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How to Draw a Deer (Easy Step by Step with Pictures)

Are you under the impression that drawing a deer is a challenging task? Many people feel that way. However, fear not! With the help of the step-by-step pictures below, you’ll find it incredibly easy to draw a deer. By following these 11 simple steps, you’ll soon become a pro at deer drawing.

how to draw a deer step by step

Step 1: Begin with the Deer Head

To start, create a blocky heart shape that will serve as the deer’s head.

how to draw a deer step 1 draw head

Step 2: Shape the Deer Ears

Next, on each side of the blocky heart shape, draw two leaf-shaped ears—one thinner than the other.

how to draw a deer step 2 draw ears

Step 3: Outline the Deer Body

Now, starting from the right edge of the heart shape, draw a curved line that goes downward. Then, continue the line horizontally and curve it downward to outline the top part of the deer’s body.

how to draw a deer step 3 draw line from heart shape

Step 4: Add the Deer Antlers

Moving back to the top of the blocky heart shape, outline where the antlers come out. From the middle of the top edges of the heart shape, draw two lines on each side. The first line should be wide and curved, while the second should be straighter and closer to the head. These lines will guide you in creating the antlers later on.

how to draw a deer step 4 draw antlers

Step 5: Sketch the Deer Legs

It’s time to focus on the legs. Similar to the previous steps, outline the shape of the legs before finalizing them. Starting from the body line, draw a large curve downward, leaving a bit extended out for the tail. Then, create a knee shape with a sharp edge that gradually curves inward. For the back hind leg, make a line outward from the first dip and then bring it straight down. On the front leg, draw a long crotchet rest symbol. Finally, a little farther down from there, make a straight line with a slight outward curve at the bottom, just below the chin of the head.

how to draw a deer step 5 draw deer legs

Step 6: Complete the Deer Body

Let’s finish drawing the body! From the other side of the head, draw a big curve for the neck and chest. Stop with a small space for the front leg that will come later. Behind the leg shaped like a rest note, make a smaller curved line to represent the belly.

how to draw a deer step 6 draw deer body

Step 7: Finalize the Deer Legs

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to the legs. Draw matching lines to the guidelines created earlier. However, make sure not to make them too far from the guidelines since deer have thin legs. Close off each leg with a hoof by drawing a straight line where they connect.

how to draw a deer step 7 finish drawing legs

Step 8: Tail and Antlers

Close off the tail line, which was left untouched earlier, by connecting it to the body. Now, let’s focus on the antlers. Use the previously drawn lines as guides to create the shape of the antlers, using them as a midline reference.

how to draw a deer step 8 draw tail

Step 9: Define the Deer Nose

Where the heart shape comes together, draw a straight line across. At the end of this line, create a rounded, fat keyhole shape, resembling an up arrow. This shape represents the deer’s nose.

how to draw a deer step 9 draw nose

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Step 10: Erase Unnecessary Antler Lines

Use an eraser to remove the midline from the antlers and the part of the ear that overlaps on the right side (this ear is covered by the antler).

how to draw a deer step 10 erase extra antler lines

Step 11: Complete the Deer Drawing

Fill in the nose and draw “<>” shaped eyes, adding a white dot to represent the highlights. Finally, make the hoofs filled in as well. Congratulations, you’ve successfully drawn a deer!

how to draw a deer step 11 draw deer face and hoofs

And there you have it! Your very own deer drawing.

I would like to express my gratitude to Carolyn for sharing her process. If you enjoyed her illustrations, don’t forget to check out her social media channels @ClazDesign. She also offers incredible prints and illustrations in her shop.

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