. Choose the Right Medium: Since ribbons have a flowing nature, consider using mediums that can capture that fluidity. Paint mediums, such as watercolors or acrylics, are excellent choices. Keep your strokes long and try to mimic the fabric’s movement with your wrist. However, feel free to explore other techniques and tools that inspire you.

Your Ribbon Drawing is Complete!

We hope you had a fantastic time following this step-by-step tutorial on drawing a ribbon. Now that you’ve mastered this technique, why not try drawing a girl with a ribbon adorning her hair or a stylish blouse embellished with a ribbon?

Remember, all of our drawing tutorials are entirely free for you to use as learning materials in your artistic endeavors. We continually update our “How to Draw” collection, so be sure to check back regularly for new tutorials.

Drawing a ribbon successfully is a significant milestone, and you should be proud of your achievement! Enjoy your creative journey, and keep exploring the world of art.

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