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21 Easy House Drawing Ideas

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I’m back with some fresh drawing ideas. This time, let’s have some fun doodling simple houses. Drawing houses is a fantastic way to improve your drawing skills because they typically consist of geometric shapes combined together. Plus, they provide an excellent opportunity to practice perspective drawing. As we all know, drawing is an incredible way to relax the mind. So, I hope you enjoy this collection of house drawings and let your creativity flow!

Drawing Tips

Before we dive into the house drawing ideas, here are some tips to enhance your drawing process. I recommend starting with a pencil sketch to outline your drawing. Once you’re satisfied with the sketch, go over it with an ink pen. After the ink dries, erase the underlying sketch to reveal your finished drawing!

1. Simple Houses

Let’s begin with a step-by-step tutorial on drawing a basic house. You can use this tutorial to help you draw the other house designs mentioned in this post.

Step 1: Draw a rectangle, which will be the main shape of your house.
Step 2: Add the roof to your house.
Step 3: Include the chimney.
Step 4: Draw the door.
Step 5: Add the windows.

Congratulations! Your house drawing is complete.

Now, let’s explore some more simple house drawing ideas to inspire you.

2. Neighborhood House

Another great way to practice drawing houses is by sketching the houses in your neighborhood.

3. House on a Hill

Imagine a serene place to live—a lone house perched on top of a hill. Let’s capture that image in a drawing.

4. Various Types of Houses

Here are additional examples of houses with different roof structures. Pick your favorite and start drawing!

5. Tiny House

How about drawing an adorable tiny house on wheels? Let your creativity soar!

6. Home is Where the Heart is

Create a quick and simple doodle of a house with a heart. Sometimes, the simplest drawings carry the most profound messages.

7. Windows

Here’s a house with a variety of windows. It’s a perfect drawing to sharpen your window-drawing skills.

8. House in the Clouds

Imagine a house floating among the clouds. Let’s bring this magical vision to life through our drawing.

9. House Doodles

These doodles are taken from my previous blog post, “40 Small Simple Tattoo Ideas.” Incorporate them into your drawing collection.

10. House and Trees

Draw a house surrounded by lush trees. Let nature inspire your artistic journey.

11. Big House

Let’s draw a substantial house in your sketchbook or doodle page. Embrace the freedom of creating on a larger canvas.

12. Bird House

Don’t forget our feathered friends! A simple drawing of a birdhouse will add charm to your collection.

13. Growing a Flower

Incorporate nature into your drawing by depicting a flower growing from a chimney.

14. Wonky House

Sometimes, even wonky houses have their own unique appeal. Let’s create a drawing that is cool and unconventional.

15. Tree House

Next, let’s draw a treehouse. Let your imagination climb to new heights.

16. House with a Face

There are instances when house drawings resemble faces. Let’s explore that concept with this whimsical idea.

17. Dog House

Now, let’s draw a dog house. It might even remind you of Snoopy’s iconic dwelling!

18. House Covered in Vines

Houses adorned with vines possess a unique beauty. Capture that essence in your drawing.

19. Floating Away

Imagine a house being carried away by a cluster of balloons. It’s a delightful sight to illustrate.

20. Greenhouse

Here’s a charming little greenhouse drawing for you to try. Cultivate your artistic skills within these walls.

21. Wearing Sunglasses

To conclude our drawing ideas, let’s draw a house that’s full of personality, complete with sunglasses. Let’s have some fun!

If you’d like to explore more drawing ideas, feel free to browse other posts on this blog. You’ll find a wide array of inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to explore this collection of house drawings. I hope you found something that sparked your interest and inspires you to create. Have a fantastic day or night, and remember to keep drawing!

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